Open Marekos's City Life

Marekos just got into town from Charobosi, can he handle the Land Dwellers?

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Marekos's City Life

Postby Marekos on September 9th, 2013, 8:12 pm

3rd of Fall 513

Marekos just walking away from the dock realized he needed food. He wondering what to do so he asked around after hearing about The World's End Grotto , he decided to head that way.

Marekos, walks into the World's End Grotto, seeing Serra Danielle walked up to the counter where she was.

"Hello, do you have a room available?" He asks a little nervous.

"Of course, 2 sm a night." Serra says.

He places the money on the counter "And do you have anything without meat in it to eat?" He asks.

She looks at him "We might have some vegetable stew in the back if that works?" She says.

"How much?" He asks.

"1 SM." She says.

He places it on the counter and sit's down at a table waiting for his stew to arrive.
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Marekos's City Life

Postby Gale Austin McCenry on September 10th, 2013, 12:08 am

Common Vani Nari

Everyone was familiar with those day. Yes. Those days. Those days were you wake up late yet you still feel exhausted and you go about your day acting like a mindless freak. Everyone has them at some point.

And today... was just one of those days.

Gale woke up at the same time as usual and trudged out of the city for his daily colloquy with his wife. After almost falling asleep half a dozen times due to the mountain's somniferous nature, he walked back and went about his daily business with saggy eyes and many, many yawns.

Sitting at a table with a grilled fish on his plate, the blonde yawned once again before cutting a a small piece of it with his eating knife and chewing it slowly. Gale rubbed his eyes continuously, as if he hoped for the exhaustion to magically vanish and go plague someone else. But it didn't and tired ol' Gale was left to look around the room aimlessly, looking at the few others within the room. A young women was digging through her bag for was he could only assume was her room keys, a man was talking nonchalantly with a partner about some nonsense, and there was a fish standing and getting a-Wait, what?

Gale raised an eyebrow at the foreign sight of a Charoda, dyeing the rubbery looking skin and have a dozen ligaments sprouting from it's head. Were they fins? The look of confusion about the man made it clear that this creature was abstruse to him. Upon looking down at the fish he was eating, he subconsciously compared it to the Charoda itself.

Yeah, he wasn't very hungry anymore.
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Marekos's City Life

Postby Marekos on November 10th, 2013, 12:34 am

Marekos continues eating, he sees some land-dwellers staring at him.
He looks down at his food, feeling strange about being such an oddity, when he was normal back home. He pushes the bowl away. "Thank you for the food, it was good." Marekos says, he then gets up to grab his cloak, and leave.

He's caught by a couple big looking men. "Going somewhere... Fish?" One of them asks. "Please gentleman, I do not want any trouble." He says, slowly reaching for his dagger.

The other man grabs him by the shoulder. "Why don't you come with us." He says. "Please, you don't want to do this." Marekos says. "New to the surface aren't you? Yeah, you still smell like the sea. Well, if you attack us, who's going to jail? Not us. They will blame the stranger. So come, let's act like a couple of 'Chums' and leave." He says pushing him towards the door.
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