Flashback Forging the Fires of Friendship

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Forging the Fires of Friendship

Postby Artifex on April 16th, 2013, 4:26 pm

ImageFeeling solid ground beneath him, Artifex rose. Only to turn over and belch out water that had sought homage in his lungs. After a further cough he felt air flowing smoothly into his lungs again, and breathed a sigh of relief. Turning to where Ly'an lay he smiled at seeing she was alright.

"I'm alright" he stood making his way over to where Garron rested his hands in the water and extended one of his own as to help his fellow up. He pulled, though not with the strength that Garron had used when pulling them out of the water, and helped Garron to his feet. He patted Garron on the arm "Thank you friend, we would be lost without you. May Izurdin bless you for your valiant deed, and may he know that you shall always hold true to your desire to protect your kin."

Knowing the he was fine, and that Garron was fine, he turned back to Ly'an who was still laying on the ground. He made his way over and sat down next to her, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You scared me lass, I thought we;d almost lost you there for a moment. I thank Izurdin, and Garron's strength that you are still with us." She noted a fear she had for the lizard, which he couldn't understand, but chose not to argue with her over, in light of recent events.

"I know not why you hold such fear for this creature, who has brought me nothing but joy in these dark days for me. Perhaps if you know why i have come to gain the friendship of such a creature, you will bear less fear for it." He paused, trying to find enough courage to say the words that still were locked within him. The memories. The pain.

He put a hand on her shoulder "Lass, several days ago, but not enough to put the memory from my thoughts, my parents died. It was an accident, a collapse of a cave roof. They had no chance, and I have come to accept that they are gone, but that is why i have become a recluse in these recent days. To break the loneliness that i felt in my house i decided to adopt this creature, who has brought me nothing but joy. I have been meaning to tell you of these and the be in your company again, but the words were hard to find, for it still lingers with pain in my thoughts."

Tears began to form, only a scant few though, for all the tears that would be shed over this matter had long since flowed free. There was nothing else to say, so he prayed. Oh Father, please watch over us as you have in this moment of crisis. Give us the strength with which we may forever do your will. I shall forever remain your servant.
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