Few Questions

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Few Questions

Postby Euthisa on May 19th, 2012, 2:45 am

Hi. I just joined today and I'm really excited for making my character. I have a few questions before I do my character sheet and get started though.

1) I'm going to make my character an Inarta. How does the pet bird thing work for them?

2) It said that piercings are common for Inarta, but what about tattoos? The model I want to use has several and I wanted to be clear on that before I went ahead with her.

3) How does the Nari language work if I'm to roleplay her speaking?

4) I'm still trying to get a grip on the caste system as well. Can anyone explain this is dumbed down terms for me?

I have read the starting guide thread, the rules, and the threads on character sheets and what information is supposed to be in them.

If someone can answer these questions for me, I'll be very grateful and get started on my character sheet. Thank you :D
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Few Questions

Postby Phoenix on May 19th, 2012, 4:13 am


Hey, Euthisa!

I'm excited that you are picking Inarta! They are a fabulous race!

I'm the DS of Wind Reach so I think I can help you out with your questions. So, lets go in order.

1. I think you're talking about the Wind Eagles. Basically, they are giant birds of prey that have been set to protect the city and, along with their Endal riders, provide for the city. You can also read more about them in the Inarta lore, under the "Endal" section.

If you are thinking about having Euthisa be of the Endal caste, you have two options
A) You can start as an Endal. This means you have to send me a private message with the description of your eagle (Personality and physical appearance) as well as a bond story (how and why did Euthisa's wind eagle choose her?)
or B) You may start as another caste (avora or chiet) and do a moderated thread with me where we play out the situation where an Eagle chooses your PC.

When you have an Eagle, you are essentially allowed to NPC them from that point forward in your threads, putting you in control of their actions and their voice, much like an extension of your own PC.

2. Tattoo's aren't common, but they aren't unheard of. If your model has tattoos, that's perfectly fine.

3. When you're inside Wind Reach, it is assumed that you are speaking Nari. We don't have too many specific words in the language, because it isn't that developed to that point. I plan on making a list eventually of common words that players can use, but that's not up yet.

The point of the different cities having different languages is that say, if someone from Ravok came to Wind Reach, there would be difficult communication unless the PC's knew each others languages, or Common. It's mostly for consistency's sake.

4. The Castes are hard to take in, but pretty easy. Think of it as a chain of command. Wind Reach is all about providing for the city and it's people. Inartans are used to hardships and if you don't pull your weight, you don't eat. You don't work, you don't eat.

Dek are the lowest of the low. They are stupid, disfigured, and otherwise unable to provide for the population. They are stuck doing cleaning jobs and grunt work that the rest of the population doesnt have time for. They're one step above slaves and can be bossed around and mistreated by any of the other Castes.

Yasi are the children. They have chores that they are sent to do- called Bendi- that helps shape the children for the amount of work that they're going to have to do as adults. How well the Yasi preform their Bendi tasks also helps those in charge decide what Caste they are going to be placed int.

Chiet are the commoners. They are the people who have jobs, but those jobs aren't integral to societies survival- that includes librarians, teachers, etc.

Avora are the artisans. They are the hunters, the glassworkers, the stone masons, the cooks. They provide for the city- materials and food.

Endal are the top of the top. They run the city, enforce Wind Reaches rules and regulations. They bring in the most food, go on hunting trips, protect the city from many different kind of dangers and are just pretty much the corner stones of the society.

I hope this helps! If anything I have said still leaves you with any amount of confusion, Send me a private message. I can't promise that I'll remember to check this thread again for a reply, and it's important that your questions are answered!

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