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Snaeha Datura

Postby Snaeha Datura on March 29th, 2013, 11:11 am

Snaeha Datura
See-NAY-ah Dat-ur-rah
Age 23, born on the fiftieth day of Winter, 490.
Sex Female.
Height 5'5.
Weight 113lbs.


Snaeha represents her father's people quite well: she is long of limb, with fine grey skin and inquisitive amethyst eyes. The only betrayal of her mother's people is her dull red hair, however this has always been Snaeha’s favourite trait about herself - being as modest as she is. She stands a little shorter than her male siblings at 5’5, though like many individuals who share the company of those taller, Snaeha more than makes up for her lack of height in her ardent attitude and cool sarcasm.

Her face is oval shaped, with high cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes. She takes great care in her appearance, believing that first impressions matter hugely and are often made on how one looks. She is commonly found garbed in the typical Symenestra clothing; fine silks in an adornment of colours, though purple is her favourite (she believes it compliments her eyes so marvellously). Jewels and other shiny, precious stones, are amongst Snaeha's favourite things in life. Perhaps this emphasises her rather materialistic attitude... But then again, she would argue it simply shows that she has good taste.

A little shallow, Snaeha is perhaps not the most selfless person you’ll meet. Though she’ll do anything for her family and her people, on a day-to-day basis, she’s loathe to go out of her way in favour for strangers -- unless she believes it will somehow benefit herself in return. Her interest and career in medicine is treated with very much the same mindset; the surrogates are a necessary evil, the children they birth are the continuation of her heritage, and Snaeha is the graceful, talented, beautiful medic who makes sure the right person dies. She’s not above lying or deception either, if the end outweighs the means, but she nevertheless has her own warped sense of a moral code and, as long as she does not break her own rules, Snaeha will argue against anyone who tells her she is in the wrong.

Faith is incredibly important to her, as is the purity of her family bloodline. She is a dedicated follower of Viratas, and like many of her kind, Snaeha regards blood as the precious source of life, and thus believes it should not be spilled hastily -- at least not without a decent enough cause. She frowns upon those - Myrians, Ziths, and other beast like races - who appear to take pride in spilling blood mercilessly and without good reason. Because of this, Snaeha is somewhat of a pacifist, avoiding physical conflict by any other means -- including hypnotism. Alongisde Viratas, Snaeha also admires Ionu and Sagallius, and their respective ability to influence and manipulate.

A fan of all things beautiful (make-up, acrobatics, dance, fine clothes, herself...) Snaeha gives great pride in her appearance and will spend bells at a time following through her meticulous skin, hair, and body care regime. And yes, it pays off thankyouverymuch, had you not seen that shine to her hair?

The Datura plant is a delicate looking flower, though it is highly toxic, causing hallucinogenic episodes and, if left untreated for a long time, even death. Other effects of Datura ingestion include strange, out of character behaviour, a dislike of bright lights, dilated pupils and amnesia. It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that the poison secreted by the Datura family creates similar symptoms in their victims. There is some variation between the three children, however; Dorav's victims seem to have no control over their body temperature, suffering terrible hyperthermia one moment and sweating uncontrollable the next. Duston, being of pure Sym blood, appears to have the most effective venom for a quick death by causing heart palpations and eventually a cardiac arrest (this has always frustrated his sister, who dislikes being out-staged by her younger brother). For Snaeha's victim, her venom causes delirium and intense hallucinations. Should her victim remain untreated for long enough (at least a day for a human male), they will die a slow, confused death.

Viratas Like all Symenestra, Snaeha's primary deity is the God of blood. She perceives Viratas as the God of all living things, and the connection between them. Snaeha believe that work as a midwife allows her to work in Vitatas' domain, by preserving the blood of her people.
Ionu Whereas Viratas is worshipped out of taught admiration, the God of Illusions is a deity that Snaeha has come to appreciate on her own. To her, illusions are everywhere, and as such Ionu is much like Viratas in that his work connects all humans (and sub races) together.
Sagallius It is out of a mixture of intimidation and respect that Snaeha has come to worship the God of Manipulation. She believes his work is close to that of Ionu's, and as such Sagallius is worth her attention.


Veldron Datura had always liked redheads. That fiery nature, twinned with those dark red locks, really got the male Symenestra excited. So he was absolutely thrilled when his older brother returned to Kalinor after his harvest with an Inartan woman. "For you, brother." He had whispered in Veldron's ear as he introduced his new friends to his family. Her name was Alyssa and Veldron delighted in treating her like his favourite little pet. If the redhead knew what her grisly fate awaited her, she never let on. Veldron admired her for such bravery - or ignorance. It was a sad thing to watch the woman die, but when Veldron saw the shock of red hair on his new daughter's head, Alyssa’s agonising death seemed more than worth it.

The Datura web is made of Veldron, his wife Narissa and their children: eldest son Dorav, only daughter Snaeha and younger son Druston. For Dorav as well as Snaeha, the couple used surrogate mothers, though by the time they decided to have a third and final child, Narissa, who had always silently questioned the harvesting practise, was finally swayed by the Esterians and decided to carry her own child. Veldron was initially against the idea, but the love he bore for his wife was enough for him to oblige her wishes. Fortunately, Snaeha did not have to watch her mother die; Narissa survived the pregnancy and after several weeks of gentle healing, she was healthy once more. If Snaeha were to be brutally honest, it was witnessing her own mother going through the trauma of child birth (and the long, slow, healing process afterwards) that initially made Snaeha interested in medicine.

Being the second son of his own lineage, Veldron took on the role of leading religious ceremonies in his youth. This fascination and passion for the Symenestra religion continued well into his later years, and thus all three of his children are avid worshippers of Viratas. Snaeha, in particular, strives to live her life by the rules she believes her deity lay: living in peace and community within her fellow people, but not fearing to shed the blood of an outsider to protect her kind.

- Observation :: 23 :: (23XP)
- Acrobatics :: 20 :: (10RB, 10SP)
- Hypnotism :: 11 :: (10SP, 1XP)
- Medicine :: 14 :: (5SP, 9XP)
- Dance :: 10 :: (10SP)
- Socialisation :: 15 :: (15XP)
- Weapon, Shortbow :: 11 :: (5SP, 6XP)
- Cosmetology :: 6 :: (6XP)
- Fortune Telling :: 5 :: (5SP)
- Teaching :: 5 :: (5SP)
- Seduction :: 6 :: (5SP, 6XP)
- Flirting :: 4 :: (4XP)
- Hunting :: 3 :: (3XP)
- Rhetoric :: 3 :: (3XP)
- Intelligence :: 3 :: (3XP)
- Herbalism :: 2 :: (2XP)
- Investigation :: 2 :: (2XP)
- Interrogation :: 1 :: (1XP)
- Diplomacy :: 1 :: (1XP)
- Herbalism :: 1 :: (1XP)
- Interrogration :: 1 :: (1XP)
- Climbing :: 1 :: (1XP)
- Planning :: 1 :: (1XP)
- Negotiation :: 1 :: (1XP)
- Subterfuge :: 1 :: (1XP)

Lores :
- Lore of Religion: Viratas
- Bend... And Snap!: Making the most of what Viratas gave you.
- Accepting Advice
- One Lucky Shot Isn’t Enough
- You can save Lives and Look Good
- You don’t argue with Svorador Hellebore
- Patient: Jaden, the surrogate
- The Uses of fine Nettle
- The Causes of Seizures
- Patient: Nasessa Orchid
- Behaviors of an unstable surrogate
- Diplomacy: soothing with a compliment
- Herbalism: sedative properties of heldrog
- Hypnotic suggestion: simple but effective
- Interrogation: direct questioning
- Aranta: a curious Zith
- Aranta: dweller in Kalinor
- Climbing a rough-barked tree
- Flirting: a coy look
- Flirting: charming with a pout
- Hunting by ambush
- Hunting: roosting birds are easy targets
- Zith: a race without venom
- Anatomy: abdominal organs of the female human
- Medicine: cutting into bowels risks poison
- Medicine: diagnosing a malnourished pregnancy
- Medicine: the risks and benefits of removing a child early
- Medicine: witnessing removal of a child from a surrogate
- Smuggling A Zith Into The House Of Purging
- (Herbalism) Vyfox: An Antiseptic
- (Herbalism) Lidgefar: Helps Stop Bleeding
- Aranta: Does Not Like To Be Reminded Of His Failures
- Favorite Pass-time: Shopping!
- Orchid Market: Unusually Quiet
- A Child's Gone Missing
- Zith: Call Their Young 'Pups'
- Wet Zith Feel Like Wet Velvet
- Wet Zith Look Like Drowned Rats
- Zith: Not Particularly Avid Swimmers
- The Missing Children Are Not In The Blue Grotto
- Aranta: Left Home Because Of His Curiosity
- Religion: Ionu
- Blue Grotto: Completely Clear
- Hypnotism: A Lesser Illusion
- Make-up is Wonderful
- Wizards Are Not Common in Kalinor
- Hypnotism: Can Be Fended Off By Strong Minds
- Hypnotism: Evaluate Your Subject Before You Engage
- Humans: Repulsive Diners
- Morphing: Novices Can Only Partially Morph Into A Familiar Model
- Overgiving: The Product Of Over-exerting Yourself In Magic
- Hypnotism Can Destroy Your Mind
- Morphing Can Destroy Your Body
- Morphing: Requires A Fair Amount Of Meditation Before You Can Unlock It
- Aranta: appreciative, and perhaps more?
- Aranta: distractingly attractive
- Aranta: not (yet) a reader
- Djed: fuel for magic, building block of things
- The embarrassment of being asked to leave
- Great Rending: the origin of Zith
- Kalinor: city layout
- Morphing: can forget original form
- Seduction: kiss and depart
- Subterfuge: pretending nonchalance
- Teaching: examples to demonstrate points
- Teaching: learn by doing
- Zith are not welcome in The Meadows

Fluent: Symenos
Fluent: Common

Gnosis Marks


+ 100GM (SP)
- 10GM for purchases (see inventory)
- 45GM for living expenses, Spring 513AV
+ 276GM for wages, Summr 514AV
- 135GM for Common living expenses, Summer 514AV
- 4SM for wine


A small, hand-held silver mirror that was passed down her father’s lineage from his own great-grandmother. The glass has been broken for as long as Snaeha can remember, though it doesn’t distort her face too much.
Snaeha's Mirror :

Career & Employment
Snaeha is employed at the Place of Purging, where she specialises in midwifery and neonatal care.
Current Wage: 3 GM per day.

Inventory :
1 Set of Clothing
-Silken Shirt
-Silken Pants
-Silken Undergarments
-Silken Cloak or Coat
-Exoskeleton Armor Shirt
-Simple Sandals
- 1 Waterskin
- 1 Silken Knapsack which contains:
-Comb (Bone)
-Brush (Bone )
-Fruit Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
- One Silver hand mirror (heirloom)
- Simple Make-up, 10GM

Currently residing her family home in Kalinor, with the rest of her web.

Flashbacks :
- True Aim (Solo)
19th Fall, 512AV
Whilst hunting, Snaeha meets a young man who thinks he can teach her a thing or two.
Finished, graded

Spring, 513AV :
- Hands that Heal (Solo, Job thread)
23rd Spring
Sometimes looking good is just not enough to be good.
Completed, graded.

- Into The Deep: Quest (Zarovin, Soscily, Poison)
80th Spring
In a rare act of selflessness, Snaeha decides to join the adventure party going down into the shadows.
Completed, graded

Summer, 514AV :
- A Hard Day's Night, Part I (Solo)
5th Summer
Snaeha deals with a difficult Surrogate.
Completed, graded

- A Hard Day's Night, Part II (Solo)
15th Summer
Another day at work for Snaeha
Completed, graded

- A Meeting in the Nighttime (Aranta)
18th Summer
Snaeha and Aranta meets for the first time.
Completed, graded

- Off to see the Wizard (Solo)
29th Summer
Snaeha hunts down the visiting wizard
Completed, graded

- Missing (Aranta)
31st Summer
Aranta and Snaeha meet again, and discuss recent events in Kalinor
Complete, graded

- Changing faces (Solo)
64th Summer
Snaeha tries out Morphing and Meditation
Complete, ungraded

- Knowledge is Power (Aranta)
35th Summer
Zith and Symenestra meet up again.
Complete, graded

- Tools of the Trade (Neoma)
88th Summer
Snaeha and Neoma meet whilst browsing for cosmetics.
Incomplete, ungraded

- In the Dead of Night (Aranta)
92nd Summer
Zith and Symenestra meet again
Incomplete, ungraded


Name Aranta
Date of first meeting 18th Summer, 514AV.
Relationship Friend/Love interest
Description Snaeha first met the Zith known as Aranta whilst out hunting. After nearly catching him with a stray arrow, the two got talking and since then their friendship has only strengthened. Snaeha finds everything about him incredibly intriguing, and finds a sense of thrill in being close to him.
The Datura Web, NPCs
Father Veldron Datura, 48.
Mother Narissa Datura, 45.
Older Brother Dorav Datura, 24.
Younger Brother Druston Datura, 16.
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