OOC Info [Wind Reach] Joining The Ranks!

Regard within the OOC information detailing Endal Flights, Flightleaders, and how to make one of your own!

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

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[Wind Reach] Joining The Ranks!

Postby Phoenix on May 1st, 2013, 1:02 am



With the new expansion of the Endal Caste, the Players now have much more information to work with. Not only that, but there are also new features that will allow you to customize your Endal even further!

Flightleaders and Wingleaders are now attainable by a PC. To become a Wingleader, one must have already completed the Flightleader training. This information can be found in the Flightleader Academy thread. Once a PC has completed the necessary requirements, they can start on those essential to become a Wingleader. Currently, this training program is still under development.

In addition to Flight/Wingleader, players can now join or create their own Flights! There are sample NPC flights found in the Wiki, here. To join an NPC Flight, all one has to do is post below which Flight you would like to join! It’s as simple as that.

To create your own Flight, it’s a bit more complicated. First, if your PC hasn’t undergone Flightleader training, then they can’t lead your created flight. In that case, you must either request an NPC be written up for your Flight, or you can write one up yourself. Remember, the Flight takes the Flightleaders name. Next, you would decide if your Flight would have a distinction. Upon completion of these two steps, you would post your information below so that your AS or DS can add it to the list.

Please note in your post whether or not you would be in favor of other Endal PC’s joining your flight or not. Feel free to advertise for your Flight as well! If you decide you want to fill up your flight with NPCs, then simply ask Phoenix for permission before doing so.

When we have enough interest, Wings will be formed. Stay tuned for that.

Endal Schedules is another new feature brought up in the latest Endal edit. Many ideas were tossed around, but it was decided that scheduling would be left up to the Players. The only information that is concrete is that Endal alternate between hunting and patrolling every ten days. All other duties are to be handled as they come, or as you, the PC, desires.

Schedules are encouraged for those Players whose Flight consists of multiple PC’s. Not only does this add another dynamic to your role-play, it could offer a lot of new opportunities for job threads and character development.


Flight Harkoi
Flightleader: Harkoi (Nanas)
Flight Distinction: Swift Falcons
  1. Elori (Sosif)
  2. Sedele (Ktyas)
  3. Ivesi (Ilaro)
  4. Lyred (Teros)
*This is a sample Flight. Harkoi can be found here in the NPC library.

*Here is the first thread in which Harkoi and part of his flight is used. Posted for an example of descriptions of the NPCs eagles etc.

Flight Jamar
Flightleader: Jamar (Lillen)
Flight Distinction: Wild Harriers
  1. Suya (Hero)
  2. Mark (Lady)
*This Flight and Flightleader are open to PCs, meaning you can join and/or take it over as your own. All NPC's listed including the Flightleader have not been written up and it becomes the responsibility of the PC to do so if they adopt this Flight.

Flight Yanna
Flightleader: Yanna (Kor)
Flight Distinction: War Hawks
  1. Thomos (Lars)
  2. Zed (Zovah)
*This Flight and Flightleader are open to PCs, meaning you can join and/or take it over as your own. All NPC's listed including the Flightleader have not been written up and it becomes the responsibility of the PC to do so if they adopt this Flight.

Flight Narth
PC Creator: Aidara (Sira)
Flightleader: Narth
Flight Distinction: White Owls
  1. Aidara (Sira)
  2. Sira (Aidara)
Anyone is welcome to join our flight! PM Aidara or Sira to join!

Flight Two
PC Creator:
Flight Distinction:

Flight Three
PC Creator:
Flight Distinction:

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[Wind Reach] Joining The Ranks!

Postby Zed on May 15th, 2013, 11:23 am

Zed Corantine here, and I'd like to join Flight Yanna. :)

NPC Name Significance in the Reach Skills & Gnosis Personality Moderater Required Y/N
Yanna (Kor) Flightleader, Warhawks Riding (Wind Eagle) 51, Tracking 51, Weapon (Gladius) 55, Leadership 32, Brawling 26 Strength is the only thing Yanna admires. Not your fancy title of Endal, your velvet sheets or your silk dress. She accepts only strength, and those without it will not be made to feel welcome. As a War Hawk, she has spent her days training and battling, with her body bruised and her enemies bathing in blood. She is ruthless, and focuses only on the mission. Those who aren't strong enough or able enough to keep up will be left behind, and you'd be arrogant to think she'd feel a tinge of guilt. No
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[Wind Reach] Joining The Ranks!

Postby Aidara on May 18th, 2013, 11:58 pm

I want to create my own flight with Sira! Here is the Flightleader for a White Owl Flight:

NPC Name Significance Skills Personality Moderator Required Y/N
Narth (Joyt) Flightleader, White Owl Medicine 56, Persuasion 37, Riding (Wind Eagle) 64, Diplomacy 50, Leadership 25 Narth is a very calm and easy going guy who prefers to talk out a problem rather than simply solve it with fists. More apt to rush to a strangers aid than most Endal, Narth dabbles in healing on the side as well as relations with outside races. Normally given flack for this by other, tougher Endal, Narth has found his calling with the White Owls and continues to do good with them and his Flight-mates.
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[Wind Reach] Joining The Ranks!

Postby Turrin on March 22nd, 2015, 12:56 am

PC Creator: Turrin (Aponivi)
Flight Leader: Naime (Valcor)
Flight Distinction: War Hawks


1. Turrin (Aponivi)

If you are interested in joining my flight, please PM Turrin.

Flight Leader

Name: Naime (Valcora)
Age: 24

1. Riding (Wind Eagle): 45
2. Weapon (Talon Sword): 40
3. Weapon (Short Bow): 53
4. Leadership: 26
5. Hunting: 26
6. Tactics: 30

Character Concept: Naime was a ambitious young woman at a early age. When she was yasi, she had very little friends because she spent most of her time training to be a endal. When she was bonded by a stoic wind eagle named Valcora at the age of sixteen, the young woman quickly embraced the ideals of her caste. At age eighteen, she choose another endal named Vasar as he life mate, and they together created two baby boys. However, life is harsh in Wind Reach, and her small family was killed in the Djed Storm of 512AV. The grieving period was tough for her, and she often spent many nights in the Inclement Weather or the Lost Sense. Eventually, she enrolled herself in the Flight Leader Academy. A year later, she was awarded the status as Flight Leader by the Valintar, and today she is eagerly looking for other Endals to join the ranks of the War Hawks and her flight.

Personality: Naime has endured a lot in her young life, so this young endal kind of as a carefree personality when it comes to life and her leisure time. Naime enjoys the hedonistic lifestyle of her caste, and she loves to playfully torment the lower castes on her spare time. Naime is a boisterous young woman with little filter on her opinions of people or situations. If she doesn't like a person this woman won't hesitant to tell you. Also, she demands respect from her subordinates, and she will quickly put anyone in their place if they disrespect her. However, this vulgar woman has a soft side to people in her Flight. She treats her Flight like her own family, so she would quickly put herself in harms way for them.

Moderator Required: No
Myrian, Common, Nari , Aponivi, Turrin

Thank you Nyxie Nadira Draer for the posting template.
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