Questions on Vexation (Gillar pls)

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Questions on Vexation (Gillar pls)

Postby Cassandra Coven on June 28th, 2010, 11:46 pm

First of all, thanks for approving my Gnosis request! =)

I have questions though: In my excitement to play the character, it seems I missed certain details regarding the Gnosis mark. According to the wiki, the mark appears on either hand but I placed it on the PC's abdomen (solar plexus area). Is this okay or should I change it? Also, regarding the ability to amplify pain, is it a conscious effort or does it automatically apply whenever the character causes pain to others? I think I had my PC automatically cause them in my first post, but I can fix this. I just need clarification first on the above questions.

Hope to get a reply soon.
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Questions on Vexation (Gillar pls)

Postby Gillar on July 10th, 2010, 7:26 am

You are welcome :) As for the location of the mark, it is almost always on one of the hands. However, you can have it on your PC's abdomen to start and have it eventually start showing up on the hand as you get more into the use of the mark. As for its affects, you can have it automatic. Krysus' marks are both curses and gifts at once so not having control over it could be a problem in some instances while having control could be advantageous in others. Not having control over it would be more her way.
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