Introductions, Introductions......

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Introductions, Introductions......

Postby Brighid Killian on January 21st, 2013, 12:05 am

The female looked around her wary, her body caught in between fight or flight. Her eyes scanning the area ready to bolt at the sign of conflict.
"Hello, I am called Brighid, I cannot say it is a pleasure, but I am grateful." She spoke in a cold and clipped tone and with a small nod she turned and started to walk away.

I am called Brighid, no other name.
I have been role-playing for six years.
I found this site on google.
Life is a challenge we all face, but do we do it alone or with a companion? The choice is yours. Fight. Survive. Hunt, or be hunted. It is all we can do, in truth we already have our paths chosen for us. Be it by the Fates, or something else entirely.
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Introductions, Introductions......

Postby Laioath on January 21st, 2013, 6:09 am

Laioath stood in a dark ominous area. He looks up at where the sky should be, instead the word 'introduction' was there. his vision then sifted down to see a Kelvic. She introduced herself. Laioath gave a friendly smile.

"Welcome to Mizahar, I'm glad to hear that you are experienced. If you need any well don't be afraid to send an owl with a message." he said in a friendly tone

Nice to meet you.
I hope i get to RP with you sometime.
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