Location Arishke the Brew Merchant

A beer & Mirage merchant in the Pillars of Dust.

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A half-collapsed city of alabaster and gold fiercely governed by Eypharians. Even partially ruined, it is the crown of the desert and a worthy testament to old glories and rising powers.

Arishke the Brew Merchant

Postby Scarab on December 8th, 2012, 2:24 am

Arishke the Brew Merchant


As Syna's light begins to fade in order to make way for Leth, an Eypharian merchant arrives at the Pillars of Dust. He brings with him two workers - sometimes three, depending on his expectations for the evening - and several barrels filled to the brim with beer. These barrels each have two large wheels fastened to the sides, along with handles for transportation by foot. Two keg taps are located in the upper third of the driver's side on each barrel.

The merchant, Arishke, sets up shop anywhere he can find the appropriate amount of space, but has a tendency to commandeer the area in front of a pock-marked pillar inscribed with prayers to Dira. Sitting upon each barrel is a motley stack of cheap beer mugs - essentially, whatever Arishke is able to find to bring with him for the day. Rather than being flat on the bottom, these mugs get progressively narrower so that they can be stuck into the sand with ease when not being held. In following with a common Ahnatep practice, customers sometimes bring personal drinking straws with them to use in their beer mugs. Arishke tries to encourage customers to return their mugs when finished, but it's easy to lose track of them when caught up in serving other customers or guarding the makeshift booth from more ill-intentioned thieves. In an effort to avoid this problem, he has begun offering to fill up the personal waterskins of customers with beer.

Image The beer itself tastes mediocre at best, but it is, at least, cheap and easy to obtain. One does not have to worry about the hassle and danger to be incurred at the nearby tavern, and Arishke does not discriminate. If you're buying, he's selling.

Arishke also deals in Mirage. Mirage is a highly addictive opiate with terrible withdrawal symptoms. The possibility of death by overdose is very real. Arishke knows all of this, and does not partake in the drug himself. He prefers to keep his dealings in Mirage quiet, as he desires to be known first and foremost for his beer business. He will never admit to being a part-time Dusker unless he knows the inquiring individual's identity. One's best chance at purchasing Mirage from Arishke is to be introduced to to him by one of his Dusk Eater customers, or to be prepared to spend a number of bells convincing him to admit his associations.

Services & Employment
Beer - 4 CM per Mug; 1 SM per Waterskin
Mirage - 7 GM-10 GM per Pea-sized Ball
  • Notes: Balls are then heated & smoked
  • Poor quality Mirage
  • Highly addictive

Arishke usually likes to have two to three workers in his employ every night to guard his supply of beer and serve customers. He is always keeping an eye out for capable, trustworthy employees, since trust is a hard thing to come by in the Pillars of Dust. Some skill in a weapon, unarmed combat, or brawling is desirable.

NPC Info :
ImageName: Arishke
Title: Brew Merchant
Race: Eypharian
Year of Birth: 470 AV
Place of Birth: Ahnatep
Skills: Weapon (Khopesh) - 64
Dual Wield (Khopesh) - 60
Observation - 53
Persuasion - 48
Intimidation - 37

"Don't touch my kegs."

Arishke was born a four-armed Commoner in Ahnatep, and has been unable to shake the title and implications that come with it. He no longer aspires to the ranks of the Gilded as he once did, and does not have much in the way of ambition besides getting through the daily routine of running his business and supporting his daughter. He loves his daughter above all else in the world, and would do anything for her.

Arishke is a man of few words, except when it comes to his business. There, he will spin tales of the nearly mystical quality of his beer and the joys it will give its drinker. He understands the importance of attracting regular customers, even if they are of a questionable quality, and works hard to maintain his reputation (for whatever it's worth). He has a keen eye and a quick hand when it comes to a fight.

In past years, Arishke was employed as a guard for the House of the West Winds. Arishke later used his connections to create a contract with the House that allowed him to sell a small percentage of their beer and Mirage supply in a small tavern. Over time, however, he fell out of favour and began to be given the cheaper quality, second-rate beer to sell. No longer able to compete in the middle-class market, he has moved to the Pillars of Dust with the hope of making his living there.

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