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Postby Shausha on May 16th, 2013, 9:51 am

I've left Mizahar!
Goodbye, friends.

Rowdy • Peculiar • Dark

The wild cares nothing for the laws of man.


Zith, Female, 13 years

Body: Shausha has dark purple fur and long black dreadlocks that are kept tied back in a big knot that hangs down between her wing joints. She sticks things she finds and develops a liking for in this knot (currently in her hair: Wind Eagle feather*). She is around 4'9'' tall and slightly curvy.

Racial: She is nocturnal and can see perfectly well in the dark. While it is possible for her to function during the daylight hours, it's very difficult and unwanted. She has claws on her fingers and toes and fangs on her upper and lower rows of teeth. Her hearing is beyond excellent. "It has been said that at night, it is impossible to hide from a Zith as they can hear your heart beat."* The Valterrian also blessed the Zith with an enhanced sense of smell.

Face: Her face is almost perfectly symmetrical which gives it an eerie, mask-like look when she holds still. Two very prominent and angular eyebrows arch angrily across her face. Shausha's eyes are a typical dark color and, being mostly pupil, hide much of the white except for the corners of the eyes.

Clothing: When it comes to clothing, Shausha would rather be naked than wear a human shirt or something with a back. She has no qualms with pants or boots, but her instincts tell her to always prepared for flight, so constrictive clothing pisses her off. If Shausha must wear clothes, she wears a strappy leather harness that zig-zags across her body allowing minimum modesty and maximum wing movement. It has tiny pockets and metal rings along the straps to allow a small amount of things to be taken with her during flight. In her down time or when alone, she is most likely naked.

Wings: Her Zith wings are a gradient of her purple fur which starts near the base of the wings and fades into a jet black mid-wing. They arc and dip in sharp curves along the bottom and end in pointy protrusions. The highest peaks of her wings have small, sharp points as well. While she couldn't care less about her appearance, Shausha is very protective of her wings.

Character Concept
(Get to know Shausha)
What separates a human from an animal?
Moreover, what advantage do humans have over a beast in the wild?
Now, what if an animal were given sentience?
What advantage would the human then have?

Personality: Very young and quick to act, Shausha is quite immature. Her views on life are simplistic and borderline hedonistic. Her playful nature can be seen as violent to people who are not used to a physical displays of emotion. She is very tactile and likes feeling and smelling new things, people and places. In these cases, she is oblivious personal boundaries which often causes her to stick out or get into trouble.

Inner Struggle: With her recent decision to travel, her curiosity is now being met with the challenge of broadening her mind in an intellectual sense. Her struggle to balance her curious nature and feral instinct will certainly prove if she's capable of being the best of both worlds or reverting to her primal state. When fighting, her sentience and feral nature are constantly wrestling for control. Her wild, bestial side provides an edge in combat, but should it take completely over, she ceases to think tactically.

Morality: Shausha is NOT evil. I'd like to say she's outside of morality in most cases. Lolz. Surely, you would not accuse a lion of murder after it killed a zebra. However, since she does have a human side, she is capable of sinning. As she fluctuates between her feral and human side, she fluctuates between being ruled by the laws of nature (eat or be eaten) and the laws of man (right and wrong).

Name Origin: Shausha named herself after the sound of Zith wings unfurling. This was due to her particular respect she has for her own pair of strong, black wings. Guaranteed, if she passes something reflective, Shausha will stop to preen her wings until satisfied or sunrise. Whichever comes first.

Diet: While she does enjoy the taste of human flesh that all Zith are born with, she has developed a dislike for its texture and prefers to chew on the bones or opt for the stringy muscles of wild game instead. While she spent several seasons with the Symenestra, she acquired a taste for fruits.

Shout out to all my lost boys. We rowdy.

Character History
Clicky! :
Birthday: 16 Spring 500
Birthplace: Xy

work in progress

Please read my "Ferocious and Invisible" series for a better insight into the life of Xy and Shausha's past.

Terror Before Eventide

Ferocious and Invisible
Ferocious and Invisible II
Ferocious and Invisible III
Ferocious and Invisible IV
Ferocious and Invisible V

Major Skills
Skill Total Proficiency
Observation 16 Novice
Escape Artist 11 Novice
Stealth 23 Novice
Weapon Skill: Rope Dart 15 Novice

Minor Skills
Skill Total Proficiency
Hunting 5 Novice
Flying 5 Novice
Acrobatics 4 Novice
Running 1 Novice
Lockpicking 1 Novice
Weapon Skill: Spear 1 Novice

Experience Log :
+10 Observation from racial bonus.
+5 Hunting, +10 Escape Artist, +20 Stealth, +15 Weapon Skill: Rope Dart from starter experience.
+2 Observation, +2 Stealth, +2 Flying, +1 Running, +1 Weapon: Spear, +1 Escape Artist from Terror Before Eventide
+1 Lockpicking, +3 Flying, +1 Stealth, + 4 Observation, +4 Acrobatics from Tangled

Thread List
Sorted by time stamp. Ascending from past to present.

Title Season posted Type Time Stamp Location
The Primal Code Summer 513 Solo 50, 65-67 Summer 513 Kalinor
Traders from Wind Reach Summer 513 Event 45 Summer 513 Kalinor
Tangled Summer 513 Solo 17/20 Summer 513 Kalinor
Bloody Gods Summer 513 Social 13 Summer 513 Kalinor
The Pen or the Sword Summer 513 Social 10 Summer 513 Kalinor
The Price and Profit of Shielding Summer 513 Social 3 Summer 513 Kalinor
Wandering Around Spring 513 Social 68 Spring 513 Kalinor
A Zith in Kalinor. Summer 513 Job 17 Spring 513 Kalinor
Ferocious and Invisible V Summer 513 Flashback 33 Summer 511 Sea of Grass (Xy)
Ferocious and Invisible IV Summer 513 Flashback 32 Summer 511 Sea of Grass (Xy)
Ferocious and Invisible III Summer 513 Flashback 30, 32 Summer 511 Sea of Grass (Xy)
Ferocious and Invisible II Summer 513 Flashback 16, 30 Summer 511 Sea of Grass (Xy)
Ferocious and Invisible Summer 513 Flashback 15 Summer 511 Sea of Grass (Xy)
Sweet 16 Summer 513 Flashback/Social 10 Summer 511 Sea of Grass
Terror Before Eventide Spring 513 Flashback 15 Summer 511 Sea of Grass
Another Zith! Spring 513 Flashback/Social 19 Winter 510 Sea of Grass
Rough and Tumble Girls Summer 513 Flashback/Social 30 Fall 504 Sea of Grass (Xy)
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Postby Shausha on May 17th, 2013, 8:00 am



Life Lessons
When At First You Don't Succed, Try, Try Again*
Using a Brush to Open a Lock? No Good*
Improvising to Imitate*
Breaking and Entering Into The Cobweb*
Location: The Cobweb*
Observing a Symenestra Aerial Dancer*
A Silent Promise To Visit The Cobweb Again*
Attempting to Aerial Dance*
Lore of Kalinor Geography (Starter Package)
Contents of second tab
Silent Flight (Starter Package)
Gods and Magic
Begging for Akajia’s Aid *


Fluent Language: Zithanese (not a written language)
Basic Language: Common (very basic reading and writing)
Poor Language: Symnos (a few key vocabulary words)


Gotta catch 'em all.


Show :
1 Set of Clothing
1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak or Coat
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood) Destroyed in Tangled
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Heirloom: Leather harnessImage


Location: Kalinor
House: Not quite settled in yet.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM

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Postby Shausha on June 29th, 2013, 4:18 am


I make signatures. If you want one and have over 75 posts, send me a PM.

Requests are currently: Open. Closed.

I spend anywhere from 1 - 4 hours per signature and take great pride in a completed piece. Please only request one if you plan on using it for a while.

As far as credit goes, I'll ask you to put this small banner below your siggy.

I also reserve the right to recycle your signature by putting a new name on it. I probably wont, though, unless you stop using it. :)


















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