Location [Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

All visitors and newcommers to Riverfall most post here if they enter the city. This entrance combines both the Sea Gates and the City Gates.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Tara re Ahnatep on December 5th, 2015, 4:22 pm

Riverfall was the second port on the trade route from Ahnatep to Syliras. Tara stood towards the front of the ship, leaning just over the side to see around the others taking in the view of the harbor.

Along with the mist from the waterfall, an early morning fog veiled the upper reaches of the city. She thought she could make out many of the domed buildings near the top of the cliff, but from across the harbor she wasn't sure just where it ended and the sky began. She knew Riverfall's Akalaks were children of the gods, like herself, and she wondered if they would think of her as a sort of distant relative.

The waterfall crashed down from the heights of the cliff like a god would. The power of so much water was beyond any human or even an Eypharian. Even though each drop might choose to rebound from the cliff face in any direction, the falls as a whole had an order to them. To try and touch the falls themselves would be deadly, but from a distance, she could enjoy their beauty as the ship drifted aross Riverfall's deep, placid natural harbor. Wandering the city she'd often be surrounded by the mist. This water chose not to descend to mingle with mere seawater. It stayed above and kissed the faces of Rivarians, or watered their gardens.

The dock was less mystical. The crew was busy unloading and unloading goods. Everyone else seemed to have a job and to know their next task. She eventually slipped onto the dock between crew members carrying bags of salt and walked the length of the dock to the shore. On land, staring up through the heights of the city, she heard a voice behind her.

"Hello there, can I help you with anything? Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."

Tara skimmed the laws.

"Ooh, do you think I should learn a weapon? My people are naturally very graceful, and what little training I have is more of a dance with a knife. But maybe you could help me learn your style?"

She hadn't met anyone blue before. He had a very intent stare, and despite his winter cloak she was impressed by the physique that she assumed was related to his own training.

"If you are with us as a guest, you only need to abide by our laws."

"Oh yes, of course I will, I'm just new to Riverfall and thought training might be a good way to meet people..."

Before she'd finished he pressed the scroll into her hands - "Yes, welcome" - and turned to her ship's captain to conduct other business. She started up the winding streets and stairs to make arrangements for her stay in the city.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Adyel on December 15th, 2015, 2:07 am

Timestamp:Fall 91 515AV:

It felt strange.... Being back in Riverfall so early. So many thoughts rushed in Adyels mind. Not just thoughts, memories of his small past. He didn't miss much, besides of the cold. Isn't there some sort of holiday coming up as well? Adyel can't be to certain. His thoughts were pushed back into reality as the caravan stopped abruptly. The caravan strolled inwards towards the gates.

The Gates certainly did feel welcoming to Adyel as he had neared them. There were two Akalaks at their posts. One of them greeted the group by saying,
”Hello there, can I help you with anything? Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it." The leader, or who at least seems to be generously taken a form.

"Can I also get another for the young one down here as well?" The guy asked. The guard who handed him the other forms, did not see Adyel. "Oh I apologize, here is one of the forms that he can take. Just remember to turn them in once you leave. The forms are to be given to you to help understand of the laws of conduct." The Akalak nodded them in. And the group trudged on entering the city of Riverfall.

Adyel thanked the caravan for giving him a ride. He can manage to do the rest himself now. He swiftly slipped off of the stallion. And said his thanks to the female who had had driven him to Riverfall. "Home, at last." He thought to himself. He smiled, until he realized the fact of his mother's death. And then he wanted to cry again. But he decided to be strong and hold back those tears of depression. While he looked on the bright side if things.

He can find a place to live for now, somewhere that isn't an orphanage. He doesn't enjoy being cooped up with a bunch of other kids. Especially the ones who tend to be obnoxiously annoying. He can't go back to his apartment where he stayed with his mom. And then another tear attempted to run down his cheek, but he stopped it from happening. He kept walking through the streets trying to figure out what to do. He isn't a master of drawing yet. So he can't make a decent living off of his drawings.

"Well, I'll try an orphanage this one last time to see how things end up. And hopefully I'll be able to get myself a new family. But I promise mother. I will never forget you." Adyel turned around to see the caravan still walking through the streets trying to sell some things as they pass the Rivarians by. Adyel waved to the female who, fortunately, had seen Adyel and waved back. Adyel smiled. And he turned around to start walking towards the orphanage. Hopefully the will recognize his last name. "At least I'm back home." Adyel thought.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Kiva on December 15th, 2015, 4:31 pm



It hadn't taken long to reach land, and Kiva should have remained grateful, given her interesting way of leaving Black Rock. Not much of a party person (like, ever), she had surprised herself when she awoke, half naked aboard a casinor with a jolly hung over Svefra and a bottle of booze in one hand. A cool breeze had woken her, and she groaned groggily, rolling over on the ship's rough surface.

"Ugh," her head felt like it was stuffed with dried leaves, and she blinked, testing the introduction of sunlight, "Where am I?" she muttered, sitting up. She felt the boat move over the waves, and when the vastness of blue surrounding her sunk in, her stomach dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Little dark dots bobbed over the water as well - other ships - but there was one vital thing missing.

There was no land. Not a bit. She sucked in a deep breath, and Svefra answered her question, tending to the boat all the while, "Sea, lass. You're a bright one. I think you knew that," he teased, plucking the hand rolled cigarette from his lips, "We're off to Riverfall."

Kiva took deep breaths, looking around her wide eyed. 'What?' She bit her lip and rose shakily to her feet, holding her head and going to look out over the water. There was no way she could swim. And if she could, which direction?

"You don't remember, do ya, lass?" At this point, the Svefra was grinning from ear to ear, and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying not to laugh. "We had some fun. Told stories of the big blue men... ye really don't have a clue." He threw a thumb at a pile of stuff loaded up onto the deck that needed to be organized, "You asked to come with, and I can't say no to a pretty face. 'Specially one so convincing." He winked mischeviously, and took another drag of tobacco.

'Oh gods,' Kiva sunk her face into her hands. 'Did we sleep together?' Peeking out from between her fingers, she eyed the male as he pulled and tied rope, shifting the mast. Smoke billowed from his nose, but his blond hair was tied back in a messy bun, and he had an intricate tattoo of the water that seemed to shift along his skin. He was tall, an inch or two shorter than her, but his strong back and arms were appealing.

Maybe it wasn't so bad.

"Son of a Dhani..." she cursed, crawling over to where her stuff was. She didn't even want to comment on the fact that she was wearing his shirt, or that whatever she had done last night was now going to change her life forever. She briefly contemplated threatening him, holding him hostage, making him take her back, but for what? An island with more dead than living? And if he knocked her into the water, how long would she last? Ha.

As she sorted through her things, almost everything seemed to be here. She must have somehow brought it all to this tiny ship. Well, that worked. Tokia was going to be pissed when she didn't show up for work, but what could she do now? A small pit of fear started to settle in her stomach, but the Svefra with her started singing a soothing sea shanty, and his positive attitude was rubbing off on her. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, after all.

Kiva smirked and looked over her shoulder at him, "Do you need any help?"

Surprised by her offer, he grinned, "You want to hand me that ale that was in your hands?"

10th of Fall 515 A.V
Riverfall Gates (Sea Port)

The shouting of land was something that made Kiva bounce with excitement, having spent far too long in such a tiny boat. She had already seen so many interesting things, but as the Svefra liked to remind her, she hadn't found her sea legs yet, and was still "a landlubber". So when such a vast port came into view, Kiva's mouth dropped, and she stared in awe at their new destination. Even from so far, she could see people walking around, some human looking... some.. different. It wasn't until they got closer that Kiva laughed.

They really were blue. And they... they were massive. Much larger, much bigger than any man Kiva had ever seen before. The Svefra were a flurry of preparation, and the Myrian stayed out of the way, looking at the gorgeous city. If Myri ever planned to conquer this... It would be a challenge, to say the least.

It took longer than she wanted to port, but when they were steady and in place, Kiva climbed upon the ship's side and watched. 'Something is odd in this city', Kiva noticed, but she couldn't tell what it was. When she took her first step off the boat, a wave of dizziness washed over her, but she shook it off. It felt weird, having solid ground beneath her.

It took only ticks until she was approached, "Hello there, can I help you with anything? Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."

His fluency in common surprised her, and she gave him a steady look, taking the scroll he offered. She flipped it over in her hands, and tried not to stare at the greeter. What a very different welcoming than one would ever receive in Taloba. "I am fine, thank you."

She opened the scroll, and began to read over the laws. Some of the words were a little hard for her, but she understood the general gist. 'No harassment of women or children?' Kiva raised an eyebrow, looking around. It was then that she understood what made Riverfall so strange. There were no women... Or at least very few. These men were warriors, but they had no female counterparts. Were women seen as the weaker sex? Well, she would just have to change that.

Kiva quickly read over the rest of the rules, nodding, "Very well. I agree."

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Mo'esha on December 29th, 2015, 2:03 am

2 Winter 515

Mo’esha jerked awake as another frigid flurry snatched her fluttering cape from her exhausted, slipping fingers. As the blast buffeted her bare cheek, she immediately regretted the movement, her stinging skin instantly mourning the warmth of the Drykas on whose shoulder she had been resting. They had been riding for weeks now to reach the cliff side fortress that loomed up before them. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Mo shifted on the back of the strider who, as she understood it, had graciously agreed to carry her across the plains. How a horse could agree to do anything was a mystery to her, but she was grateful all the same, and tenderly patted the steed’s hindquarters as she gawked up at the imposing city.
Never had Mo’esha thought she would be so pleased to see such a domineering landscape, but as the salty winter winds whipped her cape around her ankles she thought even a dungeon would seem welcoming at this point. The horseclans had assured her that she would reach the city before winter when they lent an escort late in the fall. Now, two days after the telltale blue flare of the watchtowers, she felt the icy dread of fear and doubt melt away as her horse and rider gently swept her to the West, away from the main road and her old life.
As they approached the main gate, Mo felt a choking nervousness creep into her chest. The strider who had carried her so far halted, unbidden, as his rider dismounted. Coming to her side, as he had so many times before, she felt the strength of his hands as he guided her to the ground. He never spoke much, but his touch and his gaze were always gentle and kind. As the two waited for the line entering the city to dwindle Mo felt a pang of regret as she realized this was likely the last time she would see this man, who had volunteered himself for such a selfless endeavor.
Carefully she retrieved her journal and a charcoal stick from her pack and did her best to scribble out a record of her perceptions of the man. Everyone was a scent to Mo’esha. Each person had their own - completely individual. And she tried her best to remember each one. Where others would remember Windmarks and pale eyes, Mo would remember the scent of sweetgrass, sweat, and horsehair. She inhaled softly, and the cold lost a little of its bite. The crisp, grey skies were replaced with clear, bright sunlight and the sparkle of pollen in its rays; the jostle of people about her shifted to the rhythmic thrum of a full gallop, and her nervousness melted into the pure thrill and exhilaration of riding on the open plains. Of course, Mo had experienced none of these things for herself. But as she focused on her companion she sensed them through him. She couldn’t write, or really draw for that matter, but she tried her best to record all of her impressions before they parted ways. And so, with her nose buried in a half – empty book of childish stick figures and scribbles, she approached the gates of Riverfall.
Before she even realized it, she reached the guards, and a small scroll was gently placed in the crease of her journal. She blinked, startled, and peered up into the face of a tall, muscular Akalak. He was a darker shade of indigo than she was accustomed to, but he bore all the features she remembered. He smiled calmly down at her as she peeked meekly from behind her loose, pale hair, and all at once he seemed harsher and warmer than the Akalak of Kenash. "Welcome, traveler." He greeted her. "Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."
Mo opened the scroll carefully, tucking her journal beneath her arm, and stared dumbfounded. The page was covered with hundreds of neatly placed symbols, many accompanied by drawings or pictures, but all were completely indecipherable to the Konti woman. Her pause seemed to irritate the guard, and he grew more severe, “Do you or do you not agree to our laws?” Mo was immediately intimidated, and stammered helplessly. “I’m sorry… I… I can’t… I… don’t… No. No!” She pleaded, realizing what the guard may think. She frantically searched the crowd with pleading eyes for someone to help her explain, and she pointed hopelessly at the scroll.
A firm hand clenched around her arm, drawing her away. And for a moment she panicked before the smell of sweetgrass and horses grounded her in reality. “She can’t read.” The deep voice of her Drykas escort cut through the quickly escalating thrum in her ears. Ashamed, Mo dropped her eyes to the ground, tucking her long, loose hair behind her ear. And a soft exhale from the guard told her that he was staring at the prominent brand on her cheek. When she glanced back up, the hulking blue beast seemed an entirely different person, the grim sternness that previously pinched his features replace with compassion and a hint of delight.
A subtle glance was passed between the two guards before he began to speak, and Mo’esha listened silently as he listed the rules of the city. Her stomach lurched slightly at the mention of slavery, but overall the expectations seemed agreeable. With a gentle nod she accepted the laws, and entered the gates of the city, the Drykas man – with his steed – in tow. Gently he took the sliver of charcoal from her and marked several places on her map. Placing a strong hand on her shoulder he smiled sadly. “I hope you will find a better life here.” He muttered, and turned to leave. She reached for his hand, but missed as he ushered his horse away and evaporated into the busting streets.
She stood there for a ling moment before turning to take in the full view of the city. “My life is already better…. Thank you.” She said to no one in particular as she stared down at her map and disappeared into the city.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Ialari Pythone on January 4th, 2016, 1:36 am

A soft hum vibrated the air as the frame around the door illuminated with a sliver of electricity. Almost immediately after, deliberate patterns of electricity spiderwebbed across the surface of the door. The event took all of a few seconds before the door slowly opened. A cool, moist, earthy smell drifted out as someone stepped forth; the door closing behind.

Ialari didn't know what to expect when she first thought of creating a door to Riverfall. So much time spent in her Dominion; years in fact, had done everything BUT prepare her for the next stage of her journey. It had taken so long to come to the conclusion that she needed to know what it was to be a living being among other living beings. So little time had she spent around others that she could barely remember when she last done so and what it had been like. The clearest memory she could produce was that of her brief stay in Riverfall during that first winter spent traveling west from Sultros. As far as much of her journey at that time was concerned, her time in Riverfall held the least negativity. When she made the decision to travel there once more, she recalled the first time she had stepped foot into the city. There was the gate followed by the strange blue men; the smell of the sea even in the crispness of winter. She remembered seeing one of the blue-skinned men exiting a building very close to the gate; was it a guard post perhaps? She couldn't remember. The fact that she remembered any of it at all came as a surprise to her as she drew the elaborate lines and patterns that would become an exit from her Dominion.

So much had happened to her since that day so many years ago. As she finalized the Dominion Door and activated it, she swallowed hard, not knowing what awaited her. Despite the soul-jarring experience in her Dominion, she almost felt more uncertain about her next step back to the mortal realm than she did remaining in the Ukalas. If not for the fact that she needed to learn more about life OUTSIDE of her Dominion in order to understand the secrets that were still left hidden to her INSIDE, she wouldn't have left. She had little choice however but to leave, at least for now.

Stepping through the doorway that had opened before her, Ialari was greeted with a rather jarring sight upon exiting. As the door closed behind her, Ialari found herself overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and feelings that flooded over her upon reentering the mortal realm. Forced to her knees by the experience, her senses had a difficult time transitioning. Gripping her staff tightly for stability, Ialari blinked several times before closing her eyes then gradually opening them. The pain in her eyes gently faded as she looked upon the snow covered buildings. The deafening ringing in her ears also faded as the sounds of the city slowly rose in volume. The crisp, cold, smell of the sea was what finally brought her to her senses and ignited her memories. Indeed she had arrived in Riverfall.

Carefully rising to her feet while steadying herself with her snake-headed staff, Ialari was caught completely off-guard by the tall, blue-skinned warrior that now stood before her. Stumbling a step backward, she looked up at him with a bit of confusion.

"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."
The Akalak said, handing over the scroll and waiting for the visitor to agree to the rules. The Akalak looked at Ialari with some small amount of fascination. Whether this was from her appearance or from her standing inside the gate without his prior notice was uncertain.

Ialari looked quite out of place to be certain. Her hair, which she used to keep rather short and well groomed, was long and disheveled. While still rather tone and somewhat defined, her body was thin and lean. While she had groomed the best she could, living in the wilds and the Ukalas had taken their toll on her overall visage. A constant layer of grit and grime dominated her visage while her clothing added little to the ensemble. She wore a tattered black silk skirt and torn silk chest wrap that barely covered the more intimate parts of her anatomy. She was barefoot, her footwear having been discarded long ago. A very worn wool cloak hung loosely around her shoulders while a very stuffed backpack was slung over her shoulder, a dull dagger at her belt and a strange looking, snake-headed staff in her hand.

Ialari struggled to comprehend the Akalak's words. She was not used to hearing another speak and hadn't heard the Common Tongue in years. After a moment or two of the guard waiting with the scroll held out for her to take, his words finally came to clarity to Ialari's ears and she accepted the scroll with a simple nod. The guard took one last look at her before returning to his duties. As the icy winter air began to sink in, Ialari began to tremble slightly. Though her dense skin was somewhat resistance to the elements, she was not in the best of shape. Opening the scroll she looked over the different locations of the city with a single thought on her mind, shelter. Reaching into a pouch on her belt, she produced but a small handful of mizas. It was barely enough for a few stale pieces of bread and dirty water. Looking back at the scroll, a single word with an arrow pointing north, stood out from everything else, Sanctuary.

Resolving herself to read the rest of the scroll later, Ialari fumbled her out of the gates to the Kabrin Road on her way north toward Sanctuary.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Ni'lriel on January 16th, 2016, 3:54 am

18th of Winter 515AV

7th Bell of Syna's Reign

Mura was far away, yet Laviku's domain reached as far as Riverfall and further. Some time ago Ni'liel had the lovely idea to strip off the clothes she had called hers and stowed them away in her pack. With a brief series of comments to the ship captai, – most of which involved him trying to get her to pay extra for stowing her goods until they arrived on shore and which she would retrieve them. Ni wasn't going to allow this man take her few bits of mizas as it was and told the man as such, <<We paid our price, you are going to be storing it anyway until we docked, what difference doe sit make if I swim or not?>> To which she dropped her pack and boots on the man's feet and dived over the rail of the boat's upper bridge, barely making a splash as she slide quietly into the deep embrace of Laviku.

It felt like home to be swimming in the briny salts as she embarked on a journey of her own. Riverfall was only a few chimes away as she glided through the waters, as swiftly as a fish or dolphin before she found herself reaching out of the water and grabbing hold a low hanging rope meant to anchor a small fishing boat to the docks. It was a coarse heavy rope, laden with water and spongy with mold and algae. Placing hand over hand Ni'liel emerged from the depths of the bay, the instant salutations of the breeze coming in from the bay waters caused her to shiver but there was no reason to stop as she finished the upward motion. When she had finished pulling herself out of the bay she found herself dripping in the middle of the cold freezing winds of the sea blowing inland. Clasping arms across her body she shivered, it was going to be a long wait for the ship to finish coming to dock, judging from the size of it alone.

<<Petching Hai you idiot. Let's take a swim. It's Petching Winter!??>> Ni chose to ignore her sister's mental chiding, now was not the time. Yet at the same time, Ni looked around and it dawned on her. Riverfall was all men and by that she realized just then that she was probably the only female within miles, if not leagues, of them. All eyes were on her, The ship must arrive soon.

<<Real soon….>>
Ni gulped and tried to minimize her appearance to the outside world, fat chance though. It wasn't hard to notice the only purple skinned female in all of Riverfall shivering in the Winter breeze.

8th Bell of Syna's Reign

The large ship was docked, grateful that the wait was ended Ni'liel came to down to the dock. Even with her attire the biting winds of the sea put a touch of chill to her slender shape. It didn't help that her cloak had no way to protect her face as the wind picked at her white locks, pulling it across her face blocking what vision she could take in. It was quite a problem trying to walk down a gangplank with one's hair was flying about after all.

Reach up she grabbed the loose hairs and pulled them back, tucking them under the collared hem of her cloak before releasing it from her slender fingers. Ni'liel was no longer home, yet in an unusual turn of events she was. Some time ago her mother had received a letter declaring the Akalak man she deemed as her beau deceased, slain by a glassbeak. It was this revelation that struck the Konti as sudden and with a discussion that neither Ni'liel or Aireiel were prepared for their mother shipped them off to Riverfall.

Still chilled to the core from her impromptu swim Ni was quite surprised the ship made it as quickly as it did, Must've been the winds. She mused before she bent her head forward, trying to block the wind with a hand trying to ignore the numerous eyes that fell upon her. First things first she needed to locate her new living arrangements, mother mentioned something about a cottage?

Not even off the docks however she was stopped by what Ni could only suspect was a guard. And indeed he was, with a pamphlet of laws and such. There was a brief pause though as she took hold of the edge furthest from his hand, a pause as he looked at her, unsure of what to say. Then he released and the purple skinned woman read through the laws, slowly as she was not exactly fluent in the language it was written in. <<I suggest we find someone that can assist us… That won't look at us like a piece of meat.>>

Ni nodded, it was a slight nod of acknowledgment before she stepped past the blue skinned guard. So father. We are in your homelands now… Where do we start?
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Vypec on January 24th, 2016, 3:48 am

5th of Summer, 499 A.V.

The majesty of Riverfall was just out of sight, he knew. The city of his people was expertly hidden from sight from land. But he knew he was close. Vypec forced his long, muscle-vined limbs into a constant motion under the unforgiving sun. A haze of travel dust rose from the Kabrin as he huffed along. He let the harsh breathing set his pace and he noticed little outside the few steps ahead of him. His father would beat him senseless if he saw his son running in such a lethargic manner, and outside the city no less. But Vypec was tired from the morning and eager to finish.

Pride would not let him slow, however much his body complained. And complain it did. His gladius chaffed the outside of his leg and he had to keep an irritated grip on the bone pommel to combat the soreness. He felt bright pangs of pain in his sides and his tongue was dry in his mouth.

Eventually he reached the old ferry that had been operating outside the city gate since he could remember. The sight of the familiar ferryman waving and obliging him by waiting for his dusty, teenaged self to stumble onboard before pushing off.

"Pops got you running the Kabrin huh?" He said gruffly, a faint smile about his lips. The human had often been the one Vypec spent his early mornings with upon the old ferry, and he smiled ruefully.

"Indeed. I'm never satisfactory unless I'm covered in sweat, trying to better myself."

"As it should be." The man nodded and shoved off.

Vypec spent the ferry ride stretching and slowing his racing heart. He knew that a day could be spent in discomfort if one did not give their muscles the proper attention after exertion. His day would be painful indeed if he was stiff in the legs while his father beat him soundly with a wooden practice blade.

He waved goodbye to the ferryman and walked as easily as he could toward the gate. The two Kuvay'Nas on duty neither slouched nor looked like the summer heat was bothering them at all. Both carried Lakans sheathed at their hips, accompanying these one carried a spear, the other a pair of axes.

Upon siting him they stepped forward and prepared to give their welcome message. "Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws- Oh, it's you." The scroll he held aloft fell back by his side.

"Yes, just me, sir." Vypec tried not to stare at them eagerly. Someday he hoped to stand amongst those proud warriors and serve Wysar as they did.

"How was the run?" The other asked while tightening a strap on his armor.

"Good, sir. A nice morning to be running." Vypec said, meeting his eye respectfully.

"Didn't see any Zith? Those mongrels are never far." said the other, eyeing the sky suspiciously. Vypec got the impression the question was more to humor him rather than any worry of the Zith. The Kuvay'Nas always had watchful eyes on the skies, having little need for the information gathered on a boy's morning run. But the man knew of Vypec's desire to serve and was indulging him.

"No, sir. It seems like another peaceful day in the blessed city of our Father and Mother." Vypec said, also turning his pale gaze to the sky behind him.

"Indeed. Alright, away with you. No doubt you have training duties to attend." He said, waving the Akalak youth through the gate.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Vai on March 7th, 2016, 6:47 am

3rd of Spring, 516 AV

"Get ready to port, lads!" Vai re Ahnatep looked up from brushing Kuvi, his eyes eagerly seeking the first glimpse of his new home, though for how long, only the Gods knew. His top and middle right hands patted the stallion, before he crossed all of his arms, walking to the side of the ship that would allow him to see more. His light brown eyes skimmed anything and everything within sight's reach, features passive yet undoubtedly curious.

His skin prickled with goosebumps as the ship neared, his bared torso becoming slightly slick with the mist of the sea. The Eypharian's gaze ran over the incredibly beautiful falls with immense admiration. The falls were like none other, and Vai appreciated beauty wherever it may be. As a few of the crew bustled around him for a look - probably not their first, considering the trade - he stepped back, before turning away fully, walking back to Kuvi and the rest of his belongings, gathering himself to land.


”Hello there, can I help you with anything? Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it." Vai looked down at the blue, muscled man from astride his horse, both of his lower hands holding the reins of his horse, and his middle and top hands clasping his spear at his side. His middle left gracefully took the scroll, nodding in thanks. He walked his stallion off to the side a bit, partly away from the working crew to study the scroll.

The blue man, the Akalak, waited patiently as the six-armed man's eyes ran over the scroll, reading every one of the rules before nodding once. "I agree to the rules, good sir," he stated in common with a slightly pronounced Eyktolian accent. He held out the scroll for the Akalak to take, who shook his head. "You keep that until you leave Riverfall. Enjoy your stay." Comprehension flashed across Vai's eyes before he nodded again, slipping it into his saddlebags. "Good day."

The guard gave him a polite nod before walking off to continue his duties, leaving Vai to find his way about himself. The Eypharian glanced around, shifting slightly in his saddle, before he urged Kuvi on. The duo walked on slowly for less than a minute before Vai's mid-right hand reached into his saddlebags for the map. He took a moment to orient himself, glancing at each direction before walking on in search of accommodations.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Leo Varniak on April 8th, 2016, 11:17 pm

1st day of Spring, 516

Walking all the way to the land gates of Riverfall was a lesson in agony. A trek that might have taken him three days in his better years, had had him sweating and cursing for twice as long, and that was with the help of a long, knotty branch he’d found beside the path. In a way, that tasted like defeat more than anything else - having to rely on something so ugly for his mobility hurt Leo Zaital’s pride more than the wounds themselves. Not that he lacked for those, either. The limp in his left leg was evident, and his emaciated look made him resentful towards any puddles in which his likeness was reflected.

A wild dog had attacked him at some point in the torturous journey, baring its teeth at him before getting promptly incinerated without a warning shot. The incident had made him very conscious how just how weak he must look, and he had started to feel the same way too. It had been different in those other worlds where the usual rules did not apply; here, he knew his place in the order of things. He knew exactly what he had been before this, and every step reminded him that it was no more. He had never appreciated the true value of having normal mobility until he’d lost it.

He could only hope a good healer would be able to do something about all this. About the leg, the ribs, the scarring, the chronic pain that kept him awake at night, the ringing, headaches and tinnitus he still experienced from the concussions. Even so, the missing toe - the toe he had cut off himself - would forever remain missing. So would the upper portion of his ear. Those would stand as a testament to Leo’s foolishness. It was a done thing; and sure enough, he was alive and it could have been much worse. Technically, he had won. If only it would feel that way even when he closed his eyes.

There was bi line of people requesting entrance into Riverfall, as was often the case, but the mere sight of two Akalak guards puzzled Leo to some extent. It was two more people than he was used to seeing in a long time. Those other… things he had witnessed were not people; they could not be. Still, he had half-forgotten how to even behave in the presence of civilized beings, and coupled with his torn clothing, disheveled appearance, long unkempt beard and emaciated look, it made him look suspicious to the guard as he limped his way forward.

”Freeze!” The first Akalak ordered, one hand outstretched and the other on the hilt of his weapon. Leo obeyed, though not out of reverence but from the sheer surprise of hearing a normal voice other than his own. ”Come forward… slowly… and identify yourself.” The champion blinked and began trudging as the second Akalak tapped his comrade on the shoulder. ”Guy looks familiar… Look at him carefully. I know him from somewhere.” The other guard let out a deep sound and regarded the stranger for a second or two. He finally clicked his tongue as his dark brother seemed to give him a hint from inside his head. ”I remember the eyes now… from the Council meeting a few years back. The champion of Ivak… how the mighty have fallen.”

Leo stopped in his tracks, silent. The guard stood there, having reached into a pouch to produce the scroll with the rules and laws of the city. ”This… Riverfall, then?” he finally murmured upon seeing the scroll. Only city in the known world where they’d make sure you couldn’t feign ignorance of the rules when someone wanted to bash your head in for breaking them. ”What’d happen to you anyway? You look like Rhysol walked all over you.” He offered the scroll, but Leo shook his head twice.

”I remember your laws very well,” he said, his mouth still unused to forming words and straining with the effort. He moved forward, at which the second Akalak quipped back: ”What? No witty repartee? I don’t know, something like ’You should see the other guy’… Leo stared at the blue-skinned man for several seconds, almost to the point of discomfort. ”What day is it? What year is it?” The Akalak looked at him squarely. ”First day of Spring, man. The year is 516.”

Leo’s head bent downwards, his stare unblinking. ”Thank you.” And with that, he marched into the city. The Akalaks seemed taken aback, but they did not question him further, knowing his divine connections and the fact he’d proven himself to be harmless in the past. ”Sure looks like your god has abandoned you,” he heard one of the guards say as he parted ways. Leo bit on his lip and disappeared in the streets of Riverfall.

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Winona on April 9th, 2016, 10:50 pm

22, Spring 516 AV
hello"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it." A big blue man held out the scroll parchment towards the deaf chaktawe that stood at the edge of the port. Winona swiveled her head left and right, ogling the huge change of scenery from endless waves to land. And not only that, but it was a land with blue and green and purple people! Traveling by ship was exciting at first since she had never been on a boat before, but being plagued with sea sickness wasn't the greatest experience for the young chaktawe. However, as glad as Winona was to reach land, the land had offered a whole new challenge for her.

The chaktawe was drenched with sweat with her hair sticking to the back of her neck. It was so unbelievably hot that Winona ended up ripping off her shawl and pulling her hair up to let her sweaty skin breathe. Winona grew up in the desert and was used to the scathing heat— but Riverfall? A fog of humidity blanketed over the city and suffocated them. At least the Burning Sands had dry heat... Was it always like this here?

Winona's attention shifted back to the big blue man and the scroll in his hand. Did he say something? "Do you agree to the laws, traveler?" He repeated, cocking an eyebrow at her. The chaktawe's heart did a hurdle, cautiously taking the scroll from the man.

"I am sorry. I cannot hear—" She began, pointing to one of her ears as a light blush blossomed across her face. "Could you repeat... Please?"

At first, the blue man flashed a look of shock, but nonetheless he repeated his welcoming message to the deaf chaktawe. However, this time he said it much slower and elongated the vowels far too much. Winona willed herself not to get too impatient and nodded quickly, glancing down at the scroll.

"Yes, I agree." When Winona's black eyes returned to the blue man, she noticed him nodding in approval. A strange sensation settled over her... And it wasn't the sweat that was rolling down her back.

"Welcome to Riverfall, traveler."

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