Deyja Zhitani[Plotnotes]

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Deyja Zhitani[Plotnotes]

Postby Deyja Zhitani on February 18th, 2012, 7:53 pm

~That Which Deyja Lives For~

Ambitions-Deyja's Conscious Desires . . .

    1) To become an Endal.
    2) To advance her skills in hunting, tracking, falconry, and feltching & bowing.
    3) To acquire some lasting friendships.
    4) To gain a better spiritual bond.

Dreams-Deyja's Subconscious Desires . . .

    1) To find someone to love her.
    2) To get vengence on the Dhani responsible for killing her parents.
    3) To be accepted by the Inarta.

Will-Deyja's Ability Possess Her Desires. . .

Pros-She has the drive and detemination to succeed.
She nevers gives up with out a fight.
She has strong morals and values.

Cons-She has a volatile temper.
She had a habit of rushing in first and asking questions later.
She has deep rooted trust issues.

~That Which Who Pulls The Strings Lives For~

    1)To learn all the lore about Wind Reach & the Inarta.
    2)To explore the Kalea and Taldera reigons.
    3)To gather more experience in Mizahar.
    4)To make storyteller.
~The Skies Above Are Calling Me.
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