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[Wright Memorial Library] Castor helps a visitor interested in Art.

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The Snake in the Library (Khrassvallen)

Postby Castor Riley on September 10th, 2013, 8:11 pm

Castor kept walking. He paid little attention to anything else, and it was merely automatically that he made the necessary turns for them to arrive at their destination. He kept replaying the scene in his mind, the haughtiness with which he'd said the word 'animal', as though being human made him somehow superior. Even though he knew that that was not the case. Perhaps, in the past, before the Valterrian, one might have gotten away with having such backward opinions. However, it was a different world that they lived in, as Khrassvallen had clearly pointed out to him. Humans were not the powerful race they once were: they were alongside everyone else, battling for survival. No one was above anyone else, and if they truly wished to flourish in this hostile environment, they all had to work together.

Barring that, they definitely had to be careful not to offend those that could easily kill them.

"We've reached the Crafts section" he said, with what brightness he could muster. "Now if i could only figure out what we've done with the sculpting books..." He said, bringing over a ladder and beginning his search. In his element, he began to feel his tension seep away a bit. He passed over several books about sewing before he finally came to one that seemed perfect for the man. "Shaping Clay: An Introductory Guide to Sculpting", he read aloud for him. "How does that sound?" he said, offering the book to him from his place atop the ladder, ready to go searching for a more suitable one, if need be.
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