Ethaefal Question? Kind of confused.

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Ethaefal Question? Kind of confused.

Postby Cephei on January 4th, 2013, 9:12 am

When their patron deity relinquishes dominance of the sky for the other, the beauty of the Ethaefal diminishes. They revert to how they appeared in the last mortal life that aligned with their Ethaefalen gender. If a female Ethaefal was a male Human in her latest life but a female Jamoura in the life before, she will revert to Jamoura. This is because the Ethaefalen gender is the one chosen by their deity, and therefore the one that suits divine purposes best. The will of the deity continues to reign even when Leth or Syna are not in their time of prominence.

Okay the above is something that confuses me slightly. I think I understand this but then again I could be wrong, so reassure me here.

Let's say my character was a male human before she became a Ethaefal. But before she was a male human she was a female human. Does this mean she reverts back to a female human?

I am not meaning to make this more complex then it is..But It sounds like I may be doing so..Okay now I have one more question..

Since technically the Ethaefal is two races does that mean they have two Racial Bonuses? Or just the Ethaefal RB?

Sorry about all the questions but it is almost 4am here and I am tired, so things tend to confuse me easily, haha.
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Ethaefal Question? Kind of confused.

Postby Amelia Cross on January 4th, 2013, 10:11 pm

Hey there, I'll try to help you out here :)

Your gender will always be the same as your Eth form. Even if your past 5 lives you have been a male, if your Eth form is a female the earthbound form will be your 6st past life which was a female. So yes, in your mentioned example that would mean she will be the Female human.

I do believe that through a special request and a good argument, you can break this by claiming that your PC's all past lives have been, for example a Konti, but the god chose you to be a Male. However that most definitely will need HD approval and I'm not even sure if that would work, just brainstorming on that

You are not 2 races, you are an Ethaefal, therefor you have only their Racial bonus that consists of +10 [astronomy, astrology or leadership] and it does not matter what is your form, you are an Ethaefal. This also means that you do not have a gnosis from your past life, even if your past life 120% had a gnosis, like a mature Myrian for example.

*not sure how it affects racial skills like a Kelvic or Dhani shifting.

Like, you can't have the best of bout words :)

~Hope this helped
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