By Leth's Light (Xnnn)

Alderache gets stuck outside of the city at night

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Known as the Celestial Seat, Nyka is a religious city in Northern Sylira. Ruled by four demigods and traversed by a large crevice, the monk-city is both mystical and dangerous. [Lore]

By Leth's Light (Xnnn)

Postby Alderache on January 24th, 2012, 8:47 pm

TImestamp: Winter 78, 511 AV
Time: Night
Location: Outside the walls, beach
Who: Xnnn

Alderache was cursing himself, much to his brother's amusement. He'd lost track of time while fishing, not noticing Syna's grace departing while in the meditation of his hobby. He was sitting in the sand looking upward at the city in the distance. It was cold, but thankfully not foggy tonight. But he couldn't risk going into the city while it was dark, at least not until he could hold his own against them. He hadn't even brought his pack with him. All he had were the clothes on his back, Shivara, and his fishing gear. He didn't even have flint and tinder to attempt a fire. He slung his fishing pack over his shoulder, and drew his Lakan, for comfort more than anything.

He began walking up the beach toward the city, avoiding the chilled water when possible.

"Have you ever noticed we only get in trouble when you are in charge of the body?"

Alderache ignored his brother's jab, and kept walking, looking down at the sand. He happened upon a set of tracks. He'd never done a whole lot of hunting by himself, but he knew what the paw prints of a cat looked like. But these didn't belong to any housecat, they were far larger. Alseroth wrestled for control, and succeeded in winning. Whenever it came to hunting, Alseroth seemed to thrive in any combat scenario, and usually won out the body. Alseroth saw that the tracks led into some thick grasses ahead. He stooped into a crouch, Shivara held at the ready. He disappeared into the grass as well, keeping his infravision powered eyes keeping an eye out for anything. He didn't know if he was stalking, or being stalked, but he was sure to find out soon.
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By Leth's Light (Xnnn)

Postby Xnnn on February 1st, 2012, 4:39 pm

The kelvic’s stomach had been aching for a good day now, and the smell of fish had been like perfume in his nostrils. Of course, that’s exactly what had landed him in this mess – the odor that had lured him onto that boat, weeks ago. He should have limited himself to dogs and cats. But fish was a favorite – and now the saliva ran in his mouth, as he crouched, watching the movement of the grass. Night was near, and in the dusk his large eyes gave him a good edge over most humans. But the one he was carefully stalking was no human, his nose had told him that. Xnnn had watched the big red hued creature working with his fishing gear, and stared soulfully at each wriggling catch as he pulled it from the sea. He had made no move, however, unsure at how much resistance the humanoid would put up if he tried to dart in and nab one of those scaled beauties. As twilight fell, he had watched as the man-thing packed up and set off, following cautiously at a distance, and keeping hidden. Then it became clear – his own marks had been observed and now the one he stalked was in turn stalking him. This made the kelvic entirely nervous, but he did not run off. If somehow the thing got close enough to him without realizing just how close, perhaps Xnnn could snag that pack and its deliriously delicious smelling contents and run, before the creature reacted. But he had already detected the dull sheen of metal, and he had some experience with such weapons as men and other residents of Mizahar liked to wield. So he kept low to the ground as he considered.

An alternative that might work as well, though it had many risks associated with it, was to shift and approach this creature in his human form. Xnnn was hardly threatening as a man, but that could cut both ways. If the one he watched was evil, he would have given up his only weapons of defense – claws and teeth and strength. And of course, he might be better off simply leaving and going to hunt something on his own. A particularly strong whiff of fish floated on the air to him as he was downwind of the man-thing. Xnnn sighed silently.

He would watch for a while longer, as see what developed. Of course, if the thing went back to the city, then all hope for a fish dinner was lost.

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