Ssynareis' Plotnotes

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Ssynareis' Plotnotes

Postby Ssynareis on May 3rd, 2013, 11:29 pm

Skill Related Goals

-Master Scimitar
-Master Duel Wielding
-Master Wrestling
-Master Hypnotism
-Master Interrogation
-Become at least competent in Hand to Hand Combat
-Become skilled in Reimancy and Flux
-Learn to properly handle the Khopesh and the Glaive

Social Goals

-Join the Jackals
-Become a Fox
-Become a full Jackal
-Become a Hawk
-Gain renown throughout Mizahar as a Weaponmaster
-Own an expensive house and a bunch of slaves
-Possess over one hundred thousand Gold Mizas
-Gather a circle of followers and companions

Lore Goals

-Learn as much about the Myrians as possible
-Discover a way to expose a weakness of Myri herself
-Learn travel routes across Mizahar
-Learn the history of every city she passes through
-Learn more of Rhysol and the Black Sun
-Learn more of Ahnatep
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