[Discussion] Why Are You Here?

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[Discussion] Why Are You Here?

Postby Ashe on August 20th, 2015, 1:00 pm

Hmm...."Why Am I here?"

That is a good question! However my answer is a simple one! Short? Maybe but slightly profound sure why not!

I came to Mizahar looking for someone I casually play a tabletop roleplaying game called Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition). Needless to say that I found said person and some of his alts. However before coming here I used to roleplay on a few private forums save for one that was reserved for a political simulator.

Each one of them were not like this place, not even by a long shot, every thread had it's own lore, most times one-liners were solemnly accepted, not everyone was on the same page, and some of the staff were simply not there, Myself included. Sometimes in my personal life what I did had a profound change in the sites I went to so maybe I will pop around to see what is my fancy....Or...Most Likely I will stay here.
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