Daelerria's Plotnotes

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Daelerria's Plotnotes

Postby Daelerria al'Theyian on June 2nd, 2013, 2:33 am

Note: Currently Working-in-progress. More to be added soon

Daelerria al'Theyian

Personality Data
Just a note to myself in order to avoid confusion on how my character will behave in front of the PCs I'm threading with or will be threading in the future

Negative Traits

impolite (to people who are: strange and annoying)
quick-tempered (often shows when called miss,lady,girl,etc. but can be tolerated sometimes)

Positive Traits


Acquired Traits

to be added
Seasonal Character meet-ups

Character Name Meet-up date Meet up Notes & Location
Fubuki Kouri 89th day of Spring, 513 AV Sunset Falls
Jantys Vane 90th of Spring, 513 AV Syliras before venturing off to the Aylasa Caves


Character Name Meet-up date Meet up Notes & Location
to be added
to be added
Timeline of Events
I have no idea what term to put on...maybe as long as it has 'Pre-' it'll be legitimate right?....right?

Date/s Location Age of event Description
33rd of Fall, 494 AV - 67th of Fall, 501 AV Syliras 0-7 Infant & child years
21st of Summer, 502 AV Syliras 8 Educated (home tutoring) by her mother and grandfather
67th of Spring , 508 AV Syliras 14 Grandfather died of old age
45th of Summer, 508 AV Syliras 14 Larry's father returned home after 11 days of work commitment
81st of Winter, 508 AV Syliras 14 Mother died of severe sickness
2nd of Summer, 511 AV Syliras 17 Plans were arranged for Larry to study at Zeltiva under her aunt's protection
55th of Spring, 513 AV Syliras 19 Plans for Zeltiva were finalized, Larry leaves but not from the City. Currently hiding from her father thus, embarking her long journey to knighthood


Date/s Location Age of Event Description
to be added Soon
to be added Soon
to be added Soon

Seasonal Goals

Spring 513 AV
Summer 513 AV

Goal Progress
Become a squire No progress yet
Meet a skilled blacksmith No Progress yet
Get a job No progress yet
Do at least 4-5 Wilderness training threads (solo or with company) No progress yet
Learn Horsemanship No progress yet
Learn Driving No progress yet
Learn Riding(Horse) No progress yet
Do at least 3-4 sparring threads No progress yet
Move Weapon(dagger) skill to competent Level No progress yet
Increase the level of Unarmed Combat Skill No progress yet


Goal Progress
Meet a Jamoura No progress yet
Meet at least 4 new people No progress yet
Do at least 3 social threads No progress yet
Meet Someone who either had been to Wind Reach, Avanthal or Riverfall No progress yet
Learn to Speak Other Languages No progress yet
Know more about the Syliran Knights's History No progress yet
Do a Flashback Thread No progress yet
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