[PC Plotnotes] Aren Anazasz

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[PC Plotnotes] Aren Anazasz

Postby Aren on February 5th, 2012, 4:16 am

Personal Goals

Primary (unacknowledged) - Create/discover/learn a form of combat which combines martial prowess with Reimancy.

Secondary (recently acknowledged) - Aren has always thought of his Other as a nuisance at best, and a terrible burden at worst. Recently, however, he has come to realize that his constant suppression of his brother is tantamount to unjust imprisonment. Seros has threatened to do many terrible things, but he has never actually been afforded the opportunity to do so. With the revelation that a hundred years of enforced banishment has angered him almost to the point of madness, Aren has tentatively decided to allow his brother a little more freedom. They will both have to earn each other's trust, but a great burden has been lifted from their hearts.

Short-term - Convince Sayana to marry him


Tyren Anazasz

Relation: Father
Occupation: --------------------
Status: Alive (relationship with Aren strained)
Background: --------------------

Close Relationships


Relation: Lover
Occupation: Dancer
Status: Alive (and pregnant with Aren's child)
Background: Sayana is an Eypharian that Aren met and had what both thought would be nothing more than a one night stand with. By chance, the two met again, and a true romance began to blossom between them. Eventually, Sayana realized that she was pregnant, and soon enough Aren became privy to this fact. The dancer told him the child was his and, having no reason to doubt her, the Akalak was ecstatic at the prospect of starting a family. A problem existed, however, in the idea of marriage that Sayana held. Having told the father of her child -on the very first night they had met, no less- that she would never entertain the idea of marrying anyone other than another Eypharian, the determined warrior made plans to change her mind.
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