Levon's Plotnotes

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Levon's Plotnotes

Postby Levon on March 6th, 2013, 12:54 am

Current Goals and Aspirations

Levon's primary goal at the moment is to learn as much as he can about Alahea. In particular, Levon has recently been interested in Alahea's ruling dynasty, the Nymkarta, and the societal makeup of Alahea as a whole.

Levon is slowly saving up to afford the construction of a house better suited to his profession in Archaeology. Rather than just a Cottage, Levon wishes to upgrade his accommodations to include a storage room for artifacts he uncovers, an office to store his paperwork, a common room for guests and a master bedroom for himself. He also intends to improve his standard of living to "Good".

Levon knows it would behoove him and his research to form better ties with the city of Zeltiva as a whole, so getting on the good side of important figures in Zeltiva such as Maria Satterthwite or high ranking members of the University and Sailor's Guilds.

Levon also has been itching to explore Lisnar to see if he can find any artifacts of significance there.

Last Updated 3/5/2013

Storyteller Thread Ideas

General Idea: Levon leads a ~two week Archaeological Expedition into an old Alahea Armory (or otherwise military based site) from Pre-Valterrain times. Levon recruits at least two characters to help him, either as bodyguards or specialists, and tries to get a Zeltivan faction to sponsor the expedition. The group runs into trouble, either from ancient traps, smugglers/bandits using the site, Chained Ones or Nuits, or something similar, and Levon potentially learns or obtains something significant about Alahea's military.
Timeframe: Sometime in late Spring / early Summer of 2013 AV, after Levon's character is better organized.
Moderator: None, PM if Interested
Other PC's: None, PM if Interested

General Idea: Levon comes across a Pre-Valterrain book written in the Ancient Tongue during one of his expeditions. However, the book has been enchanted via Malediciton and will not leave Levon's side, no matter how hard he tries to get rid of it. Levon must figure out what the book does and how to use it properly (Something of a risk reward thread- success might mean mastery over the book or obtaining valuable knowledge from it, failure could mean becoming cursed / losing a limb / death, ect).
Timeframe: During a time where I think Levon has been lacking development, since this will shake up his character quite a bit one way or another.
Moderator: None, PM if Interested

General Idea: Levon is writing about a new discovery he made while alone on an archaeological site and is met by a beautiful, mysterious woman (Qalaya) who talks to him. She causes Levon to question many things about his own beliefs on Alahea and the past in general. Potentially ends in Levon receiving a Gnosis mark from Qalaya.
Timeframe: Not until I feel like Levon has become sufficiently devoted to Qalaya, I also want to flesh the plot out a bit more first.
Moderator: None, PM if Interested

General Idea:


Levon values knowledge above all else, seeing the world in patterns and possibilities; and nothing allows him to see further or think deeper than the writings of the past. It's only fitting, therefore, that his primary goddess of worship is Qalaya. Every time before opening a book or scroll to read or write, Levon gives a prayer thanking Qalaya for her gifts. Levon secretly wishes for a visit and perhaps even a Gnosis mark from Qalaya, though he has never before voiced this desire.

Levon values the earth and the gifts it provides greatly, and as a result gives a prayer to Semele every time before starting an excavation. Levon does not seek nor wish for a Gnosis mark from Semele, only to pay respects to her, although he would enjoy the opportunity to meet her should it ever arrise.

Much the same as Qalaya, Levon pays homage to Eyris as the goddess of wisdom and knowledge. When Levon is struggling to find the answers he seeks, he will occasionally pray to Eyris in hopes of guidance. The power of Eyris' Gnosis mark greatly appeals to Levon, but he does not actively seek it.

Skill Goals

Cooking Competent Becoming a competent cook would aid Levon both on the field as an Archaeologist and at home while relaxing.
Drawing Mastery Both a hobby when out on the field in need of a break or killing time between research and a skill necessary for Archaeologists when documenting discoveries, Levon doesn't consciously want to master drawing, but he's always looking to improve his ability.
Writing Mastery Levon enjoys writing with a passion, and believes it an essential skill and perhaps the most important any mortal could possess.

Anthropology Competent -> Expert A related skill to Archaeology, Anthropology is something Levon intends to study to improve his understanding of how history ties into current times.
Archaeology Mastery Fascinated by past civilizations, especially Alahea, Levon wants to know anything and everything about the cultures and technology of the past.
Calligraphy Expert For writing formal documents on his discoveries, Levon wants to make sure his work is presented in the most beautiful way possible.
Cryptography Competent -> Expert Another skill related to Archaeology, advanced Cryptology skill would allow Levon to break codes used in pre-Valterrain scrolls, books and sites, giving him further access to the knowledge of the past.
Investigation Mastery As an Archaeologist, the ability to find every small detail is of the utmost importance.
Land Navigation Competent The ability to navigate the world safely is paramount to Levon's job as an Archaeologist.

Riding Competent Becoming competent at riding horses and buying a horse of his own is a goal of Levon's simply to improve his efficiency when travelling.

Leadership Mastery Although Levon doesn't necessarily want to become a leader, Levon recognizes the importance of having strong leadership skills while working on the field as an Archaeologist.
Learning Mastery As someone who enjoys learning passionately, it only makes sense that mastering the art of learning is one of Levon's most desired traits.
Observation Competent -> Expert Although not as important to Levon as the ability to purposefully Investigate an area, Observation is still a useful skill for finding potential sites.
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