Open Drawing in the Market

Vyktoria does what she does best, draw. Hoping to meet someone interesting

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Drawing in the Market

Postby Taylani on November 21st, 2013, 5:55 pm

XP Award!


XP Award:
  • +3 observation
  • +1 drawing
  • +3 socialization
  • +1 teaching
  • +1 planning
  • +2 riding

  • Yuri: Hoping to be employed in Zeltiva
  • Yuri: Mercenary

Notes:Don’t forget to update your ledger with the 2 GM’s Yuri gave Vyktoria and then subtract 2 GM for tipping Malus These are comments.

Yuri Lehrer:

XP Award:
  • +3 socialization
  • +1 drawing
  • +2 observation
  • +1 planning
  • +1 persuasion
  • +2 riding

  • Always being ran over in the Market
  • Vyktoria: Did some bad things but starting over
  • Vyktoria: Artist
  • Never looked back from his decision to help anyone in trouble.
  • Kelvic: Kelvics stay with their bondmate
Notes: These are comments.

XP Award:
  • +4 Musical Instrument: Guitar
  • +3 Brusking

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
Notes: Don’t forget to update your ledger on the +2 GM’s that brusking awarded you from Vyktoria These are comments.

Comments :
A comment on the length of this thread. 7 pages is a very long thread and there are several reasons to keep them short. The first is you are only allowed a max of 5 points in any one skill per thread. Be that thread 1 page or 100 its still 5. So if you divide up long threads into for instance Part 1 and Part 2 then you can get double the points potentially. The second reason is you can get points faster. While your writing Part 2 then Part 1 can begin to be graded. The final reason is for ease of grading. It takes a while to grade threads, and long threads take even longer because you have to remember which skills have maxed at 5 and which skills haven’t and try and find other skills to give if say Observation is already at 5.

To divide up a thread, all you have to do is throw a Part 1 in the first, and then start a new thread with Part two with the same time stamp on it.

Another tip on how to earn more skills is to always flesh out your posts. One liner posts will not net you any skill points. Plus even if you don’t realize that there is any skill to be earned just the describing of things can earn skill points.
Please pm me if you have any questions about your grade. Don’t forget to edit/delete your grade request..

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