Questions pertaining to Animation and Glyphing

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Questions pertaining to Animation and Glyphing

Postby Zuriel on March 21st, 2013, 3:10 pm

Question 1:

Within the gadgeteering history it claims that with the spread of gadgeteering "Alahea finally managed to produce fully humanoid golems with functional joints." Does this mean that prior to this they had no functioning joints?

(if so I'm guessing this has to do with them being a magic based society and there being no need or drive to develop machinery more intricate than a wagon or other form of planks strapped to wheels?)

Question 2:

I have an animation consisting of:
- Thick rope tied into a form not unlike human bone structure minus the rib-cage.
- Knots where joints would be.
- Hollow pieces of wood strung between the knots.
Would this animation be able to move freely?

Probably a bit of a dull question but I'm wondering if gadgeteering is truly needed to form useful joints, rope just seems like it would fix this problem. On that note:


Would Gadgeteering always make the joints of an animation better than "rope joints"?

Question 3:

If you wish your animation to see, it must possess a reflective surface.
If you wish it to hear, it must possess ear drums.
If you want your animation to talk must it have the physical capabilities to make sound and somehow shape the sound it produces?

(this question is a product of reading descriptions of many sahovan golems which seem to have no mouth-parts described, yet still talk.)

Question 4:

Nuits require a decent brain but this is not mentioned for other animations.
Does your animation have to have a brain?


If a brain (or even cavity for a Djed "nexus") "is" required:
Do sight/sound appendages need to be directly connected to said brain?

Question 5:

It is mentioned that glyphs get "used up" after they are, well, used. (glyphing page mentions paint burning off, scrolls disintegrating, carved stone cracking etc...)

Does this happen for all glyphs, or only "activated" glyphs?

Trigger: I'm guessing it disappears when triggered.
Focus: I would think it disappears when released.


Switches and Barriers: How many times can Djed be shot at the same glyph or for how long if its a constant stream?


Path: Does this glyph ever get used up?

Question 6:

Are there more types of glyphs other than the basic ones found on the glyphing lore page or are all sigils made up of those simple glyphs specifically?

If there "are" more types of glyphs,


May I just create them spontaneously IC or should I run it past someone first?

Ok, those are the questions on my head right at this moment so I'll throw them up now and I may be back with more later.

Thank You to anyone who see's fit to attempt to clarify things for me, I appreciate all the time and effort spent. :)
- Z
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Questions pertaining to Animation and Glyphing

Postby Evalin on March 26th, 2013, 2:23 pm

1) Yes you are correct :). Before that time Golems did not really have function joints as they were not really seen as useful. Why bother putting extra effort into giving something legs when you can make it roll on wheels after all?

2) In theory that should work. Tock, one of the best Animators we have ever had on site, created a golem from a steel-cloth scarf. If she can do that then I would think rope would work just as well :)

2.1) Yes Gadgeteering would make more "efficient" joints. Or rather more sophisticated joints. With gadgeteering you can create joints that only bend or act in certain ways, and are therefore more stable and able to hold more weight. I would not expect a robe golem to be able to lift more than itself, maybe a couple of pounds, but a Fully gadgeteered golem could be created with near limitless possibilities to its strength and stability.

3) You do not have to have a mouth to speak, but you do have to have a speaker of some kind. The Golems of Sahova (and I assume you are talking about the Communicator and TAR Golems) have cords in their bodies that vibrate like our own vocal cords. They are then shaped into words by modified speakers. The exact details are not clear from the write ups, but they do have working voice boxes.

4) No brain required. you give them tasks and directives which is built into the soul core. Think of it like computer programing, with the Soul Core acting as the Motherboard.

4.1) The Animation article simply seems to say you have to give your creation the ability to hear and see. You might have to "program it" to respond to certain sights and sounds however.

5) Over time glyphs will fade and become worn, so they can fail on their own. That is why it is dangerous to play around with old or decaying glyphs that you have no idea what they do. They could be a virtual ticking time bomb for all you know.

5.1) There is no set limit in the lore. You have to use your own logic and reason to work it out in your threads, but at Novice level your glyphs would not be able to take very much lol

5.2) As soon as a glyph is released, or energy stops flowing through it, the glyph fades, cracks or is destroyed and thus you have to create a new one. This goes for Glyph "paths" as well. That is what makes world magics so tedious. They have to constantly redraw their paths and circles for every experiment.

6) THAT is something for you, the player, to discover. There might very well be other hidden combinations or types that are not common knowledge. You only find that out through RP though :)

6.1) Safe bet is to run your ideas by your local ST first ^.^

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Questions pertaining to Animation and Glyphing

Postby Zuriel on March 27th, 2013, 9:01 am

Awesome! :D sometimes I think I ask too many questions but I cant stand writing things up if I don't feel I have a reasonable grip on the situation >.< In other words, thanks so much Evalin ^_^
- Z
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