[Kaie's Plotnotes] Belligerent Spirit

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[Kaie's Plotnotes] Belligerent Spirit

Postby Kaie on September 2nd, 2013, 9:49 pm


Where In The World Is Our Little Myrian Headed?

    - Kaie enters Syliras by Fall 516

    - Kaie enters Sunberth by the end of Fall 516

    - Shenanigans

Future Plans?

    - Play out any potential plots expanding from travels.

    - Retreat toward Falyndar.

    - Spend time in Riverfall

    - Eventually return to Taloba.

    - Witness the aftermath of her home due to the Djed Storm.

    - Death of Keikyo, Search for the killer.

- Enlist

-Explore sibling rivalry and resentments from Kaie's abandonment years prior.
Current Flashback Goals

    - Tiger Mauling

    -Further Training (Night Games)

    - Coming of Age Trials

    -When prerequisites are ready, seek moderated Blooding thread

    Skill Building Goals

    -Stealth Expert
    -Tracking Competent
    -Spear Competent
    -Gladius Expert
    -Kukri Competent
    - Climbing Competent
    -Camouflage Competent
    -Acrobatics Expert
    -Wilderness Survival Expert

    Past Travels

  • Leaves Taloba: 2nd Spring 511
  • Arrives at Falyndar's Suvan Shore: 50th Spring 511
  • Crosses Suvan Sea to Riverfall: 53rd Spring 511
  • Riverfall to Syliras: 30th Summer 511
  • Djed Storm in Syliras: 1st Spring 512

Travel Times

Useful Tracking.

Future Spear Technique

Summary of Death in Swordfights


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