Dear Mizaharians,

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Dear Mizaharians,

Postby Myra on July 16th, 2013, 10:41 am

Dear Mizaharians,

I am writing to inform you all that I say hello.


My name is Keira. You are free to call me that, or one of the following nicknames I've received in my short time on this Earth.

Smoking Pixie in Hospital
Keke (yes, there's a difference)
Raine (on account of my middle name)
Stormy (On account of both my middle name, and my tendency to run outside during thunderstorms)

I have little experience with roleplaying.
The first forum I joined had a small roleplaying community where I promptly joined a Harry Potter roleplay. It was supposed to be PG, but I sorta ran someone through with the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Oops.

Then it was time for Kidzworld! Oh, such memories! This was a kids (duh).. place. Pretty much where overprotective parents force their kids to go when they've been naughty.
But, as I soon made friends on KW, I didn't want to leave. Shortly after joining, I discovered the roleplaying! There were a bunch of fun little stories that I participated in for over two years.

At the beginning of this year, I found that the roleplays weren't entertaining me anymore, so I searched, 'best roleplaying forums' into our trusty friend Google. And, of course, Mizahar appeared.

I was totally unprepared for what Mizahar is.
Unlike other roleplays I've been in, here you actually have to worry about stuff. Stuff being financial position, survival, paying the rent, etc. It's unbelievably realistic, and I wasn't quite ready for that. I tried, I really did. Joined a couple of threads, but it never really kicked off.
So, I spent the next few months just coming on over to Mizahar in my spare time. I'd read roleplays instead of the lore. Because it's the people that make this place unique. How they play their PC's, how they view the world as a whole.

And now I'm ready.
I've really given it thought, and I'm gonna try and be a Kelvic. As I'm completely useless with my money, (Compulsive buyer, right here) I've decided to be a polar bear, and get into the Icewatch. Get myself some cash early on, huh? And, if working in the Avanthal 'police force' is voluntary work, I'll just go find a nice house to rob. Perhaps I should be a mouse, instead?

All my love,
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Dear Mizaharians,

Postby Lullaby on July 16th, 2013, 4:32 pm

Hey Keira!

First off, welcome to Mizahar (though you've already been here! xD). I agree, Mizahar is realistic in the sense of ledgers, and keeping track of skills, but that is what this place so great! It forces you to keep up with characters, develop them, work towards goals, all while keeping in mind they still need to earn the money to live (or like you mentioned, steal it off someone).

Kelvics are quite popular these days, and I'm really happy to see you wish to start in Avanthal, one of my favourite cities. That's overseen by our lovely storyteller, Noblesse, who is currently working very hard to maintain the place. ^^ Though, if you want to be a Kelvic in the Icewatch, I do believe you have to be a Dire Polar Bear Kelvic, which you can ask permission to be so in the Help Desk - found in the forum list. That's to get moderator approval, since Dire Kelvics are obviously quite rare.

Additionally, though it's great you've read threads and the like, I really do recommend going back and reading some lore. It is apparent you have not read the lore on the Icewatch, nor Avanthal, though to help you out a bit, those pages can be found here and here. I know, it can be intimidating at times to search through the lore, it can be grueling to read everything, but it pays off when you jump into a new city to stick by the ways of the land, and not get any moderator interventions.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to catch me in Chat, or PM me, I'd be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Best of luck.

Happy writing!

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