LOVE: A Valentines Day Mizahar Discussion!

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LOVE: A Valentines Day Mizahar Discussion!

Postby Seven Xu on February 25th, 2012, 4:40 am

Hella belated, but I blame… myself!

Seven is, for all intents and purposes, asexual. Of course, there’s an obvious exception to that rule that I’ll touch on in a bit. When I created him, he was to be generally disinterested in sex, because to him sex has been synonymous with breeding, and he has never been able to forget the unfortunate condition of his blood, be it through others or himself. He’s even a bit emotionally stunted, having been raised by a mother detached from him in every way and a regretful, resentful sire. He has a few true emotional relationships, and it isn’t as if he doesn’t understand the importance of them—he’s simply a bit of a loner, and very content in being one.

He had a “one-night stand” at a young age with a Symenestra (in quotation marks because I’m not really sure how long that lasted; one night, a few, maybe a couple of weeks), that was sort of a learning experience for him on several levels.

When it comes to Sector (Seven/Victor for those paying attention), he’s sort of latched onto the guy as his primary emotional support, which is funny, seeing that said emotional support is a psychopath. Victor was dropped into his life shortly after a breakdown and gave him something to take care of, to keep his mind off of the reality of things. They formed a pretty substantial bond; I don’t know if I’d say they fell in love, considering it’s impossible to be reciprocated, but Seven certainly loves and needs him. Sex is a part of that, but I still see that as an exception to an otherwise sexually sheltered person. They’re best friends, they’re lovers, they think they’re better than everyone else and they’re hella fun to write. Also, Victor is addicted to Seven’s venom which is as amusing as it is disturbing.

tl;dr: Seven is an antonym for romantic.
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