Ethan Plot Notes

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Ethan Plot Notes

Postby Ethan on April 28th, 2012, 7:47 am

[Spring, 512, A.V.]

30th- Ethan and Tiki have a heart to heart talk aboard the ship taking them to Nyka. The young and wild Kelvic questions Ethan about what it means to be a kelvic and what makes them so different from humans.

[Summer, 512, A.V.]

10th- The young Kelvic goes out to hunt for some bones. eager to get away from the tabel Kendall and Hadrian set every night.

46th- Hadrian and Ethan are at the docks looking out upon the strange pillars of white and black stone. Jutting out hideously from the bay. They talk of many things and eventually stumble on the topic of a Kelvic Hadrian thinks Ethan should meet.

Ethan comes home to find, yet another Kelvic hadrian had taken an intrest to. Unlike the others, Ethan gives Zerren a shot and tries his best to enjoy himself.

The first assignment of Ethan's new position amongst the Wave Guard. A citizen army, more or less volunteer guards of the city. With little equipment and less organization. Despite this it was appealing to the Kelvic. His abilities at flight and long range sight made him perfect for scouting the coastal and mountain regions surrounding Zelvita. Also it symbolized his perminent status as a citizen. Hadrian had decided to stay in Zelvita. Take a job at the university. Ethan thought he might as well do the same.

His job is to head to Mihril Pass and join a couple of his comrades to watch for travelers. Search any that came and turn back any undesirables.

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70th - 80th
Going away thread for Hadrian's big quest in Sunberth.

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