Spirit/Rabbit/Lacerta/Kaili Absence thread!!

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Spirit/Rabbit/Lacerta/Kaili Absence thread!!

Postby Spirit Frostfawn on May 21st, 2013, 11:53 pm


I know it's sort of annoying, especially to all the awesome people I'm threading with... but, well, I've got to disappear for a week. Disappear as in no internet, no phone, no computer, nothing. Nooo Miz for me. For a week. Starting on this Saturday, I'll be gone (so my last day is this Fri)....

My deepest apologies to all you guys! I hope in the 1 on 1 threads, it wont be tooo much of a problem, though there is one I'm slightly worried about (I'll get to that later). So... those will just be on hold for a bit, and I'll get to them ASAP. Which will probably be the first Monday of June, or maybe even the Sunday. If miracles occur and I get home on Saturday early enough to reply, I'll try, but I'm arriving late and will probably be exhausted.

So... you may want to know where I'm heading off to this week, or you may not care. I'm explaining anyways. I'm heading off to something called 'Arts Camp'. Basically you get a week off of school to go do artsy stuff. Fun! Art + Camp = awesome. Really.... I think the thing I'm happiest is that I get to play African drums for 2 and 1/2 hours every day. That is going to be hilarious...

Anyways, enough about me dreaming wistfully about camp, and more about... Miz. The thread I was talking about, to all who know, is 'Rumors', with Rabbit in it. There's basically 4 other people in it, and I hate to disappoint them all by making them wait a week. That would be horrible. Sooo I'm giving the four of them (Ana, Xi, Evalin, and Imass) to do MINOR thingies with Rabbit. As in make him run away from Ana, glare at people, etc. He's not going to make any moves or anything, and it would be awesome if you guys got yourself into a big enough argument to ignore him for a while. For some reason I don't think it's going to be that hard... Possibly everyone's vision screws up for about five minutes, I don't know.

Also... This doesn't really apply to much for Lacerta, since she's in... a total of one active thread, which happens to be a flashback... (Sorry Luhrak) And same with Kaili, my other alt. She hasn't had activity for the past two weeks, and somehow I don't think anything else major is going to happen. Unless something amazing occurs and someone in one of her threads posts. Gillar, gimme a bit of lenience if you do...

That's all! Again, my apologies for ditching you guys right now, but a week isn't toooooooooo long, right? Really... this post could be longer XD (for an absence thread)


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