Quest Dead Like Me

In which a Ghost and a Nuit Find Common Ground.

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Dead Like Me

Postby Arcane on February 13th, 2013, 1:01 pm

Gravis and Thomas stared at Noaru incredulously, as the ghost croaked out a final word before sinking into the ground, disappearing from view. The flustered merchant stared at the spiritist helplessly, and the man shrugged, instead his eyes furtively glancing around as he reached his hands back into his pocket for his anti-supernatural hand crossbow.

As Noaru sunk into the ground, he would soon find himself within the foundations of the house. Interestingly, the lower he sank, the more... alive he began to feel. It was as if being up there in the "open" (since the house was battered enough to have huge holes in the roof) the force pulling him apart was stronger, but down here it was a much muted affair. Yet, the damage had been done. Being underground merely stopped the dissipative force and allowed him some respite.

As the ghost continued sinking, he would begin to feel a sense of "omniscience". Usually one's awareness was centered around one's physical entity, even for ghosts, but this time his senses was stretched. It was as if the dissipative force pulling at him, turning him inside out, was not really consuming him but actually distributing bits of him throughout the building instead. It was like being spread out throughout the area.

Noaru sank through the wooden foundations of the building going ever deeper down, and he passed by a set of stairs as space opened up.


"I'm sorry, m'lady, but the lord-"


"Let go of me, Anglon. You too Moran don't you dare to lay a single finger-"


"Orders are orders, m'lady. Lord Vintean's words are law. We will keep you safe."


"I do NOT want to go near THAT-"


"Close your eyes, m'lady. We'll lead the way."

Firm resolve.




Noaru would stop sinking, frozen at that spot at this flight of stairs that led to what ostensibly was a cellar door as that memory struck him. Yet, his partial omniscience of being 'spread out' around the building would also tell him that a few more feet back and there was another parallel set of stairs leading down to yet another cellar. It felt like he was there as well, but not there. It was like being in two places at once, or multiple. Noaru would need to keep himself together, both literally and figuratively, if he hoped to emerge in one piece (pun fully intended).

(at that parallel set of stairs)


"Lukis, Pher, we must hurry. This cellar cannot hold our stash against the storm, we must move it over as fast as we can to Laraine's cellar."


"Yes, m'lord."

"Lukis open the door."

The stash cannot be moved earlier because of its... delicacy. It should not be moved unless necessary. But it seems that the worst expectation has really come to fruition. I must do it.


"Let us enter. Pher, you stay outside and keep the door open. Time is of the essence."



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Dead Like Me

Postby Noaru on February 16th, 2013, 6:35 am

“ The presence is gone but again I'm bombarded with these oddities! The life within. I feel as if I'm being reborn into new form.... a greater life.’’

Noaru couldn't understand what was going on with him; power, light, clarity of mind! All these things were coursing through his spiritual form but he couldn't understand why. He was moments ago feeling despair creep upon him like the steady hands of a murderer, traveling through the darkness to strangle his victim. Noaru tried to compose himself, he knew something unnatural was going on with him; he could not only feel himself anymore but all that was apart of the house! The new self that was currently him did not feel right--he still felt imperfect, he still felt that his goals were not going to be accomplished easily despite the new sensations influence.

“ Anglon...Moran?’’

Another vision took over before Noaru could speak his thoughts: a situation similar to the last vision but it seemed more desperate, more struggle was present. Noaru.... the names of strange people he did not know and the ''Lord Of Council'' constantly appeared, was this persons influence this powerful? Noaru closed his eyes, he didn't want to see anymore, he just wanted answers... not more puzzles to solve.

“ There is no clearer answer... No perfect solution!’’

When Noaru opened his eyes, he could see two doors before him after all that had gone on with him; he would need to focus, bring himself together and solve this thing... if he wanted to put whatever lingered here to rest. The spirit focused and tried to bring his focus back to himself, he needed to be complete in this task, he could see the second door at that parallel set of stairs where his self remained--staring just like he was now. Noaru brought that piece of self and others together, his fragments had to be together... make himself whole.

“I placed to much time within us all to be forced into this kind of situation and then fail.’’

When he felt whole, Noaru pushed on the first door that was in his path! The soulmist making up his ghostly form reacted to his will, glowing in response to his strength; though, he did not need to touch the door, it was a habit of his to do so much like when he was younger spirit. The object at hand couldn't be lifted but only pushed, it was for him to do so completely in order learn how to push and this was a good moment to know how. A few minutes passed and Noaru placed his right hand onto his face, turned the door nob and then opened the door open, he did not step further though.
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Dead Like Me

Postby Taylani on November 21st, 2013, 5:14 pm

XP Award!


XP Award:
  • +3 Soulmist Projection
  • +4 materialization

  • Anselm: Curiosity of
  • The glee of scaring an old man
  • Possible chance of seeing another kind of ghost
  • Stillness in the air of the mansion
  • The dislike of Spiritualist

Notes: These are comments.


XP Award:
  • +3 auristics
  • +4 socialization
  • +1 spiritualism
  • +1 interrogation

  • The trials of changing bodies
  • Past run ins with a ghost
  • Mysterious happenings at client’s property
  • Lajammies: Not well liked

Comments :
Definitely an interesting read. Please pm me if you have any concerns about your grade. Don’t forget to delete/edit your grade request..

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