[PC plotnotes] Amelia Cross

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[PC plotnotes] Amelia Cross

Postby Amelia Cross on January 4th, 2013, 9:17 pm


[?]- not sure/need to investigate

Musical instrument[?]
Weapon: dagger
Fortune Telling


  • gain knowledge about Leth
  • Meet Leath
  • Develop a crush on someone
  • See Rhaus a few more times
  • Gain more marks from Rhaus
  • Fluent Kontinese
  • Learn the Ancient tongue
  • Visit Syliras
  • Spend a day with a Sylirian Knight
  • Become a citizen of Ravok
  • Turn to Rhysol as one of her gods
  • Possibly join the Black sun [?]
  • Go back to Zeltiva
  • Visit Mura[?]
  • Become a teacher
  • Kelvic bond
  • Have a close friend
  • Own a house in Ravok

Goals for Flashbacks

  • Flesh out relationship with father
  • Have a speech about Rhysol and his greatness form her Father
  • Flesh out relationship with mother
  • Have a speech where her mother puts down her father and the Black sun
  • Hear a story about her parents relationship
  • Find out why she ‘Doesn’t love’

Misc. Goals

  • Get jealous of someone
  • Go to a big ball
  • Perform with someone
  • Have an affair
  • be in a love triangle
  • Teach something to someone
  • Gamble
  • Be openly racist
  • One night stand
  • Break someones hearth
  • Anger her mother
  • torture someone
  • Help a child
  • Participate in a horse race
  • Almost drown in a canal of Ravok
  • Learn a new language
  • Get a tattoo
  • Get in a ‘cat-fight’
  • Learn about more Gods
  • Do someones hair
  • Dance in the rain with someone
  • have a ridiculously romantic affair
  • Be embarrassed on the street
  • Be forced into wearing pants

pre-creation Timeline
year and season age location
winter of 492 - winter of 500 0 - 8 Zeltiva
spring and summer of 501 8 Zeltiva to Syliras by land
fall of 501 - winter of 5078-15 Syliras
spring of 50815traveling to Ravok
summer of 508 - winter of 508 15-16 Ravok
spring of 50916Ravok to Syliras
summer of 509 - winter of 50916-17Syliras
spring of 51017Syliras to Ravok
summer of 510 - winter of 510 17-18 Ravok
spring of 51118Ravok to Syliras
summer of 511 - spring of 51218-19Syliras
summer of 512 19Syliras to Ravok

post-creation Timeline

year and season age location
fall of 512 - 40th summer of 51319- 20 Ravok
40th of summer to 40th fall of 513 20 Wilderness between Ravok and Nyak
40th to 45th of fall 513 20 Nyak
45th to 60th of fall 513 20 Nyak to Zeltiva by ship
60th of fall 513... 20... Zeltiva


31st of winter 500.a.v. - Amelia met a Konti for the first time. [first introduction into Konti, Tarot Reading/Fortune Telling,Divination, Avalis, Chavi]

41st of winter, 512.a.v. - First time at the "House of Immortal pleasures"

1st of summer, 513.a.v. - Signs the 'Grand Oath' to Clyde Sulins.
Secret :
-Amelia Cross will not harm or do something against Clyde Sullins, through her actions or inaction, magical or mundane, directly or indirectly, unless to stop a greater harm to Clyde Sullins, or if given an order to do so by Clyde Sullins of his own free will.

-Amelia Cross will only use her magics to the degree to which Clyde Sullins has currently told her she could, until such a time as she has mastered the specific magic, or Clyde Sullins has told her she could freely use said specific magic by her own volition.

>However if not using her magic would lead to her certain demise, she is allowed to use magic of her own volition until the threat on her life has passed and or been dealt with, and is no longer a current threat on her life.

-Amelia Cross will follow all of Clyde Sullins orders, those in regards to her studies, and those in regards to her apprenticeship under Clyde Sullins, so long as those orders do not require her to act against the betterment of her family, Ravok, Rhysol, or require her to kill without it being justified and necessary.

4th of summer 513.a.v. - met first Symenestra.

32nd of summer 513.a.v - Met first Zith
Amelia Cross
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