This isn't what I signed up for

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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This isn't what I signed up for

Postby Elhaym on April 9th, 2012, 1:35 am


The fiftieth day of Spring, in the five hundredth and twelfth year after the Valterrian

"He stole from me, and attack my son! You have to do something!"

The outrage in the plump woman's voice was so palpable it was almost hard to believe as genuine. Elhaym wavered as she stood as the heat of the day mixed with her weakened state. The Surya Plaza was sweltering from the sun's relentless barrage and the exhaled breath of thousands of Lhavitians. Most likely did not find it so hot, but Elhaym's left arm was wrapped from her upper shoulder to the tips of what fingers remained. The thick cloth stifled her, but it was for the best. Lhavit's people did not to see the grotesque surface of her still healing skin. Her face had gotten along better, but it was still an unwise location to dwell on for too long unless one had a stomach made of iron.

It was her first day back on the streets of Lhavit since taking these grievous wounds, and though she was under the guidance of two senior Shinya neither had witnessed the events the rambling fat woman spoke of. Only Elhaym had been near, leaning against the wooden post of a stall to rest… and thus, the Shinya who guided her now asked her to mediate the conflict. It was training of a sort, the type that she could actually take part in seeing as her body was in no shape for anything martial. Still, it was the last thing she wanted to be doing right now. It was if her body was in revolt, sending waves of nausea and hot flashes to further beat her down.

Her attention shifted back to a young man that stood off the side, nursing a swollen eye with a piece of salted meat. Complaints flew seamlessly from his mouth as if it were the end of his days; at least he had an eye still. Elhaym steeled herself against making such a remark, and instead listened.

"I di'int steal nothin'! This ol' hag works me day'n'ight till' me fingers bleed and I do be havin' no fair pay to speak of while her own sons sit around, fat n' lazy!"

"Lies! I took you in boy, but you have to work just like everyone else in this city. You have no skills, no education, and I took you in anyhow… and you repay me with theft?!"

"I tell you, I ain't steal nothin! Your fat piggy of a son filched yer' coin and slipped it in me pocket when I wasn't lookin, and then decked me fer' no reason!"


The 'fat piggy' of a son chimed in that last bit, nursing his hand as if he had struck a wall of shear skyglass instead of the other boys face. The description was apt; he was definitely his mother's son, and both were far fatter than any man or woman had a right to be these days. Since the storm, the food supplies had been disrupted and only those who lived lavishly could afford the extra pounds around their waist. Elhaym honestly had no idea who to believe. She had been lost in her thoughts and trying to ignore the dull pain in her arm when everything had happened right under her nose, and now she had to make some sort of decision. The Shinya stood off to the side, ready to step in should she prove unable to handle the situation.

Well, she may have no idea… but there had to have been someone who had seen what happened. The Shinya were mediators and by rights should have been able to resolve this without outside aid, but Elhaym's talents lie in the art of killing, not deduction. She needed help.

"Is there anyone who saw what happened here?" she barked in a loud tone, interrupting the bleating of all three at once. "Anyone aside from these three?"

Silence fell as the small crowd that had gathered to watch the action began to look around, wondering if anyone actually had seen what happened. Lhavitians were not known to lie, but either the young boy with the odd accent was lying, or the robust mother and son were. Chances are, an uninvolved civilian would have no cause to lie and would tell her the truth of it. From there, she could decide what to do. Without some sort of testimonial however, she could not punish anybody. Reckless as she was, she owed a debt to these people (even if they acted like ridiculous children sometimes), and she refused to act on a hunch when her mind was so clouded with pain.

"Anyone? Anyone at all?"

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This isn't what I signed up for

Postby Albireo on April 13th, 2012, 10:31 am

Lost in a bundle of images and voices, a Vantha girl was swimming from merchant to merchant. An olive-skinned arm carried a bag of apples while the other hand rolled a lime-colored Yatani around in her palm.

It nearly dropped to dusty cobblestone as a strong voice disrupted the peaceful murmur of passers-by. The Vantha rose to stand on tiptoes, forgetting the storytelling voices, and saw people she recognized. Flashes of memory crossed her thoughts, memory as fresh as the green apples in her bag.

After a wordless fight of elbows and bodies she stepped into the circle formed by spectators. From behind she tugged at the Shinya’s sleeve – the right one – and stretched to reach her ear. Eyes were downcast, hiding a vibrant green and yellow, not unlike the Yatani that had left her hand.

“The one with the blue eye, he took coins, but the one who slapped him tried to talk, negotiate with him perhaps. When Blue Eye refused, he attacked and spilled the secret. Blue Eye is a pickpocket, but both are liars...” Malice knows no bounds, even here, she held those words back. Too heavy for a storyteller.

Clutching the fabric in her hands, she melted back into the crowd, although curious glances were harder to escape – as well as the bright red fury of the accused.
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