Location [Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

All visitors and newcommers to Riverfall most post here if they enter the city. This entrance combines both the Sea Gates and the City Gates.

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Built into the cliffs overlooking the Suvan Sea, Riverfall resides on the edge of grasslands of Cyphrus where the Bluevein River plunges off the plain and cascades down to the inland sea below. Home of the Akalak, Riverfall is a self-supporting city populated by devoted warriors. [Riverfall Codex]

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Balian Martell on June 19th, 2017, 10:07 pm

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55th day of Summer, 517

The caravan had drudged along the Kabrin; The road had been long and tiring. yet on this day the general mood of the procession was lighthearted and somewhat jovial. Balian was not immune to the air of excitement, sporting a wry grin at the happy mood of those around him and feeling some infusion of energy despite his aches and pains. Sitting atop a horse for hours on end for over half the season does tend to leave one bruised and tired, however on this day the caravan that had set out from Syliras was finally to arrive at its destination; Riverfall.

The early morning had not seen a change in rolling landscape of what Balian had learned was the sea of grass, yet by midday large buildings began to rise out of the horizon and a cool sea breeze could be felt wafting over the travelers. Soon those far away buildings became larger, and the young squire was not the only one to gawk at the sight; buildings built of red stone and adjourned with massive domes, towers could be seen rising up scraping the sky. It was nothing that they had seen before, so different from the fortress city of peace. There was power and majesty to this city. It seemed a proud and dominant predator that claimed dominion over the lands around it. At the sight, the members of the caravan gave off a cheer, a load roar of hoarse voices, one that Balian couldn’t help but to add to.

They quickly came to the walls. The train of wagons, people, and horses setting off to the side of the Kabrin to allow the passage of other. Those escorts of the procession were called to the front, and Balian dutifully coaxed Ajax, his horse who had been his companion, to move forward. As he approached the gate, he could see the various members of the escorts; knights of the order had made made up most of the force, however they were reinforced by some mercenaries and warriors looking for passage or coin. He was ordered to dismount, swinging his sore leg over the saddle, only to land on shaky feet upon the firm ground. Almost instantly a giant of deep blue approached him. an Akalak, he thought to himself, remembering the discussions and stories that were told by fire light. Balian was dwarfed by this man, in both height and mass, yet when he spoke his voice was kind, if a bit rehearsed. ”Welcome young knight” the giant gave the squire a once over. If he had made any judgment on his appearance or ability, he did not share it. Before Balian could correct him that he was onlt a squire, the man continued. “You will stay at the station during your stay, yes?” strained to meet the mans gaze face to face, but again, before Balian could even answer, the blue man spoke on “Those of your order are welcome within the city, so far as you abide by our rules and laws. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it". The exchange seemed almost automatic, yet the Akalak guard offered Balian a small smile as he handed over the set of scrolls.

Almost as fast the blue giant had appeared, he had set off to greet the next member of the caravan. Balian was called over by his patron knight to begin helping the caravan unload just inside the city. There was still work to be done, however their journey was at an end. They had arrived to Riverfall.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Valour Skyglow on June 24th, 2017, 2:00 pm

Valour Skyglow
55th day of Summer, 517


The Kabrin... it had been a painful ride. It was only the break of dawn, and as much as Valour had been accustomed to riding, sitting on a horse for hours on end, repeatedly, for days, was not her forte. She stared down at the horse that had willingly taken her from Syliras all the way to Riverfall, a sympathetic smile enveloping itself onto her colored lips. She reached down to offer it a heartfelt pat, though instead almost jolted right out of her saddle as an abrupt voice yelled out: 'We're here! We've reached Riverfall!' It was laced with joy and excitement.

Valour's family was the only source she had to Riverfall, and their only source had been countless books. Whenever they had brought up the great and beautiful city, she would be attentive and her eyes would never veer from the story-teller. Their constant flow of stories had been one of her many motivations to make the perilous trip. She began zoning out- remembering the years that her mother had cradled her in her arms and revealed numerous hand-drawn images that portrayed her view of Riverfall. Sometimes they would be painted and every inch of it - in Valour's eyes - was flawless. Her mother had a way with a brush, her strokes and overall detail were incomparable.

A sigh of longing whooshed from the teenager's parted lips, though multiple joyous voices snapped her out of her reminiscing. She had been staring at the back of the steed's head for the entirety of the time. Valour's perfectly purple eyes averted their gaze to the horizon, widening in shock at the illustrious city. Her limbs felt rather feeble as she observed the expanse of the perfectly assembled buildings. Her mother's drawings had made the city appear so minuscule, though in truth it was much like an astounding giant. The buildings were shielded by an immense wall, one that Valour would never think to scale; who would dare to, anyways? However she definitely was thinking about how interesting it would be to paint a few intricate designs on the stony surfaces.
The gate was quite large, as the caravan neared it only grew in size. It appeared to resemble a mouth ready to swallow the coming visitors. Those who stood were Akalak, as she could recall. She had never encountered one, though she had heard that they perceived the Vantha as a fascinating race. Still, she was highly intimidated by their physical appearance; towering, heavily muscled forms that stood proud by their city gates.

Before entering the city, Valour wanted to return the unnamed steed. Swinging her left leg around her rear, she nervously dismounted. Throughout the entirety of viewing the city and dismounting, the hoodie had drifted from her head and settled behind her neck. Valour picked it back up with a single hand, pulling it tightly over her braided hair. She looked for the main trader- the one who had lead the caravan. "Hey little girl, trying to return this fella?" He appeared beside her, chuckling lightly as she nodded awkwardly in response. "Alright, be safe." He gripped the lower portion of the reins and pulled the horse along, leaving the Vantha in front of a gate which lead to a fairly crowded part of the city. Of course it was crowded, it was the entrance!

Inhaling and exhaling, the reasonably tall fifteen-year-old walked hesitantly to the two, towering Akalak's. She debated on whether to take off her hoodie or not, as a form or courtesy, though quickly decided against it. One of them turned to her, thus created a faint reciprocation on her end. She tore her gaze away from the inside of the city to peer up at the gigantic man. He welcomed her and handed her a scroll in which he explained contained business advertisements, the map, laws and more. She focused on his words, though realised he expected a reply from her. Her eyes swiftly plunged into a faint yellow, representing her worry despite the straight-forward task. The Akalak clearly noticed this, though did not state anything, but merely waited. Valour stared down at the paper, skimming over the laws- something she would never dare break.

"I agree to the laws and promise to abide by them." The faint voice left her lips as she attempted to remain calm. After all, she was still quite young and so new experiences tended to leave her feeling timid.

The man nodded his head, motioning towards the city. "Welcome to Riverfall, little Vantha." He greeted her kindly. Valour nodded in response before quickly walking into the city- her priority would be figuring out her way around.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Naia Whitewater on November 12th, 2017, 5:40 am

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80th of Autumn, 517AV | Early Morning

Naia wasn’t sure if she dreaded leaving the pod she come to love to dearly the last cycle of Leth, or if the lead in her gut came from the acceptance that stepping off the ship meant a kind of finality to her time in Alvadas. It was silly, she told herself- how indecisive she was about her feelings of the City of Illusions. She hated it, then she loved it. Then it was just was.

“Heads,” the Lia’s voice carried over the bustling crew, each moving and darting and speeding about, each at ease within their work- they’d come to trade in the great Waterfall City a dozen times before, and so it was only Naia who stood portside, mouth agape and eyes wide as they sailed across the Bay.

She’d promised the Lia 25 working days for her passage to the city, and it was now the 27th they’d been at sea. As foul as some of her Svefra brothers and sisters called it, the Lia would not go back on her word, or the deal that had been struck- and so the woman took as much satisfaction as she could as she watched the others work.

It took another four bells before the ship Swell was able to dock, and a half again before Naia had finished her farewells to the crew. She had to leave like this, she'd long decided- she wasn't good at drawn out good byes, and to stay with the crew until they finished trade would surely have set an invitation to join the pod.

She took a deep breath, and in a simple step off the ship she disappeared into the crowd.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Nadiah on December 1st, 2017, 8:42 pm

1st of Winter, 517 AV | Riverfall| Noon

Nadiah felt terribly small as she peered up at Riverfall’s colossal fortifications. The young Konti was already a diminutive figure when in a crowd but standing against the monolithic walls made her feel like an insect. She instinctively wrapped her arms around herself to make her silhouette as small as possible. A handful of members from caravan she had been traveling with nodded at her as they pushed past to speak with the guards. Their faces were set with grim frowns as evidence of the hardships faced during the weeks on the road. The journey had been an uncomfortable one for Nadiah, she had bought passage among them which had only included a small corner inside a wagon that she mostly used to sleep and two meager meals a day. It had not been a luxurious experience for her, but she had finally made it to her destination: Riverfall.

The pale young woman then noticed one of the guards speaking to her traveling companions, the appallingly tall cerulean skinned man handing over papers and then ushering her fellow travelers through the gates, leaving her behind. Nadiah’s breath caught in her throat as the imposing Akalak turned his attention to her. She froze suddenly realizing how alone she had become. Although she had barely spoken to the other members of the caravan, she had never been alone. There had always been someone nearby; a recognizable face or voice. Now she was in a world of strangers and utterly on her own.

“Hello there.” The guard repeated for what was certainly the second time, snapping Nadiah out of her stupor. She look at him, trying vainly to erase the startled expression from her face. “Can I help you with anything? “ He said looking only faintly concerned before shaking his head at the Konti woman’s bewildered expression and continuing. “Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."

Nadiah numbly accepted the scroll as she nodded to him. “Yes, thank you” she said in a slightly lilting Kontinese accent. The guard nodded toward the city gates and Nadiah shouldered her backpack before passing through. She was met with a welcome sight as the beauty of Riverfall struck her. The city was arranged in natural tiers that clung around a magnificent waterfall. It was midday and the crisp blue of the waters contrasted beautifully with the warm tones of the stone used to construct the city.

This feels a little like home, Nadiah thought to herself before a rare smile pulled at her lips.
“I need to paint this.” She whispered to herself, suddenly feeling more alive than she had in years.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Quzon on December 20th, 2017, 6:37 pm


First Day of Winter, 517 A.V.

Quzon was pleased with himself. His life was a series of hits and misses, it seemed. But right now, he’d definitely hit something rather than missing it. His decision to get rid of that slow monstrosity of a covered wagon that he trudged around Endrykas with in lieu of a nice cart was the best decision he'd ever made before venturing out with a small caravan heading to Riverfall.

As he slowly approved the city, he shifted of the cured bear hunters hide from his head that he used as a helmet before reining in his weary steed. The Seme stopped with a sudden jolt, planting its widebraced legs down as the breeching pressed against the horses backside to stop the cart in its tracks. The train of horses and wagons he arrived with began to form a queue to enter the city.

He shook the reigns to will the horse into motion once it was his time to enter, then pulled the reins again to cause the cart to stop with a lurch in front of two guards.

"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."

He reached out from where he sat to retrieve the scroll, but his attention was dead set on the obvious Tskanna in the room. There were massive amounts of people just all standing around the gate. As he look up, there were even more on the wall itself. "What." Quzon said, quickly trying to find the right words in common to ask the guards a question. "Why they wait? City, defend?" One of the guards chuckled then simply stated 'Its Founding Day', as if Quzon was suppose to know why that had anything to do with them standing on a wall. He nodded his head to the guard before shifting the reins to move the horse forward into the city proper.

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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Madeira Craven on March 3rd, 2018, 7:34 pm

    20th of Spring, 518
Madeira was first to step off the ship with her wooden chest in her arms, her ghost chattering in her ear, and her heart full of awe as she beheld Riverfall for the first time. The city rolled off the cliffs and lazed into the water like a great sleeping beast. She had never known a city to look so strong; even from the port she could see the great stone buildings and hear the crash of the powerful river. Allister and Ssanya were behind her somewhere, but she didn't wait for them. The Spiritist was propelled forward by wonder and the little ghost pressed to her side.

Emma was the more chipper than she had ever seen. The child kept a running commentary of the who, what, and where of Riverfall for Madeira, who was half listening. This was the city where the girl had lived and died, and she was evidently excited to be back.

"And that's the portmaster", she babbled on. "He's an angry man. Papa says he is 'a right bastard'-"


"But that's what he says! And that river is called the Bluevein. Because it looks like a blue vein, I suppose. Oh, those beached canoes make a great hiding spot! One time, Raj and I-"

”Hello there, can I help you with anything?" Two Akalak stepped out of the bustle of people and veered right for them, like bloodhounds alert to the scent of cluelessness. The older of the two was a light cerulean colour, with a head too far off the ground to make it through any sensible doorway. The other was younger, smaller, darker, and wearing five sows worth of leather. Both had identical crewcuts and stoic frowns. The older of the two continued:

"Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it."

Madeira took the battered parchment that had passed through hundreds of hands like she was receiving a priceless relic. Her eyes lit up with a childish kind of fascination.

"A map! Incredible", she purred, turning the incomprehensible lines of colour this way and that like she would be able to read it if given the right angle. This was only the second time she had ever held a map, and the first time she had even seen a city map.

The taller Akalak cleared his throat pointedly. He was waiting for an answer.

"Oh! I apologize." She scanned the common translation of the city laws. It was nothing too overwhelming, though the cultivation law was laughable. She read the laws out loud, hoping Emma, who couldn't read, would listen closely.

"I've read and accept the laws of this city. Thank you for your hospitality" She said formally upon completion, sensing these were the type of people who put a lot of weight on respect and etiquette. "I think we will take a look around your beautiful city before we find lodging."

The shorter, darker Akalak shifted uncomfortably.

"... It's not advisable to be outside after dark, miss." he admitted. "There are strange shadows in the city that have been attacking people."

If the human was shocked to hear this, it didn't show. She didn't ask for clarification or explanation, just narrowed her eyes and asked: "where do they come from?"

"Nobody knows. They can be warded off with fire and light, but it is still best to get your business done while Syna is still high in the sky."

"Ok, thank you."

"Welcome to Riverfall." the dark one inclined his head (did she hear a touch of sarcasm in his voice?) and the two moved on.

Madeira folded the map neatly and put it in her pocket. The city above her was not so much lazing but looming she realized as she looked skyward. A shiver touched her back and she wondered, not for the first time, if she made the right decision to come here.
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[Riverfall] The Land and Sea Gates

Postby Taurina on March 14th, 2018, 6:05 am

An Afternoon in the Early Spring of 518

The journey had not been planned. Leaving home, family, and life was not something contemplated for long, if at all.. Taurina had just woken up one morning and decided that she needed to go, she had to. She had decided that it was too hard too remain in Endrykas when her heart wandered somewhere outside of her body. Decided that she could not watch her dear friend give birth to her love’s child when he was no where to be found. Decided that Endrykas could not be her home anymore. Not until she had learned how to survive again.

Everything had been packed into yvas bags and tacked onto Starfire. She had not said goodbye, not properly. Had not given any promises of return or reminded them that despite it all she still loved them all. It hurt too much. Knowing that this would only further destroy their hearts hurt too much.

It was Asher alone, the one who had always understood her shy nature and gentle soul, whom she had told. Somehow without too many words he had understood, and he had let her go. She brushed kisses upon his cheeks and hugged him tight as tears pricked eyes purple in the nighttime light. He had wished her well and promised that whenever -if ever- she came back she would always be welcomed with open arms. They were family. Forever into eternity. Love bonded them and that was something distance would never be able to break.

The gates grew as they drew closer and closer to them. So different from Endrykas the city of Riverfall was. Warriors with skin painted hues of blues, violets, reds, and greens protected it. It was a city of beautiful art and gorgeous buildings. People lived happy, stand-still lives here. It was not like Endrykas. Somehow that was comforting. It was also incredibly sad.

On her strider of white with the colorsplash mare she still owed trailing behind, Taurina approached the gate and the two Akalak men that guarded it. She gave them a tired smile, worn from her journey and from the company she had kept on it. She would be happy to get away from the overly excited Drykas merchants. Not that they were bad people and that the distractions had not been greatly needed, but Taurina was done. Her social need overfilled to the point of being drained.

"Welcome, traveler. Here is a scroll of welcome from the city. It contains a list of our laws, a map of the city, and some advertisements from local businesses that sponsor these scrolls to be made. You can feel free to come in if you agree to our laws and turn this scroll back in when you leave so we can reuse it,” one of the two Akalak who approached instructed in a voice that could be considered nothing but serious.

Taurina took the worn scroll in her hands, looking over the contents of it even though she had seen and agreed to it before. It had been a long time since last she was in Riverfall. Nearly two years to the day in fact… Curious. She had never planned to return when she left. Funny how things never went as planned.

“Thank you, I agree to your laws,” Taurina promised, her own tone serious.

The Akalak with violet toned skin nodded before he added a warning, “be careful in the dark, there are shadows out there. Light and flame is all that has been found that works against them.”

Taurina nodded, slowly. Shadows? What did he mean by that? The Ethaefal was curious, frightened, but there were others behind her and she already felt as though she had taken too much time. Her hands clenched Starfire’s mane with a nervous grip as she decided against linger any longer. Later. She would find out from another later. Hopefully before dark.

“Thank you for the warning,” was all the Ethaefal said before she passed through the gates and entered the beautiful city of Riverfall.

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