[Plotnotes] Aaron Fangbearer

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[Plotnotes] Aaron Fangbearer

Postby Aaron Fangbearer on June 5th, 2013, 11:08 pm

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[Plotnotes] Aaron Fangbearer

Postby Aaron Fangbearer on June 13th, 2013, 4:25 am

Skill Goals

Aaron is a fickle slave, keen to violence and jubilant in the face of pain. The skills below have certain needs that should be filled by summer's end. If anyone is in Sunberth and in need of a thread, please keep these skills in mind. Some list items will have (Lore) before them. This means that he needs to learn the lore through using the skill. In an example, the lore To Break Another is listed under Intimidation. Aaron needs to break the will of another with Intimidation (Meaning he needs more than 25 intimidate to do so) before I will accept the lore. Story moderaters and graders, please keep this in mind.

  • (Lore) Bones For Breaking
  • Aaron needs to gain five (5) skill points in Unarmed in a single post. This means combat and a lot of it. Skillful combat, not just I hit you, you hit me.
  • (Ultimate Goal) Aaron needs to gain fifty-one (51) total skill points in Unarmed and become Expert within the skill. This means he must earn a total of 21 skill points within this season.
  • Aaron needs to become Competent with Intimidation by Summer's end, which means he needs to acquire six (6) or more skill points.
  • (Lore) To Break Another. Aaron needs to break another's will using intimidation. This will not be available for accomplishment until he is Competent (26+ Skill Points) in Intimidate.
  • Aaron needs to gain three (3) or more Intimidate points in a single thread. This will be hard to accomplish.
  • Aaron needs to get into at least three (3) barfights this season, thus learning Brawling in each fight.
  • Aaron needs to gain fifteen (15) skill points or more during the Summer.
  • I would like for Aaron to gain five (5) points or more in Brawling in a single thread. This means a serious bar fight scene sometime.

Optional Skills

  • Aaron really needs to learn intelligence.
  • I'd hope he has fifteen (15) or more Intelligence skill points by Summer's End.
  • (Lore) Smart is what Stupid Isn't. Aaron would learn this upon gaining the skill Intelligence and gaining 5 points or more in the skill.
  • Aaron needs to learn Interrogation for his job as Vivianne's bodyguard.
  • Aaron should have ten (10) or more skill points by summer's end.
  • Aaron needs to learn Teaching by teaching another how to fight and/or defend themselves.
  • Aaron should have fifteen (15) skill points in Teaching by Summer's end.
  • (Lore) Teaching Pains. Aaron needs to gain this Lore after first learning how much of a pain Teaching another is.
  • Aaron needs to learn to write and gain five (5) or so skill points in it so it is barely legible.
  • Aaron needs to learn/gain Observation.
  • Aaron needs to gain fifteen (15) skill points in observation.
  • (Lore) Too Slow. Aaron should acquire this after being too slow to notice something important and suffering the consequences.
  • Hunting would be a useful skill to gain for Aaron.
  • Aaron should have fifteen (15) or more skill points in Hunting by Summer's End.
  • Aaron should gain more than a single point in a single thread by Summer's End.
  • Aaron needs to learn this skill before Summer's End.
  • (Lore) Keep Your Eyes Shut. Aaron needs to have his vision obscured somehow and still win a fight by luck before getting this. The obscurement should be caused by getting a drink tossed into his face or getting hit hard enough in the eye for this to be applicable.
  • Every enslaved Kelvic bodyguard should know this. Aaron is no different.
  • (Lore) To Work the Muscles. Aaron should gain this after giving Vivianne her first Massage and forgetting to coax her muscles to relax.
  • I'd assume he'd get at least five (5) skill points in Massage before Summer's end. Here's hoping for more.
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