[PC Plotnotes] Nyea Delaisse

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[PC Plotnotes] Nyea Delaisse

Postby Nyea Delaisse on February 5th, 2012, 4:42 am


Personal Goals:
-Increase skills (larceny, stealth, acrobatics, dancing, etc)
-Try and think of another source of income
-Subject Nyea to mortifying social situations
-Force her to become a victim of her emotions.
-Breakdown of some description, maybe?
-Stark realisation that not all men are filthy excuses for human beings (Maybe tie it in with mortifying situation somehow? Oh! Gasp!)
-Chuck Nyea down a well and force her to comply with chivalrous rescue!
-Give her a sword.
-Romantic attachment (preferably one that ends in heartbreak)
-Adventure of some description!
-Find someone to teach her the piano
-Ditto how to wield a sword
-Ditto cooking (something she totally fails at)
-Have her come to terms with herself and be comfortable in her own skin
-Banish the mask
-Return her to Lhavit so she can find out what happened to Balthazar.
-(Might be an idea to actually figure out what the hell happened to him first?!)
-Then bring her back to Alvadas and have her kill Jorvass in vengeance.
-Have her fall in love! More heartache! Lot of drama!
-Force the antisocial cretin to actually make friends.
-Discover sense of humour.
-Ditto acting ability
-Buy some new clothes
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