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Postby Adelaide Sitai on September 17th, 2013, 6:50 pm


"Never look back when you can look forward."


Name: Adelaide Blanche Sitai
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Birthday: 72nd Autumn 490 AV
Birthplace: Kenash
Dynasty: Sitai

Appearance :
Most people tend to either find Adelaide beautiful and intriguing or plain and odd-looking, with little leeway in the middle. Some people, more accustomed to the symmetrically featured, paint-by-numbers, pearly-toned blonde beauties that the population in number tend to uphold as the idyll of feminine beauty, class her appearance as 'aristocratic' or 'unusual'. Others will say, by way of a compliment, that she has particularly good skin. When it comes down to it, her teeth, though perfectly white, are crooked. Her nose is large and irregular. One eye is more heavy lidded than the other. In fact, her features could be described as quite masculine with a strong jaw-line and very feminine lips, that almost look swollen. Adelaide doesn't try and distract people by hiding what many would perceive to be flaws under layers upon layers of make-up. Neither does she seek to change her appearance, perhaps alter her nose or enlarge her chest. Rather, she appreciates that she is unique and tries to challenge preconceived standards of beauty, noting them without feeling the need to bend to them.

Her hair is dark and long to the small of her back, framing her heavy lidded eyes and immaculately sculpted eyebrows. However, her dark hair is strangely susceptible to the sun's rays and, though neither Adelaide nor her Cosmetologist nor the Apothecary have worked out why yet, tends to lighten considerably during the Spring and the Summer, even to an ashy blonde. Sometimes, Adelaide reacts to this by dying it back, sometimes by just letting it be. As to the exact colour of her eyes, it is hard to tell. In some lights, they look almost golden, but they are flickered with green, light almond brown and even purple at times. On the whole, one can acknowledge that they are of a dark, chocolate brown.

Adelaide is of an average size, maybe even on the small side, but appears taller due to her personality and the way she carries herself. Her figure is more conventionally attractive than her facial features. Slim, with delicate curves, an enviably small waist and a small, but perfectly formed, bust proportionate to her slight frame. Her legs are long and her hips wide, giving her a perfect, if light, hourglass figure. Clothes tend to fit particularly well on Adelaide and she tends to buy good quality - statement pieces or basic shapes in bold colours and black - and is very fond of outfits that, in her words, "Reveal everything and nothing."

Character Personality :
Adelaide's personality is as striking as her appearance. It's intense, strong, passionate and stubborn - to some, it may even be offensive. That is if you don't like the truth, the brutal honest truth. Usually, she doesn't say anything if she considers it irrelevant or thinks it better to say nothing at all, but if someone starts a fight, she likes to have the last word. Adelaide is not mean, far from it, but she has a brazen personality, confident and tough, and thus has a lack of comprehension of those who are less sure of themselves. On the other hand, on the rare occasions when she's brought people close to tears, she'll almost always regret it and, besides, has a hard time holding a grudge against anyone, tending to blow hot and cold rather than holding things against anyone for a period of time, preferring to "Forgive and Forget".

A further dynamic to this side is the passionate hopeless romantic who lives life to the full and loves almost to the point of madness, desperately flinging herself from one ill-fated romance to another and living every day as if it were her last. It is partly for this reason that she has so many hobbies and so many aspirations. She is relentlessly ambitious and fully aware that this can sometimes make her selfish, ill-tempered and manipulative, but unlike many people, she sees her flaws as something to overcome, opportunities to better herself rather than something to be proud of in blind arrogance or something to hide. Adelaide is a great believer in self-improvement. Although competitive and thinking highly of healthy competition between people, she considers it far more important to seek to be better than her current self rather than strive to be better than other people.

Finally, there is a more complex and conflicted side that most people tend not to be exposed to as it is hidden deep down for fear of being mocked, completely contrasted with her passion and vivacity as much as her ambition and pride. It's emotional, very vulnerable, and it can make her cynical and depressed. Although she has reached a point where she can face up to her past, old wounds that run so deep are hard to heal. Sometimes she remembers the way she was bullied by some of the other Dynasty brats for the way she looked. Sometimes, she still feels the pain that came from the death of the first man, and perhaps the only man, she ever truly loved. She still has fantasies of what their life could have been like if only everything hadn't ended so abruptly. When these moments come over her, she is liable to stay in her room for hours on end, completely lethargic and deaf to the world outside or anyone trying to disturb her web of silence, letting the thoughts run away with themselves or settle into the recesses of her memories.

Adelaide can be eccentric. Most of her eccentricities are natural, while a few are self-imposed. Having a memorable face is one thing. Having the character and personality to carry it off is entirely another and, since that day, that's what she has focused on. Interestingly, in spite of her large nose and crooked teeth, Adelaide is a born seductress and avidly flirtatious. She walks well, dresses well and holds herself with dignity. Intelligent and interesting, she intrigues people and knows how to captivate an audience. Adelaide is a natural actress. Even if she does not always sympathise with others, she has a great capacity for empathy and a good understanding of the suffering of others. Sensual and charming, she has been mostly disappointed with the fact that she never receives the roles of protagonists and young ingenues. Rather, she is often typecast into the roles of villains, madwomen and mistresses.

Character History :
Adelaide started out life as she went through it - with no small amount of drama. She was born a fortnight earlier than planned, quicker than most and at a most inappropriate time. Namely, in a carriage driving along the Ki River, four bells away from both her family's plantation (Bloodflower) and the city of Kenash. The stressful nature of the situation for her mother, Valentina, and the lack of aid available led swiftly to an untimely death. To the great surprise of the entire Sitai family, late in the night of the 72nd of Autumn 490, Adelaide's father - Roland - returned to the Bloodflower plantation, his clothes stained with blood, the body of his wife and a tiny red-faced infant girl, his second daughter, crying softly in his arms. It had been difficult to govern exactly what day Adelaide's birthday fell on, whether it had actually been before midnight or in the early hours of the 73rd but, so in order that Adelaide's birthday and the day of Valentina's death could be commemorated as two separate events, Adelaide's birthday was registered as the 72nd.

In spite of this fairly unconventional start to life, Adelaide shared the same childhood as her initially hostile elder sister and any of her cousins, happy and rich in the privileged life which being a dynasty brat offers. Far from blaming Adelaide for her mother's death and letting it pull them apart, Roland Sitai was a very affectionate father who was quick to defend his daughter whenever she did wrong or was naughty, something which invariably happened quite frequently. Really, until Adelaide reached the age of thirteen, she could not have been happier, in spite of being able to feel the hole created by loss of the mother she never knew quite severely. She was taught, along with the other Sitai children, a number of skills by a multitude of erratic tutors maddened by their young students' lack of concentration. If Adelaide was often naughty, took issue with authority and had no problems with saying exactly what she thought, (often much to the amusement of the Sitai clan) she did, however, enjoy learning, eager to discover as much as possible about life, about the world and anxious to prove herself to her family. As such, she became well-versed in reading, writing, singing, politics, law, philosophy, persuasion, mathematics, riding and, of course, playing the Viola da Gamba - all skills considered essential by her father.

With the awakening of her burgeoning sexuality, she became much more aware of her flaws, especially when compared to other, conventionally prettier members of her family. Her teenage years were considerably darker than her childhood which, though not void of issues (She had once set fire to part of the plantation and, at another time, been caught throwing ink projectiles at the head of the leader of the Morealis Family)Being a fiery romantic, the lack of prospects she imagined for love in her future led to her reaching a low point, depressed, angry and losing all taste for life. She even stopped eating for a while and lost a considerable amount of weight, which did nothing to improve either her appearance or her mood. Luckily, both her father and her sister stuck by her side throughout three long, dark seasons and eventually she emerged from her self-created well of self-pity to flourish again.

Unfortunately, she plunged back into self-loathing two years later when, aged seventeen, she knew her first great crush and consequential heartache. After her father had taken so long to mend her fragile self-esteem, it collapsed almost immediately when she was turned on by the man she thought she loved. A friend of hers originally, she developed deeper feelings for him, and was very hurt when he rejected her cruelly and tactlessly in favour of her elder sister, Zuleikha (who promptly showed him the door). Again, it took her a couple of seasons to recover but she eventually did, confident, thick-skinned and imbued with great personal strength as result. Though she claimed to have brought about her own recovery, it was with the help of her family and, to her great surprise, two rivals for her love that she eventually became an assured young woman who would never again be liable to the sort of self-inflicted traumas she experienced during her adolescence. In the Summer of 507, she met Dorian Paddleton and Gideon van Arken for the first time at the Midnight Market, the worst of her troubles fading into a memory. They were two friends, students in History from the University of Zeltiva seeking to write a paper on the subject of the Dynastic families of Kenash. Adelaide, who had naturally been brought up to very proud of her cultural heritage and her Sitai roots, offered to help them. By the end of the season, the two of them were trying to out-do each other with the aim of impressing her and gaining her affection, something which was incredibly uplifting to a young woman who had convinced herself of her unattractiveness. By the beginning of the Autumn season, she was at the centre of an elaborate love triangle and, by the time of her eighteenth birthday, the three of them were lovers. It was partly for this reason, and partly out of a desire for adventure and knowledge, that in the Winter, she left Kenash, arriving in Zeltiva with the two of them on the first day of Spring 508.

She stayed in Zeltiva for two years and, while she was there, took classes in Poetry, Playwriting and Acting. Adelaide truly embraced every aspect of Zeltivan life, her family name allowing her a certain amount of affinity with the ruling class, but not so well-known as to pose any issues to her in her pursuance of a thoroughly bohemian student-lifestyle. She started drinking coffee and alcohol, smoking, reading heavy books written by pretentious writers and lauded by overbearing critics. She started wearing black, trousers and expensive perfume and finally indulged in her sexual fantasies with men, women and anything in between. She considered revolution, the upheaval of the proletariat and read about the Valterrian. It was this that turned her away from her dreams of revolutionising society. Adelaide realised then that the world needed balance and, thought it did not seem fair that some were born slaves and some were born masters, she considered that there needed to be a lower order in the world in order that there be a higher order. There needed to be poverty so that one might appreciate wealth. Thus, there had to be a day and a night. Pain had to exist in order for pleasure to be felt. Death had to happen so that people could live. Sickness walked hand in hand with health. It was the natural order of things.

During this period of peace, pensiveness and philosophy, Adelaide started having relations with a Benshiran musician - Naolom - who taught her the basics of playing the lyre. Not long after, she was pregnant, news that she greeted with both joy and ambiguity, worried by what her family would say and happy to be carrying the child of a man she loved very much. Naolom asked her to marry him and Adelaide agreed and set about writing a letter to her father informing him of her upcoming marriage. Unfortunately, before the letter was posted, Naolom and Adelaide had an accident while on a sailing trip. Adelaide, unable to swim, would have drowned if Naolom had not saved her. All seemed well at first but the next day, Naolom came down with a cold which four days later, turned into a raging fever. Adelaide stayed by his bedside night and day, but was unable to do much to help him - the cold seemed only to worsen his coughing and the heat only caused his temperature to rise. On the 3rd of Autumn 510AV, it looked like he was getting better and he was able to have a conversation with Adelaide and eat something. However, after a night of delirium, late into the morning of the 4th of Autumn 510 AV, Naolom died. Adelaide was heartbroken but determined to keep going for the sake of Naolom's unborn child until, on the 12th of Autumn 510 AV, she miscarried one hundred and fifty days into her pregnancy.

The young woman was inconsolable. Although her friends rallied to offer their support, and assured her that she would get through it, she thought differently and resolved to return to her family in Kenash. The loss of Naolom made her realise how petty her previous depressions over her appearance had been, for she saw that she now knew what true suffering was. Deciding to quit her courses, she went to visit her professors to inform them of her decision and was dealt a further blow to her fragile mentality. Professor Harakhoum, who had been her Art teacher over the previous year, tried to take advantage of Adelaide's state of unrest and need for human affection. When she immediately rejected his advances, he became violent and attempted to rape the young woman who, already blighted by personal tragedy, could not understand this betrayal by someone whom she had trusted. Although Adelaide's screams alerted another Professor to her predicament and Professor Harakhoum could go no further than removing her shirt, it was the last straw that broke the camel's back. Adelaide withdrew into herself, into a state of complete inertia. It wasn't until the end of the Autumn season that she said anything at all and then, only this, "I want to go home." Trusting only her first Zeltivan friend, Gideon van Arken, they set off together back to Kenash, Adelaide still refusing to say anything save, "I want to go home."

Recent History :
On the 76th of Winter 510AV, Adelaide and Gideon arrived at the Bloodflower Plantation. Adelaide once again regressed into a state of complete muteness which lasted until the beginning of the Summer. Nothing could be done throughout that time. Her father, Roland, did everything he could to help his daughter, spending sleepless nights at her bedside and summoning the best physicians the family could afford to help her. It all seemed in vain until, one day when Gideon and Zuleikha were supposed to be reading to her, Adelaide overheard Gideon asking her sister to marry him. It was the 4th of Summer 511AV, one year to the day since Naolom proposed to her and Adelaide was struck by the sudden feeling that the rest of the world was moving on without her, that she was getting left behind and that that was not what Naolom would have wanted. The next day, everybody was shocked to find her sitting up in her bed, smiling. Adelaide promptly congratulated the young couple on their engagement which Roland, seeing the joy it caused her, did not have to heart to refuse to as he had intended to.

In the Winter of the same year, Zuleikha and Gideon were married in a beautiful, but intimate, ceremony on the Bloodflower plantation and their union was blessed by the Goddess Cheva. By this point, Adelaide's condition had improved hugely. Though she was still confined to her family plantation, she had started taking walks, even riding, singing and writing poetry again. She was thus able to act as Maid of Honour for her sister and it was the opportunity for members of other Dynasties attending to find out more about the wayward daughter of the Sitai clan. In the two years since she had left Kenash, Adelaide had lost much of the buoyant, almost crazed, vivacity of her youth. She had grown considerably more mature, now seeming more adult than adolescent and, in spite of her eccentricities and that which she was suffering, a great deal more tolerant to the flaws and ignorance of others. Everyone seemed to come to the overall conclusion that Adelaide was cured of her ailments and Gideon went home to Zeltiva with Zuleikha. However, Adelaide still very much had her demons. Firstly, for some reason, being assaulted by the Art Professor which she had held in such high esteem left her completely unable to take up a paintbrush without a feeling of absolute revulsion and any skill she may have gained in the discipline was completely lost. She took up designing again and, at the beginning of 513AV was loaned money from her family to set up her business, "The Playhouse", a Theatre right by the Sea. Secondly, Adelaide was wracked by an incredible feeling of guilt whenever anything resembling flirtation occurred between her and another person. Naturally flirtatious, this cost her many sleepless nights and even more tears so that it wasn't until the end of Spring 513AV, more than two years and a half after Naolom's death that Adelaide started pursuing a romantic relationship with a man twenty-five years her senior, Novak Draer. A pastry chef by profession, Novak had started laying the foundations for their relationship by the end of 512, when he had started riding by the family home to make his intentions known to Roland, bringing flowers for Adelaide and offering to accompany her into the city whenever she felt up for it.

In Autumn 513AV Adelaide, her business set up and blessed with a patient, experienced partner, met Oscar Myope, a gentle, softly-spoken, freeborn lawyer from Zeltiva. Although Novak was initially completely opposed to the idea, he acquiesced to Adelaide's desire to re-create the ménage-a-trois that had heralded her travelling to Zeltiva. The relationship between the three was difficult at first but by mid-Autumn, Adelaide was able to manage a successful romance with both Oscar and Novak. However, two seasons later, in Spring 514AV, Oscar fell in love with someone else, a young and beautiful, if not particularly intelligent, servant. The relationship between Oscar and Adelaide ended, much to Novak's delight, and Adelaide embraced the many conveniences of only having one lover.

History Post-Creation :

"A taste for the truth at any cost is a passion which spares nothing."


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Postby Adelaide Sitai on July 16th, 2014, 5:52 pm



- Simple white blouse with large, billowing sleeves (sp)
- Floor-length, sweeping black skirt pulled in tightly at the waist (sp)
- Knee-high red leather boots (sp)
- Oversized knee-length black velvet coat (sp)
- Tailored grey coat of fine wool (picture below)
- Red silk shirt
- Yellow silk shirt
- Black silk shirt
- Pastel blue silk shirt
- Black tapered trousers
- Blue Culottes
- Belt
- Brown Culottes
- Blue birdcage veil
- Black silk scarf with green and gold sequins
- Dark red silk scarf with a gold print of the Sitai Rose
- Emerald green floor-length velvet skirt
- Red floor-length skirt of fine wool
- Red dancing shoes
- Knee-high riding boots
- Full velvet silver cloak
- Silk Dress (picture below)
- White Linen Dress
- Red Linen Dress
- Blue Silk Dress (inspired by the sea)
- Turquoise Linen Dress
- Gold Linen Dress
- White toga
- White sandals
- Turquoise fringed sandals
- Gladiator sandals
- Linen Undergarments
- Cotton Undergarments x2

Hobbies and Weapons

- Sewing Needle
- 1 Waterskin
- 1 Backpack which contains:
A) Food for a week
B) 1 eating knife
C) Flint & Steel
Toiletries and Jewellery
- Gold Torc (heirloom)
- Rare Perfume
- Simple make up
- Comb
- Soap
- Hairbrush
- Razor
- Script: The Mistress and The Maiden

Silk dressImage
Grey coatImage
Blue culottesImage
Brown culottesImage
Sea DressImage

Housing: :
A suite on the Bloodflower Plantation. An average sized room with large windows, stone floor and walls painted an antique white. A good-quality fireplace with stone chimneypiece lights up the wall opposite the windows, a simple but elegant double bed with yellow hangings. Near the window is an alcove to sit in, next to which is a large wooden trunk. Other furniture includes a desk, two chairs and a side table


Money :
Purchase Cost Total
Starting +1000 GM 1000 GM
Scimitar -15 GM 985 GM
Four silk shirts -10GM 975 GM
Dancing shoes -10GM 965 GM
Riding Boots -1GM 964 GM
Cotton Undergarments x2 -2SM 5CM 963 GM 7sm 5cm
Two silk scarves -5GM 958 GM 7sm 5cm
Fine wool grey coat -1GM 8SM 956 GM 9sm 5cm
Emerald Green Velvet Skirt -8GM 948 GM 9sm 5cm
Fine wool Red Skirt -1GM 2SM 947 GM 7sm 5cm
Rare Perfume -12GM 935 GM 7sm 5cm
Full Cloak -2GM 933 GM 7sm 5cm
Silk Dress -20GM 913 GM 7sm 5cm
White Linen Dress - 8SM 912 GM 9sm 5cm
Dyed Linen Dress x 3 - 3 GM 6SM 909GM 3sm 5cm
Toga -8CM 909GM 2sm 7cm
Shoes, Sandals x 3 -6SM 908GM 6sm 7cm
Sewing Needles -5SM 908GM 1sm 7cm
Viola da Gamba -45GM 863GM 1sm 7cm
Artists Toolkit -25GM 838GM 1sm 7cm
Trousers x 3 -2GM 4sm 835GM 6sm 7cm
Parasol -2GM 833GM 6sm 7cm
Fan -1GM 832GM 1sm 7cm
Charcoal (10 sticks) - 5cm 832GM 1sm 2cm
Belt -2sm 832GM 9sm 2cm
Living Expenses Autumn 513AV -450GM 387GM 9sm 2cm
Simple makeup -10GM 377GM 9sm 2cm
Silk Dress -20GM 357GM 9sm 2cm
Income Summer 514AV +700GM 1057 GM 9sm 2cm
Living Expenses Summer 514AV -450GM 607GM 9sm 2cm
Ink sticks -3GM 604GM 9sm 2cm
Quill -5cm 604GM 8sm 7cm
Book, blank x2 -6GM 598GM 8sm 7cm
Black ink -1GM 567GM 8sm 7cm
Birdcage veil -2GM 565GM 8sm 7cm
Income Fall 514AV +700GM 1265GM 8sm 7cm
Living Expenses Fall 514AV -450GM 815GM 8sm 7cm
Living Expenses Summer 515AV -450GM 365GM 8sm 7cm
Income Summer 515AV +700GM 1065GM 8sm 7cm



Creative Skills
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Acting 15SP 15RB 2xp 2xp 3xp 3xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 3xp 1xp 2xp 1xp 50 Competent
Composition 26SP 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 32 Competent
Poetry 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 6 Novice
Singing 9SP 2xp 11 Novice
Music Composition 1xp 1 Novice
Drawing 1xp 2xp 3 Novice
Dancing 1xp 2xp 3 Novice
Storytelling 1xp 4xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 8 Novice
Writing 1xp 1 Novice
Busking 1xp 1 Novice

Social skills
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Philosophy 2xp 2xp 3xp 1xp 3xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 14 Novice
Leadership 3xp 1xp 1xp 3xp 1xp 2xp 11 Novice
Diplomacy 1xp 2xp 3 Novice
Politics 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 4 Novice
Persuasion 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 5 Novice
Seduction 1xp 1 Novice
Flirting 2xp 2 Novice
Rhetoric 1xp 3xp 5xp 3xp 3xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 2xp 1xp 2xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 2xp 2xp 31 Competent
Negotiation 1xp 1xp 1xp 3 Novice
Planning 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 2xp 11 Novice
Tactics 1xp 1 Novice
Organisation 1xp 2xp 1xp 4 Novice
Judging 2xp 2 Novice
Research 2xp 2 Novice
Socialisation 2xp 3xp 2xp 5xp 2xp 3xp 3xp 4xp 3xp 3xp 2xp 1xp 3xp 2xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 4xp 2xp 1xp 3xp 1xp 52 Expert
Observation 2xp 1xp 5xp 3xp 2xp 1xp 3xp 2xp 1xp 2xp 3xp 2xp 1xp 4xp 2xp 2xp 1xp 3xp 3xp 2xp 1xp 2xp 1xp 1xp 2xp 52 Expert

Mental Skills
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Intimidation 2xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 7 Novice
Investigation 1xp 2xp 1xp 1xp 5 Novice
Interrogation 2xp 1xp 3 Novice
Intelligence 1xp 1xp 2 Novice
Impersonation 1xp 1 Novice
Mathematics 2xp 1xp 1xp 4 Novice
Logic 1xp 1xp 2 Novice

Practical Skills
Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Sewing 2xp 2 Novice
Tailoring 1xp 1 Novice
Riding 2xp 2 Novice
Running 1xp 1xp 1xp 3 Novice
Swimming 1xp 1 Novice
Acrobatics 1xp 1 Novice
Climbing 2xp 2 Novice
Medicine 1xp 1 Novice
Teaching 1xp 1 Novice
Hostessing 2xp 2 Novice
Cosmetology 1xp 1 Novice
Camouflage 1xp 1 Novice
Botany 1xp 1 Novice
Animal Husbandry 1xp 1 Novice
Stealth 1xp 1xp 2 Novice
Endurance 2xp 1xp 2xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 8 Novice
Land Navigation 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 1xp 5 Novice
Subterfuge 1xp 1xp 2 Novice

Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Vani
Poor Language: Fratava


Moral Conviction: Never Give Up
Raja’s Song: Adelaide’s Poem
Dealing with the heat better than other people
Advice: Don't mention dreams to Master
Goaded into Rage
Unleashed Severity
Story: The Poor Blind Girl
What being lonely feels like
Adelaide Sitai: It takes careful planning to pull off an elaborate event
Striving to be interesting
Adelaide: A dress for any occasion
Day after day after endless day
Failing the Family
Dealing with depression
Adelaide: No one admires kindness
Adelaide: The sting of rejection

Tim: Crude and Rude
Boy Slave: Tim Tim
Tim: Benshira?
Tim: Not a Benshira
Tim: Beast
Tim: A Clever Little Bastard
Beatrice Lanky: Lightshow Actress
John Tawn: Lightshow Director
Diggleby and Hornwell: Pycon Brothers At The Theatre
Raja: Future Eypharian Roommate
Audition: A Morpher in the Playhouse
Crush: Amarantha Morealis
Amarantha Morealis: Trying to get into Acting
Want: To Punish Pendrith
Boy slave: Wants to be a Knight
Boy Slave: Newly Branded
Children: Decidedly Odd Little Beasts
Mrs. Worthrop: Liar
Seeking out Dervain Sitai
Dervain Sitai: Worn by the Magistrate's Office
Dervain Sitai: Ruthlessly pushing the Sitai forward
Dervain Sitai: Not Very Open Minded
Envy for Marshall Sitai
Keeping a Secret from your Uncle
Marjoram & her kittens
Edmund Morealis: Weirdly mature child
Edmund Morealis: Know-it-all
Edmund: Passed the swing test
Edmund: Doesn’t have time to play
Orchid: Edmund’s favourite flower
Travelling freeborns from Alvadas
Ava Malana of the Kenash Gazette
Tydus Tempest: Handsome Svefra
Tydus: Hesitant to break free of Riverfall?
Naolom: Nothing Left of Him
Roland Sitai: Still Mourns
Morealis Dynasty: Not Fond of Visitors
Sevonne: Cat Kelvic Slave
Sevonne: Witness to the Crime
Alexander Lynint: Barely an Acquaintance
Sitai Dynasty doesn't participate in the Coruscate
Zuleikha and Gideon left for Zeltiva
Ravenna Raye: Happy Freeborn
Ravenna Raye: Sycophant, just like all the rest
Zoroaster Zulaca: Owner of Zulaca Customizations
Jaadis: Not to be trusted
Jaadis: Just like her mother
Acting: Channeling Inner Turmoil
Acting: Channeling Cynicism and Irony
Acting: Channeling Melodrama
Acting: Using Dramatic Body-language to convey a scene
Acting: Pretending To Give Birth…Badly.
Acting: Reading in an audition
Acting: Using Skills off the Stage
Acting: Rehearsing Lines
Acting: Basic Working Girl Accent
Acting: Trying out Line Readings
Riding: Pulling Reigns to Dictate Direction
Riding: Hold, Loosely grip the reigns.
Sewing: Overlap Stitch
Sewing: How To Properly Attach Sequins To A Garment
Rhetoric: Double Entendre
Rhetoric: Speaking With Diction
Poetry: Coruscate Poem
Poetry: Basic Alliteration
Politics: Recognizing the Right People
Philosophy: What's the point of being happy?
Philosophy: Eternity of the Sea
Socialisation: Mingling With The Crowd
Interrogation: Angry Interrogation
Interrogation: Asking Basic Questions
Investigation: Intimidating a witness
Vocabulary: Going Petch Crazy
Mathematics: Counting Totals on Fingers
Negotiation: Making an awkward proposition
Notes of the Gamba
Hostessing: A warm greeting for all
Talioring: Basic Costume Design
Drawing: Getting Designs just Right
Tailoring: Bateau Neckline
Animal Husbandry: Peacock Mating Behavior
Running: Going too fast leads to cramps
Composition: Alternating Lines with a Partner
Subterfuge: Making an Early Escape

The Princess and The Captain: Cursed Play?
Theatrical Play: The Miser's Wife
Theatrical Play: The Beggar
Theatrical Play: The Mistress and The Maiden
Petch me! They nicked me Saffron!
Where are my supplies?!
Glue: Temporary Fixer-Up’r
Drug: The Effects of Fizz
Bloodflower: Colloquial for tropical milkweed
Clothing is overrated
Rum, a happy drink
Coruscate: The Most Dangerous Game
Beginning of the poem about the sea
Kenash: Better than Sunberth, even as a slave.
Kenash: We are NOT Sunberth
Kenash: Possessed of a Deceptive Beauty
Kenash: Feeling the Summer Heat
Location: Bloodflower House
Location: Sitai Rose Garden
Destruction in the rose garden
Location: The Lightshow Theatre
Location: Sitai Ballroom
Location: Lantern Square
One is never alone on the sea
Location: Black Sawn Pond
Location: Lynint House
Location: Glass Beach
Location: Zulaca Customizations
Location: Kenash Auction House
Races and Divine
Human condition is defined by slavery
Tanroa: Goddess of Time
Nuit: Not Comfortable to Be Around
The Lore of Scented Vegetation in and around Kenash
The Lore of Costume History
A Cold Stare to Demoralize a Pesky Salesman
The Hierarchy of a Theatre
Arguing with a Slave
A Surreal Situation
A Devious Little Lie
How the world looks through a drugged lens
The mysterious Kenashian murder
Life Stands Still and the Stillborn
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It's a Lazy Afternoon

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Relationships and Other


"True friends stab you in the front."

ImageName: Roland Jasper Sitai
Race: Human
DoB: 2nd Winter 455 AV
PoB: Kenash
Title: None
Relations: Father of Adelaide, Zuleikha, Aria and Flavia. Husband of Jafara. Brother of Marshal, Dervain and Rosamay. Uncle of Maya and Tarquin.
Gnosis: None
Additional Information: Roland, is a tall and enigmatic intellectual, father of Adelaide, her sister Zuleikha and her half sisters, Aria and Flavia. He spends most of his time in his luxuriously decadent rooms in the Bloodflower house, chain-smoking and reading dusty books that look as if nobody else has touched them in the last hundred years, something which Adelaide has largely inherited from him. Although his permanent mode is 'grouchy', he does have a brilliant sense of humour and knows how to enjoy himself when a pretty slave girl is in the vicinity or when he would play games with a younger Adelaide or Zuleikha. Until 500AV, he used to be a scented candle maker, though being a member of the Sitai family, his candles were special. Most were aphrodisiacs or narcotics, many induced hallucinations and delirium, some caused other emotions such as anger and sadness and a few expensive ones even caused memory loss. Before the death of his beloved wife, he was a lot more fun, bon-vivant and social, the life and soul of a party. He had an illegitimate son with a servant in the year 501 and, much like his two younger legitimate daughter, he pays little to no attention to him. Roland is currently writing a book of metaphysical philosophy, something which Adelaide has tried (and largely failed) to help him with.

ImageName: Valentina Onyx Anouk Sitai née Askara
Race: Human, half Vantha
DoB: 1st Spring 470 AV
PoB: Kenash
Died: 73rd Autumn 490AV
Title: None
Gnosis: None
Additional Information: Born into the Askara family, the daughter of Anouk Askara and her erstwhile husband, Tancredi. The relationship between Valentina's parents was a very unhealthy one - moving from love to hate in short periods of time, they would abuse each other physically and emotionally and even scarred Valentina as they used her to try and hurt each other, all of which culminated in Anouk's death when Valentina was ten years old. Being the child of this sort of tempestuous and violent relationship, though bestowed with the sort of calm personality that is atypical of a member of the House of Askara, nobody would have expected that, at age sixteen, Valentina Askara would settle down into a loving and stable relationship with a man fifteen years her senior, especially since the match itself was arranged. Valentina was charming, mysterious and seductive, if considered plain by some, and many indeed found it odd that the union was between Roland and her rather than with someone more age appropriate. Valentina was as devoted to her husband, Roland, as he was to her and their marriage was the mark of a true union of heart, mind and soul.
When she gave birth to Zuleikha, aged seventeen, she was overjoyed and proclaimed that she would have six or seven more children. Unfortunately, Adelaide's arrival cut that short and, at the young age of twenty, Valentina died in childbirth.
Everyone remembers her as a highly educated and cultured woman, enigmatic, patient, watchful, good humoured, witty and practical, blessed with strong animal magnetism, if a little introverted. When she died, so many people turned out for her funeral that a large number had to stand outside of the place where the service took place. Adelaide believes herself to suffer a lot for not having met this bastion of virtue.

ImageName: Zuleikha Bianca Iolanthe Sitai van Arken
Race: Human
DoB: 17th Summer 487 AV
PoB: Kenash
Title: None
Relations: Daughter of Roland Sitai and his wife, Valentina Sitai (Askara). Sister of Adelaide. Half-sister of Aria and Flavia. Wife of Gideon van Arken. Mother of Ulric and Valentina van Arken. Niece of Dervain, Marshal and Rosamay Sitai. Cousin of Maya Radacke and Tarquin Sitai.
Gnosis: Mark of Cheva
Additional Information: Adelaide's elder sister, Zuleikha, is someone whom Adelaide has always looked up to, even if they did not get off to the friendliest of starts. Zuleikha has only blurred images of her mother, her kindness engraved in her mind, and the memory of the smell of her perfume but, for the first three years of Adelaide's life, she targeted the toddler viciously - claiming that she was responsible for the death of the beloved mother she can barely remember. However, after a long conversation with her Father, she realised that Adelaide would be suffering as much for it as she herself and that it was wrong to blame her. Since then, the two sisters have been the best of friends, sharing everything in spite of their very different personalities. With the same education, culture, charm and intelligence as her younger sister, Zuleikha is also a complete contrast - patient, resilient, hard-working, a perfectionist in search of a stable and easy life - all things which Adelaide, at her core, is not.
If Adelaide hardly reacted to her father's remarrying, almost being too young to understand, Zuleikha certainly did, and badly. In spite of Roland's assurance that it would be good to have a new mother and that his new wife, Jafara, would never replace Valentina, Zuleikha was outraged and refused to speak to her father or Jafara for close to two seasons. However, in the years that passed, Zuleikha finally got on a lot better with Jafara than Adelaide, who viewed her strict stepmother with distaste. Zuleikha, much like Adelaide, intensely dislikes her half-sisters, Aria and Flavia, though it was not always the case, since Zuleikha almost mothered them until they were close to eleven when Aria's viciousness and Flavia's lack of backbone started materialising.
In Winter 511AV, Zuleikha married Gideon van Arken, an ex-lover of Adelaide's, in a union blessed by Cheva, and they left for Gideon's hometown of Zeltiva, where Zuleikha is a tutor for young children from rich families. In Autumn 512AV, Zuleikha gave birth to their first child, whom they named Valentina and, in Winter 513AV, Ulric was welcomed into their little family.
Adelaide misses her elder sister intensely and has yet to see her Nephew.


ImageName: Aria Sitai
Race: Human
DoB: 49th Autumn, 495 AV
PoB: Kenash
Title: Member of the Sitai Family and professional slave-hunter.
Relations: Daughter of Roland and Jafara Sitai, twin of Flavia Sitai, half-sister of Zuleikha and Adelaide Sitai. Niece of Dervain, Marshal and Rosamay Sitai. Cousin of Maya Radacke and Tarquin Sitai.
Gnosis: She may or may not be marked by Krysus (level 1)
Additional Info: The third child of Roland Sitai, Aria is a young woman of considerable strength of mind and ambition, her dominance and lust for power only curtailed by her twin sister, Flavia. This worries Adelaide, who has seen the eighteen year old's growth from manipulative child to vengeful adult, intensely. Aria is the dark, dominant twin. Tempestuous and bitter, cruel and manipulative. Some people have called her a psychopath, others a sadist and Adelaide would secretly count herself one of those people. Much like her half-sisters though, oddly enough, not like her twin, she is a woman of considerable intelligence and culture, capable of playing the lute, speaking multiple languages and keeping the state of her finances in check with ease. She can be a lot of fun to be around, quick witted and daring. However, unlike her sisters, she expresses degrading behaviour towards other people, sometimes Dynasty members, as a means of proving what she perceives to be her natural superiority. Luckily, most of her ire is taken out on any slave who dares to cross her rather than mere unsuspecting individuals, something which Adelaide has objected to on numerous occasions, especially when the slave has done nothing wrong. Adelaide was also one of the first people who suggested to her Uncle that Aria be kicked off the Sitai plantation, and Dervain willingly agreed, having had more than enough of his niece's lack of basic human decency and, more importantly, lack of respect for other members of the Dynasty.
It is, however, important to note, that Aria can be incredibly charming when she wishes to be and her depth and intelligence means that she is invariably a perfect dinner guest. Adelaide has a sort of reluctant respect for this half-sister that she dislikes so intensely, considering her excessive in her love of violence and pain, and has a very well hidden fear of her and what she might one day do.

ImageName: Flavia Sitai
Race: Human
DoB: 49th Autumn, 495 AV
PoB: Kenash
Title: Member of the Sitai Family and professional slave-hunter.
Relations: Daughter of Roland and Jafara Sitai, twin of Flavia Sitai, half-sister of Zuleikha and Adelaide Sitai. Niece of Dervain, Marshal and Rosamay Sitai. Cousin of Maya Radacke and Tarquin Sitai.
Gnosis: N/A
Additional Info: Although Flavia is the less dominant and kinder twin, Adelaide dislikes her intensely and this is possibly unfair. The fourth child of Roland Sitai, Flavia is entirely different to her dominant twin or to her half-sisters, needing very little to be happy, and far from possessing the brilliance of mind that Adelaide, Zuleikha or Aria cultivate being a woman with no interest in culture or education, avidly avoiding cultivating any taste or knowledge. In fact, she has two ambitions: to live on her family's estate, cultivating and experimenting with the tobacco that she so dearly loves the smell of and, since the age of fifteen, to quench the more than incestuous lust she feels for her uncle, Marshal Sitai - something which Adelaide views with something between indifference and concern, depending on her mood. Flavia is a great deal kinder than Aria, so much so that she's practically a pushover and ends up involved in Aria's dark schemes but, in Adelaide's opinion, this kindness highlights a simplicity of mind and overlooks the fact that Flavia is irritating, nosy and unsympathetic to anyone below her station. Flavia is the only person able to calm down her sister and probably the only person that Aria loves, or as close to love as Aria is capable of, something which Adelaide sort of envies. Although a skilled huntress, Flavia is relatively spineless and submissive in everything but her sex life. It is no secret that Flavia has had membership at 'The Caged Sun' since the age of sixteen and if one is unable to find her at the Bloodflower plantation or at her sister's apartment, she spends a great deal of her free time there.


Extended Family
Uncles and Aunts:
ImageName: Dervain Sitai
Race: Human
DoB: The 85th of the Summer Season, 469 AV
PoB: Kenash, Cyphrus Region
Title: Head of Household of Bloodflower
Relations: Brother of Rosamay, Marshal and Roland. Uncle/Godfather of Adelaide. Father of Maya and Tarquin. Husband of Tallulah.
Gnosis: Unknown
Additional Info: Adelaide doesn't have a hugely warm relationship with her Uncle, disapproving slightly of the extent to which he is involved in unnecessary politics, but he is her Uncle nevertheless and she'd defend him unconditionally from his critics. He is her Godfather and has a great deal of respect for his elder brother who, although the eldest, never showed any interest in being Head of the Dynasty. Likewise, part of the surprise in Valentina Askara marrying Roland Sitai came from the fact that Dervain had been judged a more suitable candidate. However, their father had already planned that Dervain should marry Tallulah, a second cousin twice removed who had still retained the Sitai family name and whose father had amassed a large fortune being a Sycophant to the Ahnatepian elite.

ImageName: Rosamay Sitai
Race: Human
DoB: The 18th of the Summer Season, 454 AV
PoB: Kenash, Cyphrus Region
Title: None
Relations: Aunt of Adelaide, Zuleikha, Aria, Flavia, Maya and Tarquin. Sister of Dervain, Roland and Marshal.
Gnosis: None
Additional Info: Adelaide has no opinion of her Aunt Rosamay, the woman without a future while not condemning her as the rest of the world seems to. Although Adelaide considers the woman silly and weak, she does visit her from time to time and thus provides her with some of her only cordial interaction, even if Adelaide finds her foul mouth, temper and reliance on drugs or alcohol, completely distasteful and vulgar. In spite of all this, Adelaide is trying to rehabilitate her Aunt slightly in the eyes of her family, without jeopardising her own position, and realises that she is probably fighting a losing battle.
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"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream."

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