Blayze's Plotnotes

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This forum is an OOC forum for PCS and Organizations to work out plans in hardcopy. Each PC or Organization gets a single thread where their players can help work out plans for their PC. Quests, mini-sagas, and Trips can all be organized here as well working out timelines and points of travel and things PCs need to do along the way. Each PC however gets only one Plotnote for their individual PC. Groups get one as well. There is no limit on individuals posting saga or trip plotnote threads. Please denote [PC Plotnotes] or [Group Plotnotes] or [Quest/Trip/Saga Plotnotes] when titling your threads.

Blayze's Plotnotes

Postby Blayze on March 2nd, 2012, 5:52 pm


Establish past in Syliras/Nyka/Mura via. flashback threads.
Work out timescale as it still confuses me.
Develop compassion.
Catch a pickpocket at work.
Get a tattoo.
Force PC into wearing a dress. And feminine make up.
*chants* Crimson Edge, Crimson Edge, Crimson Edge!
Go explore the abandoned mines.
Rescue someone.
Find a sidekick.
Start a barfight.
Scimitar training.
Hand-to-hand combat training.
Public embarrassment.
Make some friends, get connections.
Get little Blayzh'avi so hammered she passes out on the floor.
Help someone in need.
Free a slave.
Encounter Kavani. (How?! o.O)
Pet gorilla. Joke. Joke.
Kelvic fwiend ^.^
Bitch about lots of stuf and offend a whole load of people.
Argue with someone in command of something.
Get kicked out of someplace.
Burp in public at least ten times in one thread.
Assassinate someone via strangling them with her hair.
Make a daring escape on a stolen horse.
Throw up in the middle of a street due to over-consumption of alcohol.
Pass out into a plate of food.
Kidnap someone.
Defend an innocent.
Mutilate a hit.
Common, 'cause red's freakin' cool :P
Kontinese. Ew. Look how girly it is..
You really don't want to hear my failed attempts at Tukant xD
Blayze, refusing to eat chocolate covered bugs and stalking Tom Felton since 511AV :D
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