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Taloba, home to the Myrians, is the thriving core of Falyndar. Inhabited by a fierce and savage tribe where blood sacrifices are normal and a way of life, they are untamed and proud of it. Warlike, and with their numbers growing, the Myrians are set on reclaiming what is rightfully theirs. [Lore]

The Trading Square

Postby Limey on March 12th, 2013, 7:20 pm



"Yeah, I know, it's a madhouse, but where else can you buy bananas not even two bells old, stuffed Dhani claws, Kalinor-forged blades and rotgut from the Western coast all within thirty feet of each other?"
-Anonymous Taloba resident, talking about the Square

The heart of Falyndar is certainly Taloba, and the heart of Taloba is The Palace where Myri sits upon her throne, but the economic pulse of the city is found here, in the vast Trading Square. Rare in that it is one of the few places in the city where grass has been allowed to grow to better cushion the thousands of trampling feet that parade around it for bells every day, the Square is lined and thronged and dotted with stands selling pretty much everything one can desire.

Fruits and vegetables from across Falyndar. Weapons forged by the ancient smithy's in Taloba and imported from the barbarian lands (well, "imported" meaning "claimed from slain carriers" in some cases). Clothing woven and crafted in Taloba and far beyond. Wines, objets d'art, literature, curios and picadillos... the sheer variety is astounding.

From dawn until dusk, traders and merchants set up shop and fill the Square with cries extolling their wares. Many of them have permanent stores there, built with rough stone and staffed by friends and family. Others show up every week or perhaps even less, trekking into Taloba to sell what they can in a place they know they will have a market for it.

Bikka is the main currency of exchange, of course, and those bearing the Miza of foreign lands will be met with scorn at best and violence at worst. Bartering is also very popular, an endlessly varied artform where buyer and seller compete to trade the best.

How do you set up shop, you ask? Turn up and find a space. As long as it does not obstruct one of the informal avenues that crisscross the Square, and your wares are not judged... shall we say... damaging, to Myri and her Children, you will be allowed to trade.
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The Trading Square

Postby Voodoo on September 18th, 2014, 2:48 pm

Destruction: 4th of Fall

Suka’s Leathers and Chuki’s Cutters were not the only stalls to suffer damage. Several other stalls were set aflame. Damage is widespread through the trading square. Panic is seen and theft is not uncommon during the chaos. Thieves are of less priority to the fires, but there are always watchful eyes to eventually settle the score.

OOCThis location covers damage to many locations that are found in the trading square. Fish, vegetable, fruit, and butcheries were all damaged, although the damage is not limited to these stalls. Panic may have caused a severe loss of product like pots due to running animals and Myrians, or theft.

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