Ghosts and Nuit Details

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Ghosts and Nuit Details

Postby Avind Coolwater on June 15th, 2013, 5:25 am

Fubuki Kouri wrote:Others
1. THE magic center of Mizahar is Sahova! City of the Nuits.
2. It's the latter. :) Be careful with magic, yes? :lol:
3. 42
4. !!!!!!
5. Capitalism! Ho!
6. Yes! *Kills you so you become a ghost* MWA HA HA!

You're very welcome! ;)

Thanks a lot for the infos. :) I'll try to keep all of that in mind while I finish working on this. Also no worries about justifying some of those RP-wise. It's already done. :X

I'm not sure if I'd like to move the background story to Sahova but I'll read more about it. Wouldn't fit as much as what I had thought of tho so I might very well not change it.

BTW, Kudos for the 42! XD
And "Capitalism, Ho!" Anime fan much? :P
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