Sira Reunxaunde

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Sira Reunxaunde

Postby Nafita on July 10th, 2012, 3:57 am

Lady Sira; a woman of honor


Sira Reunxaunde

|Physical Information|

|Age/Birth date|
At the age of 18 in 512 AV, born in 494 AV on the 90th day of winter.

|Physical Description|

Sira has the appearance of a human from some of the southern areas; golden skin, vivid green eyes and a warm cheeky grin on her face. Her wardrobe consists of tight fitting clothes; a white blouse, leather riding breeches and black leather boots with fur lining the inside for warmth. She has a medium bage short-rim fedora and black leather gloves as well as a thick moose hide cloak. She refuses to wear the thick, bulky clothng that would make her less appealing so instead stays huddled up in tight fitting clothes and thick cloaks.

|Character Concept|

Sira is like a well-oiled machine ridden by a seven year old. She has much potential to do great things, and has a wide varety of knowledge and unique traits, but the thing is she doesn quite know how to use them. She can display cunning remarks, but seconds later resort back to her ditzy, curious self and let it blow over. She has been mislead multiple times, so underneath her block of stupidity she has a strong sense of clarity and intituion where she makes a desicion to assume the person is trusting, or slippery.
When she was a child, she would listen to her grandfather reading aesops fables. A very used moral was "Slow and Steady wins the race". In her mind, it meant to take time to understand and listen grants eternal peace and happiness, whereas when you rush and rush to conclusion, you'll always be at a loss.
She has a addiction to black tea, that started when she was old enough to hold a tea cup. She also likes art and music and literature (ex. Always carries a book in a pouch, just in case.)
She dislikes the heat, or rather hates it. She prefers the cold north, even though she has adapted to the heat better. She also hates spiders, most bugs and sometimes other women.

|Pre-Creation History|
Sira was actually born in the large, bustling city of Sylirias, living in a cramped apartment with her grandparents and parents in-laws. The family was running low on funds, and eventually started to become bankrupt because of the taxes. It turned out the family had a aunt down in Avanthal, which was a huge oppurtunity for the family.

So hands in the air, they traveled further up north to expirience the cold frigid, but cheap Avanthal. Sira was also a girl of silence; she was taught to speak when said to speak, to stand when told to stand and to listen to anyone "higher" than her. Raised in this type of living, at a older age she began to rebel. Alas, it only resulted in harder spankings.

Finally when she was old enough she moved out, and began her own life, and it begins here.

|Post-Creation History|
Nothing as of yet.

Medicine10/100(10 pts. from starting package)
Herbalism10/100(10 pts. from starting package)
Riding20/100(20 pts. from starting package)
Diviniation5/100(5 pts. from sarting package)

[list=]1 Set of Clothing; A thick cloak, a pair of leather boots and gloves.
1 Waterskin;Leather container with iron lining on the inside.
1 Backpack which contains:
1 Set of Toiletries;1 vinyl comb, 1 hog bristle brush and one hog fat square of soap.
Food for a week; bread, bread more bread and some veggies.
1 eating knife
Flint & Steel[/list]
|Family Heirloom|
A thick dictionary on a few languages in the world of Mizahar.
100 gold mizas
A fold-up white and blue tent with several patches in various shades of grey. It comes with firewood stuffed inbetween the folds and a little blanket and mat.
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Lady Sira, a woman of honor.
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