Spring 519 Calendar

Calendar for Spring 519.

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

Spring 519 Calendar

Postby Gillar on March 3rd, 2019, 8:38 pm


Spring 519 Calendar of Events

General City Atmosphere

Since the return of The Voice in Fall of the previous year, life around the city has undergone a noticeable transformation. The Voice ended the hostility against non-humans in the city. That decision was met with some resistance. Attacks against non-human citizens took a bit of time to end with the Ebonstryfe and the City Guard cracking down heavily on those who defied The Voice's decree. As of Spring 519, such directed attacks against non-human citizens have all but ended although they have been replaced by more veiled racism by some. Comments made under the breath, dirty looks and small examples of discrimination are mainly what remain.

The murders of a number of members of the Black Sun back in the Fall of 518 led to the hunting down, capturing and execution of a handful of individuals thought to be working on behalf of the Syliran Knights. By mid-Winter of 519, the murders stopped and it is believed at least most of the suspected killers had been dealt with.

Winter of 519 saw some sense of normalcy returning. The Voice gathered the Druvin to the Temple and they remained there for many days. Following their exit, they unequivocally vowed their support to The Voice. In addition, Rhysol himself appeared a few more times to address the people at the Central Plaza. Along with offering words of hope he cautioned not to grow complicit. He said there would always be threats from the outside world; from those who wished to see the great city of Ravok fall.

Spring has finally arrived and with it something strange seems to be occurring. Animals throughout the city as well as those on the mainland have begun acting strange. Predators are becoming more aggressive while prey animals are more skittish and alert. This is even becoming an issue with Kelvics as the predatory Kelvics are experiencing heighten aggression and a greater need to hunt while the non-predatory Kelvics are experiencing heightened nervousness and paranoia.


It is comfortable; an average of 70-75 degrees, sunny with occasions of light rain and slightly cooler temperatures at night with the occasional light breeze. Extremes in temperature are non-existent.

1st Day - With the arrival of Spring, Rhysol greeted it by blessing the people with a bountiful season of fishing. Fishing hauls are more than double what they were this time last year.
4th Day - The behavior of animals within the city and on the mainland becomes noticeably odd. Predators become more predatory while prey become more skittish and scared.
10th Day - The behavior of Kelvics within the city and on the mainland becomes noticeably odd. Predator Kelvics experience heightened aggression and a greater desire to hunt while non-predator Kelvics feel almost paranoid.
21st Day - A fisherman returns from a day out on the Lake with a story of a massive sea creature that nearly sank his ship. He claims it was as large as the largest sailing vessel and nearly swallowed his ship whole.
35th Day - The Voice addresses the people at the Central Plaza. She addresses the problem with the disturbing behavior seen in predatory animals and Kelvics. She calls for great care to be taken around such creatures and announces increased patrols by the City Guard to help protect the citizens.
40th Day - Five days after The Voice's addressing of the strange animal/Kelvic behavior, that behavior has caused a number of attacks on citizens by predators; wild dogs, birds of prey and even predatory fish and sea life. Pets tend to manage a bit better and Kelvics are not overly consumed by their feelings yet there is some difficulty in maintaining control.
50th Day - When Leth has risen to his fullest place in the night sky, the moon turns red and an eerie howl can be heard echoing through the city and the mainland. Sleeping individuals are awoken and all predatory animals and Kelvics feel an uncontrollable need to answer the howl with a call of their own.
61st Day - In the days following the strange howl and the moon turning red, the odd behavior displayed by animals and Kelvics seems to be subsiding. However, there have been sightings of predatory animals appearing somewhat larger and more aggressive than normal. Some have claimed to have seen a strange mark on the animals; the same mark appearing on different individuals. It is described as looking like the paw print of a massive wolf imprinted upon the animal's flesh.
75th Day- The Black Sun issues an announcement stating that wandering the streets at night is not advised. People have been reported missing across the city with signs of a struggle found at their last known location.
82nd Day- Reports of animal attacks have begun to fall. The Black Sun and the Ebonstryfe continue to preach caution. With the danger beginning to subside, many wonder what exactly caused it all in the first place.

What This All Means For the New Season

So this Season is themed with the idea of Predator and Prey as well as The Hunt. There is a message of hope for the city as well as a message of being alert and having an awareness of the danger posed by the outside world to the relatively good life enjoyed by the citizens of Ravok. The primary focus of this Season however is what is being called, The Hunter's Moon and the odd behavior exhibited by animals, both predator and prey as well as Kelvics.

So, there will be some seasonal challenges in place for Spring of 519 with potential rewards at the end of the Season. See below for details.


* Write 20,000 words worth of threads over the course of the entire Season with a general focus on Predator and Prey; Hunting, Fishing, Tracking, basically anything that deals with some aspect of The Hunt.


* Write 12,000 words worth of threads over the course of the entire Season with a general focus on Predator and Prey; Hunting, Fishing, Tracking, basically anything that deals with some aspect of The Hunt.

* Learn Hunting, Tracking, Leatherworking or Wilderness Survival and gain 50 skill points in said skill by the end of the Season


* Learn Hunting, Tracking, Leatherworking or Wilderness Survival and gain 25 skill points in said skill by the end of the Season

There will be awards in relation to whichever challenge you seek to take on.
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