Ajax's....Scrapbook...(I know. Not very inventive, eh?)

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Ajax's....Scrapbook...(I know. Not very inventive, eh?)

Postby Albert J A Xavier on January 27th, 2012, 6:07 am

Alright, so, for my first post, I decided I'd post a WIP I've been working on for a few days. If any of you have any thoughts, then go ahead and post them here.



Basic Information

Race: Kelvic, Coyote
Birthday & Age: 5th day of Spring, 507 AV; 4 years old
Gender: Male


Common: Fluent
As a Kelvic, he also speaks to coyotes.

Physical Description
Human: As a human, Coyote stands at around 6 feet tall, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. He has sharpened teeth, much like a coyotes, and the muscles and scars of a man forced to fight for his life on a daily basis.

Coyote: As a coyote, he has reddish brown fur, with a white belly, and black tale tip. The scars he has gained in human form are present, though hidden by his fur.

Both: No matter what form he is in, his most distinguishing mark is a tattoo on his right hand/paw. A half-sun, black in color, is clearly marked onto his right forelimb, forever visible.

Character Concept
Trained and raised as a gladiator, Coyote is no novice when it comes to taking a life. As such, his expression has become dark, almost permanently so. The death of his first bonded, a slave girl who helped tend his wounds after each fight, was quiet a shock, and almost killed him, as the girl, a young teen who would never hurt anyone, was the first friend the Kelvic had.

Character History
Born to slave parents, Coyote doesn't remember his birth name, as most of the people just called him "boy". When he was a young boy, his parents were both stabbed to death right in front of him. With no parents, and his parents master unwilling to keep the boy, he was sold various times, until, finally, someone actually bought him for a specific purpose. An owner of pit fighters had watched the boy beat up a thief with a stick, and had bought the boy on the spot. The boy was trained to fight, by some of the best pit fighters in the city.

During his training, it was discovered that the boy was a Kelvic, when, during a training session, he turned into a coyote and bit one of his trainers. His master and trainers kept this a secret, to use as a weapon in the pit, and trained him to fight with his body and an assassins dagger. During his first fight, the Kelvic killed his opponent His second fight, he ripped the mans throat out, to the delight of the crowd. His third fight, he used his secret weapon, turning into a coyote and using the element of surprise offered him to tear his opponent apart. This earned him the name Coyote, and it has stuck ever since.

Somewhere in between fights in the pit, Coyote met a slave girl who was rather skilled in the healing arts. She was a kind girl who was liked by everyone. Her most remarkable quality was her inability to hurt any sentient creature, no matter how cruel that creature was. This endeared her to all of the gladiators, each of which had long ago ridden themselves of such sentiments, and they adopted her as their collective daughter, harshly punishing anyone who so much as looked at the girl funny.

Eventually, Coyote bonded with the girl, as she tended to the wounds of all the gladiators, and became friends with each of them, though her kind words, soft touch, and bright smile. Something the gladiators had forgotten in the world of pain, blood, and steel that was their lives.

It was just after his 9th birthday, the day of his 75th fight. The master, learning of what was happening with his pit fighters, ordered the girls execution, and made his gladiators watch. His reasoning for this was because he saw the attachment his pit fighting slaves had made to the girl, and considered it a weakness. This public execution would show them that none of them were allowed to be weak. The death hit the pit fighters hard, but they had lost friends before. For Coyote, however, it was worse. As the girl was his first bonded human, he felt as if part of him had died. He would have died then and there of a broken heart, if he had not been thrust into the pit to fight. Instict and training took over, and the Coyote fought to the best of his abilities.

When he calmed once more, he was standing over his opponent, tears streaming down his face. Seeing what he had wrought, the Kelvic went to end his own life, saddened at what he had been conditioned to do. He was stopped by his fellow gladiators, though, and was knocked unconscious and dragged to a cell, where he was chained to a wall and left to mourn his life, and the life of his bonded. Soon after, his master and owner stopped by, and congratulated him on his newest win. The man didn't stay, though, and left soon after, leaving the Kelvic with fresh tears on his face. It was at this moment that Coyote made up his mind. He would escape this life of pain and death, or die trying.

With his mind made up, the Kelvic gathered control of his emotions, and put on a face that appeared to have come to terms with his lot in life. When word reached his master, a new fight was planned, and Coyote was allowed to roam free of his cell, training and building up strength he had lost during his imprisonment.

After several days of training, the match was confirmed, and, Coyote decided that on the way to the pit, he would make good his escape. And he decided he would start a riot to help him. So he let loose a rumor to one of the guards that worked for his master. "The match is fixed. Coyote is going to take a dive."

It worked better then he planned. On the way to the match, they ran into a group of angry Coyote fans, who demanded that the match be called off. When the guards tried to push through, Coyote made his move. He made a grab for his dagger, cut through the simple rope bonds used to bind gladiators on the move to a fight, cut the throat of his master, and took his money purse, which held 600 gold mizas. Money and weapon in hand, the slave pushed his way into the rioting crowd, who were now being attacked by the guards, who thought that one of them had attacked the master.

Coyote managed to escape the city and fled as far as he could, not stopping until hunger and lack of rest forced him to hunt and sleep.

Training (Skills, Arcana, Gnosis, Lore)
15/100 Hunting(Racial Bonus)
30/100 Dagger, Assassin's(Starting Package)
20/100 Brawling(Starting Package)

Equipment and Possessions
1 Set of Clothing (pants, shirt, belt, leather boots, coat)
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
1 Set of Toiletries (comb, brush, razor, soap)
Food for a week
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel

1 Assassin's dagger(Heirloom)
1 chain shirt(form-fitting)
1 surcoat(Coyote paw)

100 GM(Starting package)
+500 GM (House cash in)
600 GM
-100 GM(Chain shirt)
500 GM
-150 GM(Form fitting chain)
-2 GM(surcoat)
348 GM

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