Nadi's Post Layouts

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Nadi's Post Layouts

Postby Nadiya Whitevine on October 16th, 2012, 3:27 am

Nadiya Whitevine
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Like most of her people that she live with, Nadiya is a kind and very nice person you'll ever meet. At the same time, she is the strangest Vantha you'll also meet too. Unlike her kind, she isn't all welcoming to new people or strangers. In fact, she actually get's a little paranoid of them and wary. She trust's people she grew up around, yet when it came to strangers or visitor's that came to her city, she soon became very distant, and get away as quickly as possible. Although she is like that, she is still a people person to some degree. But she is the most soft spoken person among her family and Hold. Most healer's of Whitevine don't speak up much of course, cause of their timid personalities. Nadi on the other hand, is very bold and will speak her mind when it comes to that. She also believes in moving around in something easy, so she tends to wear male clothing, more then female. She is stubborn, loyal, and a healer of Whitevine that will actually break her pacifistic side, just to protect someone she cares for. Even going as far, to give her life to the one she loved. If that ever happened. For some reason, people believe Nadi to be the type of person that doesn't like to have a relationship. In truth, she just rather learn and study more in the ways of helping others and herbalism is all.

The Wandering Healer

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[framepic=][center][size=200][u][webfont=LMS Celtic Wedding][color=White]Nadiya Whitevine[/color][/webfont][/u][/size][/center][frame=black][indent][font=papyrus][size=135][shadow2=white,0,0,3][color=#000080][b]Timestamp[/b][/color];; [color=white]Text[/color][/shadow2][/size][/font][/indent]
[size=145][webfont=Lilith]Testing Testing Testing Testing[/webfont][/size][/frame]
[center][size=190][webfont=Lotharus][color=#BFFFFF][shadow2=white,0,0,3]The Wandering Healer[/shadow2][/color][/webfont][/size][/center][/framepic]
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