Flashback [The Infirmary] Arts Entwined (Gale)

Hana asks Kari for a favour

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[The Infirmary] Arts Entwined (Gale)

Postby Jorin Ertihan on September 7th, 2013, 12:52 am


Season of Spring, Day 53, 502 AV

It was a cool spring morning that Kari found herself walking to the infirmary. She rarely came to this place; it was never a particularly happy locale and she desperately wished her elder son wouldn't land himself in here so often. But as is the wont of rebellious young boys, Jorin insisted on doing dangerous things, perhaps just to give his parents fits. In any case, today Kari was not there to visit Jorin. She was there to visit an old friend, who had a favor to ask of her.

Kari sighed as she smoothed out the delicately embroidered dress she was wearing. Hana had been getting sicker and sicker lately, and Kari felt guilty that she'd not had the time to visit her friend more often. She knew Hana did not blame her for this, but Kari felt she'd abandoned her somehow, so when she received word that Hana needed something of her, she'd thrown on the first dress she could lay hands on, put on her bonnet, and headed out.

Kari weaved her way through the infirmary halls with her usual dignified stride. The graceful wife of Rosik Ertihan did not hurry, as it was not her way. She would reach Hana in time, she was certain of this. As she walked, her golden blonde hair trailed behind her, and her delicate features were smooth and serene. Her nose did not wrinkle at the smell of blood, nor did her eyes water from the sights that were commonplace here in the infirmary. Kari was not heartless, but she was also not weak.

Jorin, for his part, toddled along with her, his eyes going left to right and back again with the impatience borne of equal parts boredom and youth. Despite his misadventures landing him in this place more often than he really preferred, he didn't actually like being near so many sick people, and apparently they were going to meet some woman he'd only seen briefly, with his cousin. She was pretty, but other than that the young boy didn't know anything about her and frankly didn't care.

As Kari finally reached the room where Hana was being monitored, Kari did not hesitate, but opened the door. Her lips curled into a comforting smile as she walked in, genuine pleasure shining from her face as she called out to her friend.

"Hana, my dear! It has been too long. How have you been? You wished to see me?"
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[The Infirmary] Arts Entwined (Gale)

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on November 11th, 2013, 11:28 pm

Common Vani Nari

As it appears, each day had slowly began to reveal their machinations. Each day, Hana had become more torpid, despite Gale's expiation. While all he could think about was Hana's affliction and whether she would make it through the night, he felt that all she could think about was how stressed he was. He was awfully puzzled by this fact, unsure of how she manages to not continuously think about her health. It must be her optimism in which he found abstruse as well.

"Gale?" The artist heard Hana say and his weary eyes looked over at her.

"Hm?" The man rubbed his eyes as he sat up from his chair.

"Sorry to wake you, sweetie, but Kari is coming to visit and she's bringing Jorin. Is it alright if you can watch him while I talk to her?" The flower enthusiast questioned with a soft smile.

"Jorin?" Where would Gale start about that boy? The few times in which he had babysat the child proved that he was nothing but trouble. All he could do was pray that if he ever had any kids that they wouldn't be anything like that brat. "Why? What are you to going to talk about?" The artist questioned with obvious disapproval.

"Just trivial things, dear." Her smile was solace.

As much as Gale was sure that the lad had his machinations, not complying to Hana's request would result in him attempting yet another expiation. "Alright." He sighed. "When are they coming?"

"They are-" Hana spoke but was interrupted by Kari's entrance and greeting. "-Right here. Hi Kari, indeed it has been too long." Her voice was rather hoarse in attempts to raise it, but the discernment of sickness lingering about her was quickly washed away by her warming smile. Hana waved her hands tenderly for Kari to come to her bed side. Thankfully this mysterious disease wasn't contagious from their knowledge, or else Gale would have gotten it, continuously being at her side and all. Thus Hana had no fear of contaminating Kari with her lethal illness. "How have you been, dear?" She questioned, giving Gale time to go see Jorin before continuing with the matter she had called Kari in for.

The blonde looked over at the young boy who had been following Kari's side. As usual, he look utterly disinterested in whatever was going on around him. Gale stood up, despite his somnambulism, and approached the boy, kneeling down to his height. "Hey Jorin." Was all he could say. What else could he say? Not a whole lot besides,"You want to go outside?" As much as he hated to leave Hana's side, Gale figured the boy didn't want to be stuck in here with all the moaning and groaning the other patients were doing. He sure didn't, but was bound to the place until Hana either got better or...

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