Ethaefal Biology

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Ethaefal Biology

Postby Sigfrid on July 20th, 2013, 4:11 pm

So from the lore, I know that Ethaefal can only reproduce in their earthbound form. My question is, would an Ethaefal feel any sort of sexual drive or erotic pleasure while in their Ethaefal form? I would think the answer is no for both since it's not needed (since the two are motivators for reproduction). And on that note, would they even have the equipment for reproduction in their Ethaefal form?

Another question while I'm asking, do Ethaefal feel any sort of muscle pain or fatigue in their Ethaefal form?

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Ethaefal Biology

Postby Gillar on July 30th, 2013, 6:06 am

I'm not an expert on Eth but I will share my thoughts on your questions.

First, I think they would indeed feel erotic pleasure and have a drive for sex. I doubt it would be quite the same for them like it would be in their mundane form. In fact, I could see pleasure and drive being heightened in their pseudo-divine forms as said forms bring them closer to their lives with Leth and Syna. All experiences I would imagine are heightened in those forms. They are glorious, exotic and beautiful when their deity is high in the sky which one would assume then that their "equipment" would definitely be present and match their enhanced forms.

As for muscle pain or fatigue, I don't see those being an issue while in full Eth form. Of course they would still be limited in physical activity. For example, an Eth wouldn't be able to lift great amounts of weight beyond what would be possible for a slightly enhanced specimen of their mundane form. I could see them being able to run long distances before tiring or feeling discomfort and "pain". They could drink amounts of alcohol that would otherwise knock a normal mortal on their butts and cause poisoning without suffering said effects. However, as soon as they return to their mundane forms, the consequences of their actions may very well carry over and cause no small amount of detriment. That is of course until they return to full Eth form the next day or night as the case may be.

That is how I view it anyway. Others may see see it all differently.
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