[Rearing Stallion Tavern] A Friendly Drink (Open)

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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

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Re: [Rearing Stallion Tavern] A Friendly Drink (Open)

Postby Niall Raghnall on September 2nd, 2009, 12:26 pm

Niall listened with keen interest as the story of Akuaysun's life was unfolded before them. It was a grand story anf would have done wonders for a bard. This man did not look like a story teller, and he held the look of someone who was totally serious as he spoke. If the nuit could find a way to cheat death and jump around from one body host to another, then what this man said did not seem too far out of reach. Niall couldn't specifically grasp how Akuaysun had lived how he had, amongst the gods, but that did not mean it was impossible. That was a word best left out of the vocabulary when referencing the divine.

"Your story does intrigue me, Akuaysun. If there is ever a need for help, please feel free to ask."

Niall was quick to reach over and grab a mug of ale for the next new comer to this party. He was a human just shy of six feet and did not hold the warriors look to him. Yet his eyes were ever observant. They spoke of serious things and not the fancies of a businessman who only cared about play and money. Niall offered him the mug with a gracious smile and nod of the head. "We always have room for one more at this table. Welcome Syfec. I am Niall, and my friends are Akuaysun, Argis, and Nya. Sit with us please and tell us the story of how your feet brought you into this town, this tavern, and this table ... after Nya here tells me a bit more about herself."

Niall quickly changed his eyes to face the young woman of the group. there was something about her that said she felt out of place here. Maybe not so much that she felt out of place but more that she looked out of place. It was in her mannerisms such as the way she held the glass and the way she drank it. He would have assumed only animals went to linking their drinks, but Nya doing it was rather amusing. This woman had an interesting life whetehr she thought so or not, and niall wanted to hear about it.
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Re: [Rearing Stallion Tavern] A Friendly Drink (Open)

Postby Nya Winters on September 15th, 2009, 5:13 pm

Nya felt put on the spot. She glanced around at the other men, and eyed their weapons nervously. She tapped her mug of ale again, letting it foam up, and then leaned forward and ran her tongue across the froth, tasting the essence of the brew without truly drinking deeply of it. She glanced at Niall, a little uncomfortable with his dark skin, and then back at Akuaysun - equally uneasy. These were strangers. They weren't men as she knew them, but were instead something else... something not human. Syfec was someone she had already spoke too because he was human and there was nothing unusual about him. But the other two made her wary.

But the man wanted an answer and she decided she'd best give him one. "I came from the north, to the city, to buy some supplies and learn something of the people here. There is no great tale behind it. My parents decided I was too old to stay at home, so I decided to come here and look for a ... job." It was the truth, even though it wasn't exactly accurate. Finding a bondmate was finding a job really. The two were not interchangeable. The search had brought her here to Syliras on her mothers advice, and she'd followed it. "I also make pelts and sell them from hunting. There is good hunting around Syliras." She said, nodding. Then she looked around, hoping her answer would satisfy the man's curiosity and his attention would turn elsewhere.
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Re: [Rearing Stallion Tavern] A Friendly Drink (Open)

Postby Akuaysun on September 23rd, 2009, 9:19 pm

Aku nodded softly as he listened, taking another long draw from his mug and then glancing back about the group. They were an interesting conglomeration to say the least. He had shared his part and taken his just reward for the duty. It was a decent enough brew, and it tingled in the pit of his stomach but did little to dull his senses. The woman was a bit nervous as she spoke, purposely vague, and watchful. It was easy enough to spot, he had felt much the same not so many days ago. As the old sayings went it took one to know one. He smiled as she concluded and took another long pull, the mug running dangerously low on its sweet nectar at this point.

“I’ve not had the pleasure myself but I saw many a track on my way down from Ravok. Rather large beasts in these parts from what I could tell, it admittedly reminded me of Falyndar in the old days. Different trees though, not as rough going as the jungles. You should go sometime Nya, if you can make it to Taloba they used to be some of the best leather craftsmen one could meet.

He gave another smile as if to accentuate the point, a bit of mischief dancing in his eyes as if he had purposely left out something of his own. It was gone in an instant however as eyes disappeared behind the mug once more and finished their skyward journey. On release from his lips he placed the container back on the table perhaps a bit harder then was necessary whilst wiping a bit of the froth from his lips with an absent swipe of the thumb.

“If you will excuse me though, I have other pressing matters to attend to. It has been a delight to meet each of you, and if we should cross paths do not hesitate to call upon me.”

If none objected he would simply rise, collecting his things as he did so and moving to the door back into the day’s light. He didn’t truly have better things to do but the atmosphere at the table was growing a bit thick for his taste. He had come for the drink and the company, he had enjoyed the first, and left the dark skinned warrior with more then enough of the second, his role was more then filled. Glancing back once more before sliding out he smiled again, this new world was truly interesting.

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