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Postby Elhaym on August 17th, 2010, 11:35 am

e l h a y m | e d i n a | v o r m a v


Name • Elhaym Edina Vormav
Age • 27
Height • 5'6"
Weight • 145 lbs
Affiliation • The Shinya
Currently resides in • Lhavit

p h y s i c a l | d e s c r i p t i o n

Elhaym is of average height for a human woman, but a bit bulkier in muscle mass than most. This is especially true after arriving in Lhavit, where Elhaym has bulked up considerably due to her training with the Shinya as an Acolyte. Her hips are wide, with powerful thighs and calves. Her skin complexion is a light olive tone that doesn't seem to tan but a shade darker. Her hair is jet black, and her eyes a brown so dark they appear to be the same color as her hair. Scars litter her body, though most are miner tributes to her tendency towards fighting and physical activity in general. One unfortunate byproduct of her rough life is her nose; it is a bit crooked after having been broken no less than three times, and a smattering of scars mar it's aesthetic further. Her knuckles are hard and callused, and her elbows and knees host their fair share of scarring as well. Her voice is breathy and smoky, and usually carries a cool tone.

p e r s o n a l i t y | e t h i c s

Elhaym is not the prototype candidate for becoming a Shinya. She is reckless and passionate, and lets her heart and emotions guide her like the wind commands a sail. She is a constant source of irritation, amusement, and sometimes pride to her superiors within the Shinya Order. Her heart yearns for something to believe in, and the Shinya have provided that for the time being. Yet even with the Shinya's guidance, Elhaym grows restless. Her lover is gone, banished from Lhavit. Her friends within the order have distanced themselves from her, and the sting of her loss can only be hidden for so long. She claims to be dutiful, yet a part of her wants to admit to the world that she is becoming unhappy with the life she has chosen in Lhavit.

s k i l l s | l o r e | l e d g e r

Flesh and Steel
Unarmed Combat | 73
Katana | 14
Tonfa | 5
Acrobatics | 42
Body Building |25
Running | 13
Climbing | 11

Mind and Soul
Flux | 12
Meditation | 21
Projection | 24


Leadership | 2
Tactics | 3
Acting | 5
Deception | 1
Disguise | 6
Intelligence | 9
Investigation | 2
Interrogation | 6
Animal Husbandry | 13
Carving | 1
Drawing | 15
Intimidation | 9
Massage | 1
Mathematics | 1
Medicine | 2
Negotiation | 2
Observation | 16
Philosophy | 2
Rhetoric | 7
Seduction | 1
Storytelling | 4
Strategy | 1
Teaching | 12
Clubs (Weapon) | 2
Weaponry | 1
Wilderness Survival | 4
Writing | 2


Language: Common (Fluent)

The Art of Battle
  • Bracing (Bandaging arms and feet to prevent injury) - Starting Package
  • Planning a fight
  • The smell of burning flesh
  • The screams of someone burning alive
  • Murder
  • Fight Night at the Spinning Coin
  • Anger Management: Nil
  • Being Taunted
  • And they All come Tumbling Down
  • Falcon Punched
  • Did You Know Crossbow Bolts Through the Hip Hurt?
  • Trapped
  • Battle Frenzy
  • Risky Maneuver
  • K.O.
  • Plotting Revenge
  • Technique: Wall Backflip
  • Fighting Stances
  • Don’t judge a stick by it’s cover
  • Similarites between tonfa and unarmed
  • Losing the first round suddenly
  • Using hands, feet and tonfa
  • Pulling out the stops
  • Losing the spar
  • Technique: Escaping a Choke Hold
  • Brook no Insult: Your character is weak against the temptation of fighting

Swordmaster (Not quite...)
  • Stance: Lioness Lays In Wait
  • Technique: Peony Floats on the Tempest
  • Technique: Stilling the Sparrow's Wings
  • Technique: Parting the Leaf
  • Technique: Broken Circle's Last Turn
  • The Art of Drawing a Sword
  • Steel Cuts Like a Cold Wind

Social Skills... are Somewhat Lacking
  • Being mistaken for a Symenestra
  • Delusions of Tanny's Ridicule
  • Leave it to the Law
  • Big Brother is Watching
  • Do I smell like booze or something? (Attracting drunks)
  • How to not look Suspicious
  • Quality Time with a Pet
  • Wanting to Help Someone
  • Befriending a ‘Freak’
  • Escaping Hurt and Anxiety with Exercise
  • Discussing the Weather
  • Relying on Someone Else
  • Finding a good courtyard in Syliras
  • Not everyone is who they seem
  • Realization that not all things can be learned simply
  • A Healthy Dose of Suspicion
  • Sizing Up a Potential Threat
  • Hands-On Teaching Technique
  • Being Proud of a Student
  • Tough Love: Pushing Someone Away for Their Own Good
  • The unfairness of family
  • Surprise Visits
  • Reconciliation
  • Saying Goodbyes
  • Worst manners EVER
  • Getting Propositioned - Dirty, Smelly Clothes and All
  • The importance of not judging a book by it's cover
  • Being the center of attention
  • Star pupil of the Martial arts class
  • Tingles
  • Having your motives questioned
  • Tears of humility
  • Hugs of comfort
  • Male Anatomy
  • Finding Love
  • Respect To Shimobe

On the Job Training
  • Learn on the Job
  • Being Late to Work
  • Smelling worse than your charges
  • Some Good Reasons to Hate Birds
  • How to Lift Heavy Objects
  • What a Pulley System Resembles
  • The Hazards of Old Equipment
  • Working a Store's Front
  • Dealing with an Unruly Customer
  • Errand Girl
  • Begging as a Profession
  • Luck, important part of Intelligence gathering

Art is Hard
  • Knowlege of wildflowers in Sylira - Starting Package
  • Recognition of little things as art
  • Frustration of moving models
  • Being distracted whilst drawing

Where the hell am I again?
  • Syliras Tooth and Claw (Basic)
  • Lhavit (poor)
  • I hear Lhavit's nice this time of year

Persons of extreme interest
  • Nemesis: Oyama Tye/Crow (Partial)
  • The Shinsa: Atanu Tan'kima (Partial)
  • The Sanim: Jun Lhutav (Partial)
  • Shinya Sponser: Dian Kota (Partial)
  • Rei&Hashin (Forming a friendship)
  • Family Timandre (Basic)
  • Julian (Partial)
  • Tomo (Basic)

The Shinya
  • Joining the Shinya Order
  • Following in the footsteps of your father
  • Teaching is the first step to leadership
  • Language: Lhavitian (Poor)
  • To live and die as a Shinya
  • Colloquial speech, thank the Gods‎
  • Perceptive Shinya
  • Kota slaps hard
  • Controlling anger
  • Irritation at unseen forces
  • Pain focuses the body and the mind
  • Overcoming mental weakness
  • Trusting your sponsor
  • My Acolyte is better than your Acolyte
  • Intuitive Shinya sponor
  • To be a pillar of Lhavit
  • Lhavit (Basic)
  • Shinya Patrol
  • Lhavitian (fluent)
  • Core Strength
  • Shinya Meditation Training
  • Lore of Conviction
  • Lore of Integrity

Who would have thought... I'm a Wizard!
  • Meditation's Importance (Magic)
  • Not Naturally Gifted
  • Shinya's Perspective on Magic (vs SK)
  • The Itch Of Projection
  • A Shift in Perception
  • Overgiving
  • The Price of Flux

  • Wilderness Survival Techniques (Wilderness Survival Master Lore)
  • A Night Alone
  • The Process of Lighting A Fire
  • Setting Up A Hammock

Sometimes in Life, You Learn the Most Random Things...
  • Hidey-holes
  • Painful Memories
  • Rebuilding Muscle
  • Exhaustion
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Bitter memories
  • Dealing with demons
  • Acknowledging a Problem is the First Step in Solving It
  • Truth's Revealed
  • A Brother's Tale
  • Searching for Purpose...
  • ... and Finding a Purpose
  • Being Pampered
  • Leaving Without Regrets
  • Laziness has its Advantages
  • Subduing Drunk Men
  • Talking to Myself Helps Me Think
  • Being the new girl
  • Dying in a dream
  • Sleeping in class
  • Sheer terror
  • Fainting
  • Faking sick
  • Body in agony
  • Social Niceties
  • Kota's Home
  • Rice Liquor
  • A Game of Projection & Strategy
  • Konti Divination
  • Getting Revenge
  • Lore: Uneasiness in Alvadas
  • Lore: Illusions as Perspective
  • Lore: Illusion cures Illusion
  • Lore: Illusion Storms
  • Lore: To out-weird weirdness
  • Lore: Illusions are only as good as the level of detail in them
  • Lore: Detail requires focus
  • Lore: Harming weak illusions
  • Lore: What Ionu won't take
  • Lore: Illusion's weaknesses
  • Lore: Ionu admires learning
  • Lore: Easier to lose favor than to gain it
  • The Sentimentality of the Katana
  • Mind Over Body
  • Honoring One's Elders
  • Scars Carry Weight
  • Taking Advice
  • Personal Magic: Flux
  • NPC: Sanim Sooyun Furuma (deceased)
  • NPC: Oyama Tye
  • All Hypnotists are not Threats
  • Acolytes are not Shinya
  • Ethaefal (basics)
  • Combating Reimancy
  • Staying Conscious
  • Hypnotism's Tells
  • Abalia
  • Might over Magic


Clothing and Armor
  • Cotton Pants (black) x5
  • Cotton Shorts (black) x5
  • Cotton Overshirt (white) x5
  • Cotton Blouse (black) x5
  • Cotton Dress (Black)
  • Cotton Underdress
  • 1 Pair of blackened leather sandals
  • 1 Pair of blackened leather gloves (fingerless)
  • Lhavitian Dress x2
  • High heeled shoes x2
  • 1 Black Silken Coat
  • 1 pair of black silk pants
  • 1 pair of black flats
  • Hardened Leather Armor
    Elhaym was given a set of leather armor similar to the one her ancestor Sooyun wore when she departed Lhavit for a tour of duty in Kalea guarding trade caravans and patrolling the wilds with the Shinya. Though it differs slightly aesthetically, it is of the same quality that all Shinya wear and are issued.
    *Note: The drawing is unfinished, but gives an idea of the armor and it's properties.
  • Multiple Shinya uniforms (Acolyte)

Traveling Supplies
1 Large Backpack w/ Rucksack attached
The following items are contained in Elhaym's primary pack.
  • Waterskin
  • Iron Pot
  • Woodsman's Axe
  • Whetstone
  • Flint and Steel
  • Fishing Kit
  • Gripping Resin
  • Hammock
  • Preserving Kit
  • Strong Rations
  • Bedroll
  • Water Additive
  • Hooded Lantern
  • 4 pints of oil (for lantern)
  • Tent (One Person)
  • Survival Knife
  • Shaving Razor

Climber's Kit
  • 10 extra pitons
  • 50 feet of rope
Not always carried, but in the mountanious area surrounding Lhavit this kit is essential.

Elhaym's blade, The Lioness

Elhaym's blade is of standard make and size for a katana, crafted of steel and designed to be wielded in one hand or two. It features a single slightly curved cutting edge and a stabbing point. The hilt is wrapped in leather, and the hand guard itself bears one of the signature cutouts of Lhavit's Isurian smith. It's sheath is twice layered wood with steel caps which has been hand lacquered a deep black.
Overall: 41.5"
Blade: 29 1/2"
Tsuka: 11"
Weight: 2.6 lbs


Sooyun's blade, Sable, the Blade of Eighty Days

Probably the most well known of Sooyun's trio of steel, Sable was said to have held the sharpest edge of any blade in Lhavit. It is crafted of high quality steel, and the rippling patterns on the blade are entrancing to behold (if one finds value in the beauty of good steel). The exotic patterning is likely tied to the name of the sword; it is said that it took eighty days of continuous work to forge it (quite obviously an exaggeration). This was the blade the Elhaym modeled her own blade after, making them similar in many aspects. The most notable difference is the length of the hilt, which is a few inches longer on Sable.
Overall: 43.5"
Blade: 28 1/2"
Tsuka: 14"
Weight: 2.9 lbs


Sooyun's blade, Nagi's Wedding Band / Starkiller

This is the blade that histories dictate rarely left her side, and thus was her most favored sword. It was crafted and gifted to her by her husband, and it's odd name is said to have been a joke between the two of them. It's hilt is wrapped in bright orange rayskin, presumably Sooyun's favorite color. Notably, Sooyun is said to have used this blade to execute three Shinya who committed crimes so heinous that even exile was deemed improper. Zintila herself would not approve of their being put to death, but she did not stay the Sanim's hand when she decreed if they must die it would be by a fellow Shinya's hand. History states that despite their crimes, some of the Shinya felt uneasy about the executions. Because of this, the sword that took their heads earned a new name that was whispered behind her back often... Starkiller.
Overall: 40"
Blade: 29"
Tsuka: 11"
Weight: 2.5 lbs


Sooyun's blade, Tragedy

The last of the trio of blades Elhaym was gifted by the Shinya, Tragedy is not technically one of Sooyun's famous swords. This blade was to be her fourth, a gift for her upon her return from Syliras. Sadly, her death in the foreign city meant the blade remained ungifted forever, and the true third blade was lost with her. This blade was placed among some of her other belongings to pay tribute to her life and death when the Lhavitians learned of her demise, and though she never had the chance to name the blade herself the populace referred to it as Tragedy. It has never drawn blood or been swung in anger, remaining pure and untested for it's long and ancient life. Traditionally, the blade is peacebound with thick knots of orange and white cord and kept sheathed in honor of her sacrifice. Elhaym herself has only drawn the blade to oil and maintain it when necessary. Perhaps it is only because of the heavy history of the blade, but she swears it sings when it slides free from it's scabbard… as if calling out to its lost master.
Overall: 42.5"
Blade: 30.5"
Tsuka: 12"
Weight: 2.8 lbs



Elhaym currently resides in the standard quarters of an Acolyte within the Shinyama Pavilion. It is a small space contaning a small hearth, a table, a bedroll, and a small wash basin to clean her feet and hands.


Summer Bookkeeping :
100 gm (Start of the season)
- 19 Silver Mizas (All Things Leather)
- 50 Gold Mizas (Payment to Xelin)
- 30 Gold Mizas (Undeniable Interests)
-18 Gold Mizas, 1 Silver Miza (Seasonal living expense: Poor)
End of Season Total: 0 Mizas (!!!)

Fall 510 AV
Fall Bookkeeping :
0 gm (Start of the season)
+ 350 Gold Mizas (Sold room in Syliras)
- 26.9 Gold Mizas (Last season living expense: Poor)
- 15 Gold Mizas (Clothing Purchase)
- 7 Gold Mizas (Travelers Row, 1sm/night for 70 days)
- 14.86 Gold Mizas (Soothing Waters)
- 11.2 Gold Mizas (White Swan Inn)
- 136.65 Gold Mizas (Wilderness Survival Supplies)
- 135 Gold Mizas (Living Expense: Common)
+ 204 Gold Mizas (Seasonal Wages)
Current Total: 207 GM, 3 SM, 9 CM

Winter 510 AV
Winter Bookkeeping :
- 35 Gold Mizas (Living Expense: Common lifestyle with discount for Acolyte housing/meals)
- 72.39 Gold Mizas (Currency Exchange)
+ 72.39 Kina (Currency Exchange)
- 10 Kina (x2 Lhavitian Dresses)
- 2 Kina (x2 High heeled shoes)
- 1 Kina (50 feet of rope)
- 1 Kina (Flint and Steel)
- 7.4 Kina (Hooded Lantern and 4 pints of oil)
+100gm (Alvadas Quest reward, Xfer to Kina)
Current Total: 251.39 Kina

Spring 511 AV
Spring Bookkeeping :
- 35 Kina (Spring Living Expenses, Common lifestyle with discount applies from Acolyte housing/meals)
Current Total: 216.39 Kina

Summer 511 AV
Summer Bookkeeping :
-85 Kina (5 Square Yards of Elegant Silk Fabric @ 15gm per sqare yard + 10gm tailoring fee
-5 Kina (Silk Pants)
-5 Kina (Flat black shoes)
-100 gm (katana purchase)
- 5gm (sword belt)
Current Total: 21.39 Kina

Skill Breakdown
Thread Gained
Starting Package Unarmed Combat +30, Acrobatics +15, Running +5, Climbing +5, Bodybuilding +5, Drawing +5
Haste Makes Waste Drawing: +1, Observation +2 , Intimidation +1
You called me a what? Storytelling +2, Tactics +1, Running +2, Unarmed Combat +3, Intelligence +1
Awaiting a Challenge Drawing +1, Acrobatics +1, Unarmed Combat +5
Why did I get a job here again? Bodybuilding +3, Acrobatics +2, Climbing +1, Intimidation +1, Running +2
Life is a Promise, Fulfill it Unarmed Combat +5, Observation +3, Rhetoric +2, Drawing +3, Animal Husbandry +3
Art is Hard Intimidation +2, Drawing +2, Mathematics +1
Crush These Killing Hands Running, +1, Animal Husbandry +3, Body Building +3, Acrobatics +2, Teaching +2, Unarmed Combat +4, Intimidation +1, Observation +1
By the shore Body Building +1, Negotiation +1, Teaching +4, Tactics +1, Unarmed Combat +3, Acrobatics +2, Rhetoric +2
Fate leads the Willing Philosophy +2, Animal Husbandry +2, Rhetoric +3, Unarmed Combat +1, Intelligence +3, Writing +2, Intimidation +1
The Girl who cried Crow Negotiation +1
Perception Unarmed Combat +3, Teaching +2, Leadership +2
Weakness Meditation +3, Bodybuilding +2
Clash and a Promise Weapon: Tonfa +5, Acrobatics +2, Body building +1
Suffer Projection +2, Deception +1
My dog won't bite, but I will Drawing +1, Animal Husbandry +1
I am my father's daughter, after all (Act 1) Acting +2, Disguise +2, Intelligence +2, Investigation +2
Rehabilitation Body Building +3, Acrobatics +4
Only You Projection +3, Seduction +1
Seasonal XP Award (Fall 510AV) Animal Husbandry +2
A Different Path... Interrogation +2, Storytelling +2
I am my father's daughter, after all (Act 2) Disguise +4, Climbing +2, Intelligence +3, Tactics +1, Weapon: Club +2, Unarmed Combat +2, Acting +2
The sky was bruised... and so was I 1 Meditation, +2 Unarmed Combat, +1 Interrogation
Reflecting the Illusion of Water Observation +1, Unarmed Combat +3, Acrobatics +2, Bodybuilding +1, Meditation +4
A Lesson in Pain Acrobatics + 5, Unarmed Combat: + 3 , Observation + 5
Country Girl +4 Wilderness Survival, +2 Drawing, +1 Weaponry, +1 Carving, +1 Weapon (Furuma Katana), +1 Projection
Well, if you insist… +4 Katana, +2 Acrobatics
It's about Control +3 Meditation, +1 Acrobatics, +3 Flux
Why is this so hard? +3 Projection, +1 Meditation
The Ibis weathers the storm Climbing + 3 XP, Flux + 2 XP, Weapon: Sword + 1 XP, Meditation + 1 XP
Knowledge talks, but wisdom listens Acting + 1 XP, Observation + 2 XP, Projection + 2 XP
Broken Bodybuilding +3, Projection +3
The Price of Passion Flux +3, Meditation +3, Body Building +3, Projection +4, Unarmed Combat +2
The Lioness Acrobatics +2, Unarmed Combat +2, Projection +4, Meditation +1, Strategy +1, Teaching +1
A Steel Remedy Katana +4, Medicine +2, Massage +1

o n e | l i f e | t o | l i v e

Pre Creation :
The artist who would be called Pain was born Elhaym Edina Vormav, on the 14th day of Spring, 485 AV. She was born into a moderately wealthy family due to her father's success as a bounty hunter. However, her mother died shortly after giving birth to her due to complications. In her father's eyes, Elhaym was to blame, and he seemed to resent her even as an infant. She had an older brother of eight years, named Erik. As she grew up, he was the only consistant figure in her life. Her father would be gone for long periods of time in his work, leaving behind numerous nannies and relatives to care for the children in his stead. Elhaym was the kind of foolish girl who at a very young age thought she would marry her brother, because she thought the world of him. Obviously, as she neared her teens, this childish notion was an embaressing memory, but her love for her brother was steadfast. They shared many interests, but their greatest common interest was art. Neither was amazingly talented, but it was their favorite passtime. When Elhaym was 10, and her brother was 18, her father returned home and seemed to have the urge to stay. She found out his reasoning quickly; his son was finished with schooling, and he would begin teaching him the trade secrets and skills necessary to become a bounty hunter and follow in his father's footsteps as he got older. Her brother was rather uninterested, but their father insisted. He was annoyed that Eric seemed more interested in painting than swordplay, and even more annoyed that his daughter would return from her schooling every day only to observe her brother's training. Several times, Elhaym begged to be allowed to participate, but her father refused to humor her.

For four years this went on, until Elhaym was fourteen. Upon completion of a particulerly well done landscape drawing, she approached her brother and asked his opinion. He proclaimed it a masterpiece, and told her she should sign it. However, before she could scrawl her name on the page, he told her that an artist sometimes paints, draws or sculpts under a different name than their own, and that she should consider it. Elhaym was rather confused by the lecture, but conceded to sign her drawing when she had thought of a proper artists name.

A few days passed, and Eric told Elhaym her father was taking him along to find a bounty. Elhaym was sick with worry, but Eric assured her that he would be fine. Their goodbye was nonchalant and short. Three days later, her brother returned with a black drape over his body, carried on a stretcher by her father and uncle. Her brother had died, and neither her father nor uncle would explain what had happened. Elhaym was shattered. Her brother had been her only real connection to the world, and he was gone so suddenly. The funeral was held the next day, and few people were present. Elhaym sat near her brother's rickety casket, clutching a charcoal sketch she had worked on during the three days he was gone. Her anguish seeped from her every pore, materializing in gasping sobs and wails periodically. At last, as the service was ending, she stared at the sketch. It was a portrait of her brother, sketched from memory. She had yet to decide on an artist's name, but her brother was gone, and she knew she had to decide on one before she gave him his final gift. Unable to breach through her sadness, Elhaym smeared the only thing she could feel at that time into the corner of drawing.


Weeks passed, and Elhaym's father refused to talk to her. He treated her as though she were Anathema to him, and soon he simply left. Elhaym assumed he had gone out again to his work, and the usual assortment of relatives and sitters would come by during the day to make sure her needs were met. When no one was around however, Elhaym would either draw, or venture into the training field her father and brother had frequented for four years. There, she would practice the movements and exorcises she had diligently watched her brother perform. She found that she was ill suited to the blade, as she had attempted to wield a rusted, broken longsword her father had left behind and it proved far too heavy and cumbersome. Soon, her days and nights at the training grounds would become almost meditation periods, where she would slowly go through the patterns and movements he had been taught that she knew to be the basics of hand to hand defense. She focused on balance, and precision, flowing through the movements while thinking of what she should do with her life. As she approached the end of her schooling, she found there was nothing worth mentioning that bound her to her home. Nor her family. Nor her name, even. Her father still refused to speak of what actually occured when her brother died, even after four years. Elhaym was furious, and after one final confrontation that ended with her being stonewalled as usual, she'd had enough. She was done being Elhaym Edina Vormav.

She gathered what little she had, including her brother's satchel that contained some miscellanious paint supplies he had before his death as well as all of her own supplies, and set out for Stormhold Castle in Syliras. She was unsure of anywhere else to go. Elhaym Edina Vormav died that night. Pain was born.

She survived in Stormhold for a while on the money she had saved during her adolescense, but she became keenly aware that she would need a job or a trade in order to survive without her families money. She sold her drawings on occasion, but for little to nothing. As an artist, she felt she had much to learn, but refused to give up on art. It had been her brother's dream to live his life quietly and paint, and she felt she should honor that dream that had been taken from him. The cold reality of the situation however, was that art would not feed her at this point. Her physical capabilities were noticed by a pub owner who watched her dismantle a bar bully who slapped her sketchpad off her table with a jarring kick to his throat. She was allowed to live in a small storage room in the back of the pub, and paid her way by spending her time shifting throughout the pub, sketching customers and appearing out of nowhere to try and dismantle conflicts before they turned into bar brawls. Though this didn't happen terribly often due to the Knights within Syliras, the pub wasn't a populer spot, and thus wasn't frequented by Knights as the more upscale taverns such as the Rearing Stallion were. The Knight's were more than happy to haul away a slightly battered and disabled drunk so long as things didn't get out of hand. She worked this gig several years, until one patron who had apparently heard about the pub's tiny female bouncer with a funny name showed up. Without preamble, her proceeded to beat Pain to near death, and left the bar unchallenged. Four monthes later, fully healed and gritting her teeth, she had found her mark. He sat with his back to her, greedily slurping down some sort of stew with several empty mugs of ale nearby. The cracking sound of a wooden chair being smashed against the wall apparently wasn't enough to lure the man out of his stooper, but a ruthless blow to the back of his head with the detached chair leg caught his attention. Pain left several minutes later, leaving her assailent in a state that made his attack on her look like a child's game.

Pain was disgusted by her actions. Not the beating of that man, that didn't bother her. He deserved every bit of that. It was how she had done it. She became sickly aware that she had decided on, pursued, located, and neutralized her mark with efficiency. Much like a Bounty Hunter. She had acted just as she thought her father would have. Despite, it had felt good. She felt she had been rather good at it, though it had taken several weeks to figure out the man's patterns and habits, and numerous times she had almost been detected, and she knew what the end result of that would have been. For a woman her age and size, she was definately in good physical condition and strong, but she could not match a man of that sheer size and bulk in an even fight.

With Pain's vengeance quelled, the more important matter of escaping the Knight's attention that would inevitably fall on her from her assault became paramount. She signed on with the first caravan she found leaving the city destined for Zeltiva, washing clothes and doing odd jobs in return for meager meals and a bedroll to sleep in. She stuck with the caravan all the way to Zeltiva and back, once again returning to Syliras to live in peace.

Post Creation :
Upon Pain's returned to Syliras, she was met by a familiar man by the name of Gaar. This was the man who had beaten her, and she had beaten in exchange. A game of cat and mouse throughout the city ensued, and before Pain could settle back into what was supposed to be a much more comfortable and calm Syliras, she found herself standing atop the dead bodies of Gaar and his two associates in the wilderness beyond Syliras. She had not acted alone, but rather enlisted the aid of one Xelin Sylaaf. After bidding farewell to Xelin, Pain continues living her life as normal in Syliras. After a few months she once again grows discontent with the way her life seemed to be going, having fought on numerous occasion and injured both herself and others severely. It was not until the reappearance of her father that Pain finally found purpose in her life once more.

With the identity of her brother's killer revealed to her, Pain quickly accepted her father back into her life and accepted his wish for her to continue his hunt for the murderer of his son, her brother. The woman was called Crow, an alias much like the one Pain used for herself. It was known to her father that she had hailed from Lhavit, and he believed Pain should travel there to find information regarding her. Only a few short days later, opportunity came in the form of passage across the Suvan Sea aboard a ship originating from Alvadas. Pain boarded the odd ship, and once onboard found herself caught in a power struggle between two out of control illusionary forces. Pain aided in subduing and ending the struggle, with the help of the other travelers aboard the ship. Clearly once setting foot in Alvadas Pain couldn't leave quick enough, though the clever scholars of the city managed to keep her within the illusionary confine to gain her aid in one last task. Soon after, Pain had seen her fill of illusion, and found herself traveling with a trade caravan to Lhavit that was escorted by strange monks.

Once in the city of Lhavit, Pain set to her investigation. Within a bell of her arrival, she was escorted to the Shinyama Pavillion and greeted face to face with the Shinya's leadership. After a brief discussion in which Pain provided them all the information she had on Crow, she was told though that she had every right to claim the woman's life, they would be the ones who found her and administered their justice. It seemed Crow was no friend of the Shinya, either. However, Pain was given an option... she could join the Shinya, and attempt to train and learn their way in order to have the right to fulfill her own personal mission. Pain accepted the offer without hesitation.

It was through her mentor within the Shinya that Pain discovered her lineage was born in Lhavit. Her ancestor was Sooyun Furuma, a Shinya who had attained the rank of Sanim and traveled to Syliras as an emissary. Upon her death on foreign soil, her bloodline had been trapped within the city and relinquished by the Shinya. It was only upon Pain's return did Sooyun's heir step foot in Lhavit. With this information in hand, Pain's determination to become a true Shinya intensified. As the days turned into months, it was not only the thought of killing Oyama Tye, otherwise known as Crow, that kept her going. It was for a blossoming love of Lhavit, a true need to improve herself, and the budding love between her mentor, Kota Hamado and herself.

Time passed, and Elhaym's bond between her mentor grew. Her training was going well, but more slowly than she had hoped. Her recklessness and rough nature were subdued to an extent but still plagued her superiors. More so, Elhaym's own resolve began to waver. She was an Acolyte only, but it did not take long for her to begin demanding information on her brother's killer. She received none, only the repeated sentiment that she would have the information when she earned it as a Shinya. Her intensity for her training began to diminish and her mood grew constantly bitter. The Shinya saw it as dangerous, and more and more began to disapprove of her relationship with her sponsor. Eventually Elhaym was given an 'opportunity' to experience the life as a Shinya she so desired. She was made to join a unit of Shinya who would be sent out into the wilds of Kalea with several different tasks. More importantly, it separated her from Kota Hamado.

Two full seasons later, Elhaym returned to a changed Lhavit. She was battered and bloodied, but she had survived. She found herself in a Lhavit different than when she left, but for the most part it was for the better. Only one thing was truly missing; her love. Kota had been dismissed from the Shinya and forced to leave Lhavit. Likely she would never see him again, and Elhaym retreated into her studies as an Acolyte as a way to cover her grief. The cover only lasted so long, and soon her masters saw a woman who had not been tamed by her absence, but made more feral. She was respectful but bitter, harsh to her peers and dismissive of her critiques. Elhaym had grown weary of the Shinya and their continued reluctance to provide her with the information she had joined for… and suddenly the prospect of packing her few belongings and disappearing from the diamond of Kalea did not seem so impossible. She has nothing left there to love. Yet she remains for now, burying her frustration with talk of duty. Only she is aware of how empty her words are.


a d v e n t u r e | e n c o u n t e r s | t r a g e d y | l i f e

510 AV :
s u m m e r

63rd Day of Summer, 510 AV - [Syliras Location] The Main Gates (NPC)
77th Day of Summer, 510 AV - Haste Makes Waste (Awarded)
77th Day of Summer, 510 AV - [Rearing Stallion] You called me a what!? (Awarded)
Late Summer, 510 AV - I think I will love you forever (Complete)
Late Summer, 510 AV - [The Spinning Coin] Awaiting a Challenge (Awarded)
Late Summer, 510 AV - Stomach's empty... wallet's empty... need a job! (NPC)

f a l l

1st Day of Fall, 510 AV - Searching for knowledge in the art of... flexing? What? (NPC)
1st Day of Fall, 510 AV - I know "a man's home is his castle", but this is ridiculous. (NPC)
8th Day of Fall, 510 AV - A Different Path... (Complete, awaiting awarding)
11th Day of Fall, 510 AV - Suffocation (Dead)
12th Day of Fall, 510 - Why did I get a job here again? (Awarded}
15th Day of Fall, 510 AV - Life is a Promise, Fulfill It (Awarded)
20th Day of Fall, 510 AV - Art is Hard (Awarded)
25th Day of Fall, 510 AV - Crush These Killing Hands - (Awarded)
43rd Day of Fall, 510 AV - By the Shore (Awarded)
60th - 69th Day of Fall, 510 - Fate Leads the Willing - (Awarded)
70th Day of Fall, 510 AV - [Alvadas Quest, Part I] Reflecting the Illusion of Water (In progress)

w i n t e r

25th Day of Winter, 510 AV - A Lesson in Pain - (Awarded)
30th Day of Winter, 510 AV - [Alvadas Quest, Part II] Hidden Beneath the Green (Abandoned)
60th Day of Winter, 510 AV - The girl who cried Crow (Awarded)
The Eighty-First Day (61st Day of Winter, 510 AV)
Chapter 1: Perception (Awarded)
Chapter 2: Weakness (Awarded)
Chapter 3: Clash and a Promise (Awarded)
Chapter 4: Suffer (Awarded)
Epilogue: Birthright (The Tragedy of Sooyun Furuma) - (Awarded)
68th Day of Winter, 510 AV - My dog won't bite, but I will (Awarded)

511 AV :
s p r i n g

3rd Day of Spring, 511 AV - Why is this so hard? (Awarded)
12th Day of Spring, 511 AV - A Crack in the City (In progress)
35th Day of Spring, 511 AV - Following in her footsteps (In progress)
36th Day of Spring, 511 AV - Only You - (Awarded)
41st Day of Spring, 511 AV - The sky was bruised... and so was I - (Awarded)
45th Day of Spring - Weaving an Encounter - (In Progress)
50th Day of Spring, 510 AV - The Star Festival - (In progress)
65th Day of Spring, 511 AV - I never even knew your name - (Awarded)
67th Day of Spring, 511 AV - It's about control - Awarded)

s u m m e r

3rd Day of Summer, 511 AV - Well, if you insist… - (Awarded)

Flashbacks :
13th Day of Spring, 509 AV - Rehabilitation (Prelude) (Awarded)
18th - 27th Day of Spring, 509 AV - I am my father's daughter, after all (Act I) (Awarded)
30th - 38th Day of Spring, 509 AV - I am my father's daughter, after all (Act II) (Awarded)

i | w i l l | n e v e r | b e
a n y t h i n g | b u t | w h a t
i | w a s | b o r n | t o | b e


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