[Kenash Development] Games, Lores & So Much More!

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[Kenash Development] Games, Lores & So Much More!

Postby Adelaide Sitai on September 2nd, 2014, 12:06 am

Cuisine - Kenashian Delicacies

ImageKenashian Stew
Kenashian Stew originally was a stew originally made by Kenashian fishermen out of the fish that nobody wanted rather than for the higher classes but, in a way, from 409AV onwards, it started to become un-democratised and turned into a delicacy. The odd thing is that Kenash would have a fish stew as a staple of its haute cuisine at all, bearing in mind that fishing in Kenash can be quite lucrative.

There have to be at least three kinds of fish in a traditional Kenashian Stew: typically red rascasse, gilt-head bream and sea robin. A proper Stew also tends to contain turbot, monkfish and mullet or hake, but may also involve the use of shellfish and other seafood such as sea urchins, mussels, velvet crabs, spider crabs and octopus or even squid. The more expensive variations of the stew which are preferred by the Dynast families also include lobster, though this was evidently never part of the dish which was originally consumed by the fishermen of Kenash. This fish stew is usually accompanied by a quantity of vegetables, with favourites including tomatoes, leeks, onions, celery, and potatoes which are simmered together with the fish juices and then served alongside the fish itself. For those who are especially keen on having a proper Kenashian stew, the result then tends to be drizzled with garlic, cayenne pepper, olive oil and, another addition by the Dynasts, saffron.

In Kenash, the soup-like stew can be served first in a soup plate with the fish served separately on a large plate or, more commonly, the fish and soup can be served together in large soup plates.

ImageThe Draer Cone
"The Draer Cone" was an accidental creation by a Kenashian pastry chef, member of the Draer Dynasty, towards the end of the third century after the Valterrian. According to the Draer family themselves, the cone structure was originally a means of keeping little pastries cool during the hottest season of the year, where the pastries would be stacked onto each other around a cone filled with ice. This method did not work very well, but the Pastry Chef realised he had stumbled on something worthwhile when a Dynast ordered a large tower, exactly like the cone, for his daughter's wedding cake. Since then, "The Draer Cone" as it is called, has become a staple of Kenashian festivals and celebrations but also a delicacy that newcomers to the city are quick to try.

The Draer Cone is, in practice, an assemblage of cream puffs (or occasionally other kinds of round pastries) stacked on top of each other in a sort of pyramid, or cone, as the name indicates. These puffs are stuck together using caramel or spun sugar so that the tall, usually conical shape is sturdy and attractive to behold. Often the Draer Cone is then decorated with sugared almonds, chocolate, flowers, or ribbons, even sprinkles and, at some Dynast Parties, gold dust. At other times, it can be found covered in macaroons or ganache.

ImageBlood Sausage
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