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A list of Ravok's locations broken down by district

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

Ravok Linkmap

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This map is not entirely accurate but is close enough. Use the locational descriptions for precise placement and size. More descriptions coming. Consider this a WIP until further notice. Credit to Gillar for 'The Docks' descriptions.

For entrance to the city, visit the Southern Trading Post.

City Center is one massive plaza with the structures being interconnected either in an obvious way or through passages known only to certain ranks within the Black Sun and Ebonstryfe. Canals offer access to everything either from the edge of the buildings or from a maze of the oldest canals in Ravok which runs underneath it all. These were built over to accommodate for the growing city but not blocked as the architects and Black Sun understood the importance of such routes. The Temple of the Black Sun dominates everything in the city but is most impressive when viewed from the inner courtyard. Large bridges connect the central platform to the Noble District but most people come and go by ravosala.

1. The Temple of the Black Sun - Central location for all things government and religion.
1A. The Dovecote - The towering structure, home to hundreds of doves, that offers entry into the mysterious Outpost. Located across from the Temple.
2. The Black Hole - Prison and Reeducation center of the Ebonstryfe.
3. The Vitrax - - Headquarters of the Ebonstryfe.
4. The Institute of Higher Learning - A school owned and operated by the Ebonstryfe.
5. Fort Chrysone - Fortified outpost housing the city guard.
6. Center for Employment and Business Licensing - Government ran facility that grants business licenses and monitors employment.
7. The Citizen Registration Office - Where all who want to become full citizens of the city must register.
8. The Bell Tower - A well-known tower that rings out the time of day.

Ravok's upper class holds a great deal of wealth and influence in all parts of the city as well as the Lakeshore. The Noble District is where they live, shop and socialize as they view themselves to be above the rest of Ravokians. The buildings are close together and there are plenty of walkways to get around though there are places where ravosalas are the best means of transportation. The bridges are elegant and sturdy as they form tall arcs over the canals and braziers light up the waters every evening in reflections of the gorgeous architecture.

9. The NMSS - A medical facility that provides goods and services for healing, as well as research... among other things.
11. The Owl's Den - A place for the most enlightened to learn more of whatever they might wish!.
10. The Pit - A city park where slave fights are held in a large, iron-fenced pit. DESTROYED SPRING 19, 518
13. The Nitrozian Estate - Large estate housing the Nitrozian family and its slaves.
14. The Studio of Yae Varone - Art gallery and coffee house for the rich.
15. Chromatic Strings - A small, specialized shop focusing on string instruments.
15. Black Waters - A massage parlour and spa for those who do not which to travel to the Baths on the Lakeshore.
15. Azure Reflections Fine Tailoring - A store popular with the nobles that specializes in fine clothing and fabrics.

The Merchant's Ring is a small plaza south of the City Center where average people try their luck at running a business. There are a few places to eat or grab a drink as well as a handful of specialty shops. It's like a small town tucked away next to the big city. The architecture of the buildings and walkways is sound but much simpler than that of the Noble District and pales in comparison to the beauty of the City Center. Walkways are narrow but solid though foot traffic can be confusing since maintaining the bridges and catwalks can be so expensive. It's not uncommon to walk out of a shop and start home only to find yourself staring at an unfinished crossing. In a city of faith, sometimes you have to make a literal leap to reach your destination. The Merchant's Ring also acts a buffer between the City Center and the Docks.

16. Mystic Eye Fortune Telling- A not so easy to find place to find one's fortune.
19. Maven's Thread - A clothing store specializing in garments for people from all walks of life. DESTROYED SPRING 19, 518
19. The People's Market - A small plaza filled with foodsellers and traders of edible goods of all kinds.
20. The Malt House - A bar that sells meals and drinks, family friendly in the early evenings!
21. The Defiled Blade - A forge owned by a pair of brothers; one an armorer, the other a weaponsmith.
22. Mikayas' Emporuim For Sculpted Curiosities - A carving shop! DESTROYED SPRING 19, 518
23. Gemmei's Engravings - Dealing in carvings, engravings, and jewelry.
23. Café Fleurs - A small, very green, café specializing in teas and snacks.
24. The Galatos Family Commorancy for Children - A towering brick building that serves as a school, hospital and home for orphans.
29. The Spicy Lass - A tiny shop dealing in spices.
29. Jester's Corner - A corner shop offering a wide array of musical and entertainment gear.
30. Trigol's Tools and Trade - A popular store known for its tools, miscellaneous gear and wholesale trade goods.

The most common sight for all who either enter or exit Ravok is the area known as The Docks. Although effectively consisting of the entire outer rim of the city, the largest part and most well-known section of The Docks are largest on the southern side of the city where one of the main canals joins with Lake Ravok. Large plazas line each side of the canal as do docks of various sizes. There are docks for larger trading vessels as well as seemingly countless ravosala's in a variety of colors and designs. The Docks are a place for gathering, be it for commerce, romance, or darker activities. The plazas are surrounded by merchant warehouses, shops, taverns and even housing. Great bridges span the canal and connect the two main plazas of The Docks, The Nitrozian Plaza and the Plaza of Dark Delights.

The Lark Family Floating Botanicals- A massive barge slowly drifts along the docks a few minutes glider ride from the city. The Lark family has created Ravok's only park- and it floats!

The Nitrozian Plaza
The Nitrozian Plaza is named after the merchant who owns most of it, Sitanos Nitrozian. It is home to numerous taverns, boarding houses, shops and other forms of business. On the outskirts of the Nitrozian Plaza and lining a variety of small branching canals are the mass housing units of the Nitrozian Housing Commission. After the city was founded and began to grow, it was obvious that housing would soon become an issue. The Nitrozian family of the time devised a way to maximize housing space and created the NHC to solve the problem. The NHC is a series of large buildings each containing a large number of small housing cubicles. These cubicles resemble rooms one may find at an inn and in fact, each NHC building is designed much like a very large inn complete with common room and eating facilities. The rooms are cheap, far from extravagant, but offer citizens a place to live. The Ravokian Shipyard is also located on the lake side of the plaza.

33. Thorin's Forge - A large forge located on the northern side of the docks, dealing in anything non-weapon/armor related.
36. The Soup House - A simple restaurant that sells soup... and only soup.
37. The Healing Hand - A medical center supervised by the Black Sun.
39. Ino Vations - Funded by the Valdinox family, this is the new location of Inoadar's Poison Crafting lab and shop! DESTROYED SPRING 19, 518
41. The Offices of the NHC - An organisation specialising in inexpensive housing for citizens.
41. Lucillus & Associates - Law and Attorney services for the citizens of Ravok! DESTROYED SPRING 19, 518
45.Tarsin's Boarding House - Specializes in renting rooms out to visitors entering the city.
46. Odds and Ends - A shop dealing in a little bit of everything from food to clothing and all points in between.
51, 53, 55. The Ravokian Shipyard - City-owned shipyard; also monitors traffic on the lake.
59. The Silver Sliver Tavern - A popular tavern for city residents and visitors alike.
60. Sullins Residence - The home of Clyde Sullins

The Plaza of Dark Delights
The Plaza of Dark Delights is quite the opposite entity compared to the Nitrozian Plaza. The "Dark Delight" as it is commonly referred to is a place where nearly anything can be found for a price. Brothels, slavers, the black market, assassins and criminals of all kinds frequent the Dark Delight. With all of these activities supported and regulated by the Ebonstryfe, individuals partaking in such activities need not fear operating openly in the plaza. The danger comes when someone oversteps their bounds and/or is caught interfering with the lives and businesses of those of influence within the city. Although still routine in its occurrence, such a thing incurs deadly repercussions.

31. Tine's Exotic Goods - A shop in the Plaza of Dark Delights dealing in exotic, rare and often illegal goods.
31. Black Tar's Alchemical Services - A small shop in the Plaza of Dark Delights that specializes in various alchemical concoctions.
31. Funel's Ink - Located in the Plaza of Dark Delights, this tattoo parlour can receive customers from even the most affluent families.
32. House of Immortal Pleasures - A popular brothel located in the Plaza of Dark Delights.
50. Nicolo's Ravosalas - The premiere ravosala dealer in Ravok.
50. The Last Row - Disposal and acquisition of bodies for those who desire.
52.The Spot - A place to get a drink and find odd jobs of all sorts. DESTROYED SPRING 19, 518
56. The Fishermen's Anchorage - The one spot in Ravok where all Fishermen gather.
58. The Slave Market - Endorsed by the Ebonstryfe, slaves of many races may be found here.

Over the seasons, the guarded entrance to Ravok has expanded into a small lakeside village with business and industries all designed to support the floating city.

Malfazar's Beer Hut - Small fringe tavern located outside of the city.
The Bazaar - A small collection of food and fruit stands gathered near the Southern Trading Post.
Elderbay Stables - Travelers can board their horses here while they visit Ravok.
Sheng's Inn and Storage - A place for travelers to rest before voyaging to Ravok.
The Civil Silvas Hospital - A mysterious hospital that holds many secrets. It is protected by wards and glyphs near the entrance.
The Cattail Farms - Farms that, as stated in the name, grow cattails, a staple in the Ravokian diet
The Lilypad Farms - Where another basic food source in Ravok is grown
Kelvic Research Institution (KRI) - A facility used for research into the breeding of kelvics
Calico Lumber Company - A widespread Lumber business
High Spirit's Distillery - Ravok's very own Distillery!
Barton's Wood and Wares - A carpentry and lumber business, with a little smuggling on the side.
The Ravokian Baths - With cold, warm and hot baths, this is the best, and most sociable, place for Ravokians to get clean.
Wulfstan Outfitters South - An adventurer's best friend and Ravok's only place to buy outdoor gear.
The Wooden Door Dojo - Ravok's public training facility.

The wildlands around Ravok are home to many mysterious things. Only few ever dare go out alone, however some area are well managed by the Ebonstryfe
The North Ravok Outpost - A secure outpost that aids Ebonstryfe and travelers to get to Ravok. This outpost is a hard six days' ride north east of the Southern Outpost. If wagons are part of the caravan, it is a journey of ne less than ten days.
Den of the Swamp Birds - This strange bog has drawn adventurers and arrogant young men for ages as they seek to prove themselves against the dangerous fauna which roam here.
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