Seven Xu

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Seven Xu

Postby Seven Xu on July 12th, 2011, 6:12 pm

ImageSeven Xu was born on the thirteenth day of fall in the year four-hundred ninety-two to Zhao Xu of Lhavit and Dra-Nesyria of the Plicata web. The halfblood measures in at a modest five-foot-six (or would, if he ever stood up straight) and due to his light skeleton, weighs in at just under one-hundred pounds. Large almond-shaped crimson eyes most often carry a hint of sourness over an unsure smile, and unkempt alabaster hair hangs around his narrow face. Diluted blood gifted the boy venomous canines and peculiar fingernails: two of ten are obsidian claws, kept filed short. Seven has a dark line that travels diagonally across the length of his left palm; his right leg is covered in a glossy tangle of burn scars from the knee down; and beneath his left ear is a tiny bird in flight over a crescent moon, a mark of Chevas that he shares with Victor Lark.

A soft-spoken but cantankerous introvert, Seven rarely goes out of his way to make those around him comfortable. Though his grasp on the particulars of social grace is flimsy at best, he has learned to persuade with quiet words and calm smiles. He is a fervent seeker of knowledge, particularly all which pertains to the sky and stars.

Seven’s airy cadence bears an accent distinct to his isolated mountaintop home.
Seven was born of mixed blood and raised on the high peaks of Lhavit. He was a small and quiet boy, less hardy than his peers, and spent his childhood absorbing texts, interrogating foreign passersby and merchants, and memorizing the sky. Adolescence brought answers to years-long questions of his parentage in the form of a gentle symenestra who indulged Seven’s curiosities and in turn, his own. It also brought a growing resentment of his father and the scrupulous woman who held no love for him.

Fights were common between Seven and his father. During the climax of one particularly explosive and wine-fueled confrontation, Seven was afforded a graphic retelling of his conception. Traumatized, he fell into a state of dissociated shock and brutally murdered the man who regretted bringing him into the world before fleeing the city of stars on an outbound merchant caravan.

A View of Kseyden
Acrobatics: Rooftop Freerunning
Admitting Murder
Akajia: Worshipped in Riverfall
Answering Riddles
Arguing With No One
Astronomy: Constellations of Lhavit
Astronomy: Star Chart Creation
Blinding Oneself with a Shield of Darkness
Captured by Slavers
Cartography: Location of Rainbow Fish Pond
Cartography: Location of Sacred Arch Springs
Cartography: Location of Syliran Training Grounds
Department of Illusion
Department of Illusion: Oath of Secrecy
Discovering Alvadas’ Hidden Treasures
Disarming Using Shielding
Familiars [Partial]
First Aid on Cuts
Folk: Lhavitian Folk Songs
Folk: The Story of Zintila
Fyrden [Coordinates]
Georgia Delner Knows Many Things
Georgia Delner will Trade Information for Information
Ghosts [Partial]
Ghosts [Possession]
Horses are Awful Things
How to Maintain Instruments [Partial]
How to Mount a Horse
Hypnotism Can Affect You When You're Aware of It
Kelvics [Partial]
Kendall Saarinen’s Story
Killing No One
Knowing an Access Point to Alvadas’ Underground
Kseyden: Vilemoss
Losing A Bondmate
Mathematics: Triangulation
Meditation: Removing Distractions
Murder Can Be Mercy
My Friend, the Monster
Navigating Blind
Nixie’s Plight
Oddities of Animation
Palla, my Pet
Patterns in Alvadas
Practicing Introspection
Rationalizing Murder
Ravok Through Victor’s Eyes
Reading Tells While Gambling
Recognizing Symenos
Religion: Akajia
Religion: Ivak and the Azenth
Religion: The Ukalas
Religion: Viratas
Religion: Zintila
Roxanne’s Bet at Ionu’s Wager
Shielding: Djed Disruption
Shinya Focus
Shoyden [Coordinates]
Story of Lelina's Death
Swalden [Coordinates]
Techniques of a Salesman
Temperature of a Talderan Taint
The Garden of No Return
The Golden Dragon
The Great Bazaar
The Harvest
The Memosite and its Memories
The Secrets Laszlo Keeps
The Viratassa
The Withering Rose
Treval Codex
Turning Oneself into Darkness
Victor is a Psychopath
Zeltiva University: Astronomy Tower
Common [Fluent] Symenos [Basic]

Cartography 32/100
Philosophy 30/100
Teaching 15/100
Mathematics 13/100
Writing 12/100
Drawing 10/100
Astronomy 10/100
Bartending 7/100
Gambling 4/100
Guitar 2/100
Reading 1/100
Carving 1/100
Guitar Crafting 1/100
Calligraphy 1/100

Starting package: 20 Cartography; 10 Land Navigation; 10 Writing; 10 Drawing; 10 Mathematics (Racial)

Shielding 27/100
Meditation 6/100

Land Navigation 15/100
Climbing 9/100
Acrobatics 7/100
Riding [Horse] 7/100
Medicine 5/100
Weapon [Dagger] 4/100
Weapon [Short sword] 4/100
Horsemanship 3/100
Larceny 3/100
Wrestling 3/100
Leadership 2/100
Brawling 2/100
Disguise 1/100
Swimming 1/100
Running 1/100
Wilderness Survival 1/100
Stealth 1/100

Rhetoric 92/100
Observation 60/100
Interrogation 40/100
Seduction 33/100
Persuasion 20/100
Investigation 15/100
Storytelling 12/100
Intimidation 8/100
Negotiation 7/100
Subterfuge 6/100
Rambling 3/100
Singing 3/100
Cleaning 2/100
Acting 1/100
Cooking 1/100

On the move. Current residence: World's End Tavern, Zeltiva

Travel Chest
Shirts Cotton: brown, worn white, white, sky blue, black
Pants Worn black trousers, brown trousers, black linen trousers
Outerwear Dark grey wool blend waistcoat, black linen waistcoat, black wool jacket, leather belt, leather gloves
Footwear Black leather low boots, brown leather calf-high boots
Miscellaneous Crimson silk cravat

Canvas Haversack
Survival Eating knife, flint and steel
Academic Astrolabe, leather notebook, The Viratassa
Miscellaneous Puzzle cube

Image The Viratassa [Heirloom]: The Viratassa is a book of some of the teachings of Viratas, in the words of the god Himself.
Image Leather Notebook - Seven’s academic journal, containing several pages filled with notes, sketches, and maps.

Acquired Items
Image Simple steel dagger; this weapon was looted from a thug in the Bronze Woods outside of Syliras proper in the early summer of 511. Seven keeps it sheathed on his belt.
Image Tarnished silver pendant; given to Seven by a spirit in the Bronze Woods, it depicts the crossed daggers of the Braklin knight family crest on a silver chain.
Image Puzzle cube; a gift from Victor Lark. This wooden cube has not yet been solved, to Seven's chagrin.
Image Skyglass pocket-watch & astrolabe; given to Seven by Zintila, Alvina of the Stars. This pocket-watch has the properties of skyglass, shifting colours with the dawn and dusk.

Details :
-100.00K Conversion to GRM
+100.00GRM Starting Package
-5.00GRM Journal
-24.50GRM Living Expenses Poor [Spring 49-90]
-0.01GRM Kova's Well
-0.20GRM Ale
+3.00GRM Asara's apple payment
-0.40GRM Soothing Waters
+273.00GRM Seasonal Wages [Summer]
-135.00GRM Seasonal Expenses [Common, Summer]
+500.00GRM Syliran Housing Sold
-9.30GRM Cubacious Inn Lodging
-406.92GRM The Stallion's Rear
+536.25GRM Seasonal Wages, Barkeep [Fall]
-135.00GRM Seasonal Expenses [Common, Fall]
+64.55GRM Laszlo [Owed]
-50.00GRM The Treval Codex
+828.00GRM Seasonal Wages, Cartographer [Winter]
+184.00GRM Seasonal Wages, Barkeep [Winter]
+90.00GRM From Laszlo
-135.00GRM Seasonal Expenses [Common, Winter]
-10.00GRM Mirror
-20.00GRM Dress for Palla
+273.00GRM Seasonal Wages, DOI [Spring]
+273.00GRM Seasonal Wages, Barkeep [Spring]
-135.00GRM Seasonal Expenses [Common, Spring]
+581.00GRM Sold Tavern
-120.00GRM Payment [Tock]
-0.20GRM Information
-30.00GRM Payment [Clothing, Zeltiva]
+72.00GRM Seasonal Wages, Barkeep [Summer]
-.35GRM Seasonal Expenses [Squalor, Summer]
-126.00GRM Seasonal Expenses [Common, Summer]

Current: 2389.02 GRM


Fall, 512
FA 39 - Arrive Ravok
FA 34 - Depart Nyka
FA 33 - Arrive Nyka
FA 6 - Depart Zeltiva
FA 5 - When Shielders Collide

Summer, 512
SU 91 - Dark Compulsion
SU 85 - Don’t Blink
SU 80 - Float Away
SU 36 - Intrusions
SU 19 - Rest in Normalcy
SU 9 - Begun Again, Part Two
SU 2-8 - Letters to the Stars

Spring, 512
SP 39 - Discord

SP 51 [508] - Ousted
SP 40 [508] – Infinite Sky

Archive :
Summer, 512
SU 82 - Speak Common
SU 79 - The Stars’ Praise
SU 1 - Draw

Spring, 512
SP 74 - Bound
SP 43 - Roll With It
SP 39 - Discord
SP 34 - The Tarnished Path Retraced
SP 34 - Oh horse, why you so silly?
SP 22 - After Hours
SP 5 - Lamplight and Lamentation
SP 1 - Helter Skelter

Winter, 511
WI 60 - Acquainted with the Night
WI 46 - From Drinking to Murder
WI 40 - Reconnaissance, Pt 1
WI 35 - Gotta Know When To Hold Em
WI 26 - Lured By Temptation
WI 24 - Making Faces
WI 11 - Home Is Where Your Hearth Is
WI 2 - Arma

Fall, 511
FA 90 - O, Red Night
FA 88 - Disillusioned Delusion
FA 87 - Consequently
FA 85 - Aim for My Heart
FA 74 - The Fading Embers
FA 69 - Remembering to Breathe
FA 68 - No Place Like It
FA 54 - A First Time for Everything
FA 45 - The ball is rolling
FA 43 - Contracted Interests
FA 36 - Shenanigans
FA 33 - A Bad Mood
FA 30 - Under a Different Light
FA 26 - My, sadistic mentor!
FA 24 - Trickster Moon
FA 14 - Chase the Sun

Summer, 511
SU 63 - The Games We Play
SU 33 - A Gift from Six and Eight
SU 31 - Marmoreal Kin
SU 29 - Leth-Faces
SU 27 - Finding A Map
SU 23 - Clumsy Fingers
SU 21 - Reciprocation
SU 10 - The Art of Shielding
SU 9 - A Study in Half-Breeds
SU 7 - Stargazing on a Rooftop
SU 7 - Just a Little Browsing
SU 6 - The Whispering Wind
SU 4 - Begun Again

Spring, 511
SP 87 - 'Til the World Ends
SP 85 - Cutting Off
SP 69 - Hide and Seek
SP 67 - A Favor
SP 52 - The Stars' Lament
SP 51 - First Encounters
SP 50 - Bumpy Ride
SP 49 - Retracing One's Steps
SP 48 - Mapping it Out

WI 510 - Departure
SP 32 509 - Tolerance
SP 51 508 - Ousted
SP 39 508 - Peony Moon
SP 508 - Under Star and Under Moon
SP 502 - When Stars Fall
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