Ethfael pregnancy

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Ethfael pregnancy

Postby Edreina on September 14th, 2013, 8:06 pm

Today, chat remained miraculously on topic.

Here are the messages pertaining to said topic, and I would like further input on the topic since there seems to be so much unknown by the general population. Um... pardon my initial silliness. I walked into this convo unaware.

(14:41:56) Jorin_Ertihan: but if you get pregnant, you stay pregnant even in heavenly form, right?
(14:42:09) Jorin_Ertihan: or does it just ... go away? o.O
(14:42:21) Kreig_Messer: goes away
(14:42:33) Kreig_Messer: and to be continued in mortal form
(14:42:38) Jorin_Ertihan: huh.
(14:43:14) Eida: Goes away?
(14:43:17) Eida: How?
(14:43:33) Kreig_Messer: I mean it isn't noticeable in their eth form <.< right?
(14:43:37) Eida: Your baby goes to another dimension? :P
(14:43:47) Edreina: Their baby is voided xD
(14:43:48) Kreig_Messer: it just progresses in mortal form?
(14:44:02) Eida: I don't think it's true Kreig I mean
(14:44:14) Edreina: Their baby becomes a cloud if they are Synaborn and a star if they are Lethfall
(14:44:24) Eida: Seriously you are pregnant you have big belly and then bummm you are an ethaefal
(14:44:26) Eida: where it goes?
(14:44:36) Eida: Voided?
(14:44:39) Jorin_Ertihan: lol
(14:44:41) Kit_Rowan: I dunno Eida
(14:44:51) Kit_Rowan: Where does your height go when you chance from one form to another?
(14:44:59) Kit_Rowan: Where does the mass for your much taller form go?
(14:45:13) Jorin_Ertihan: hmm
(14:45:15) Kit_Rowan: Where do your horns and fangs and venom vanish to?
(14:45:17) Tobias: Maybe back to the Ukalas?
(14:45:17) Jorin_Ertihan: but Kit
(14:45:23) Jorin_Ertihan: it's not quite the same
(14:45:28) Tobias: Or mayble just the power of maaaaaagic
(14:45:28) Jorin_Ertihan: this is a whole baby we're talking about here
(14:45:29) Eida: Kit: but... but... That's a new life not your spiritual form xD
(14:45:38) Jorin_Ertihan: exactly!
(14:46:00) Jorin_Ertihan: I mean, if that baby were conscious of its surroundings it'd be seriously confused XD
(14:46:01) Eida: The baby is a mortal, not a magical eth
(14:48:12) Kit_Rowan: I guess the question would be one for Bina.
(14:48:16) Eida: So I think they would have big tummy too... But okay I might be wrong
(14:48:19) Edreina: Ok guys, found the answer: "Their bodies remain untouched by sickness, age" ...this means that women don't cycle.
(14:48:36) Tobias: Is Bina back yet? I don't think so...
(14:48:53) Eida: Edreina: Yeah but what if they get pregnant?
(14:49:12) Kit_Rowan: I think what Edri is trying to say is
(14:49:23) Kit_Rowan: If even their mortal bodies don't cycle
(14:49:25) Kit_Rowan: They never ever will.
(14:49:30) Edreina: Because they are held at one age, one moment, they don't-
(14:49:33) Edreina: Exactly kit
(14:49:53) Jorin_Ertihan: So does that mean they cannot get pregnant then?
(14:49:59) Jorin_Ertihan: if they don't cycle.
(14:50:01) Edreina: Men can still sire children because the production of sperm is an instant thing. But the release of an egg and fertilization, etc, it takes days.
(14:50:25) Poison: What if they used morphing though?
(14:50:31) Poison: Could they get pregnant that way?
(14:50:33) Jorin_Ertihan: So male eth can sire children but female eth cannot get pregnant
(14:50:40) Edreina: That's an interesting point, Poison.
(14:50:42) Jorin_Ertihan: My head!
(14:50:43) Kit_Rowan: Hrm . . .
(14:50:45) Eida: As far as I know Eths woman can get pregnant? or they can't
(14:50:49) Kit_Rowan: I think it would be less morphing, actually.
(14:50:52) Kit_Rowan: And more high level flux.
(14:50:58) Edreina: If they knew the intricate bits of morphing and were able to make their bodies do that...
(14:50:58) Jorin_Ertihan: I can feel my brain cells popping like bubble wrap!
(14:51:03) Caelum: Eth women can't get pregnant.
(14:51:15) Caelum: Well, at least that's always been my understanding.
(14:51:15) Tobias: This chat session is turning out to be a lesson in Ethaefal biology, it seems.
(14:51:26) Caelum: I arrived just in time!
(14:51:31) Kit_Rowan: Because you're not creating new parts of yourself, you're inducing a biological process in what you have already.
(14:52:06) Eida: Wait but their mortal form?
(14:53:11) Caelum: Their mortal form could be of almost any race, and a lot races have different biology. I had this conversation with Colombina a couple of years ago.
(14:54:04) Eida: What Edreina and Kit said is reasonable about there is no cycle but that stand for their mortal form too then?
(14:54:32) Caelum: The general decision was that eths are far too complicated biologically to ever conceive, let alone carry a child to term. Female eths who are human in their alt-form don't have a monthly cycle.
(14:54:47) Caelum: And by monthly cycle I mean exactly what you're thinking. ;)
(14:55:27) Poison: What if their earthbound form is something that lays eggs though?
(14:55:34) Caelum: Oh, huh.
(14:55:37) Caelum: I hadn't thought about that.
(14:55:55) Poison: Dhani Eth?
(14:55:57) Eida: WEll Dhani ethaefals can't change to their other forms can they?
(14:56:06) Caelum: No, they can't.
(14:56:11) Caelum: So.. Oh, well then.
(14:56:12) Kit_Rowan: Charoda, maybe?
(14:56:12) Erosynielissave: o.O
(14:56:17) Eida: Do they lay eggs in their human forms?
(14:56:18) Edreina: The eggs would never be produced. It takes days upon days.
(14:56:51) Kreig_Messer: ...makes me sad that Eth's cant give birth
(14:56:53) Lorelai_Stormwatcher: But still interesting.
(14:56:56) Erosynielissave: my brain hurts...
(14:57:02) Tobias: I want a baby Eth.
(14:57:05) Kreig_Messer: I suppose thats the price of their immortality
(14:57:07) Tobias: Let's break all the rules.
(14:57:07) Caelum: I know that male eths can potentially impregnate a female but only in their alt form.
(14:57:09) Eida: then Eida would NOT be a nakivak either way
(14:57:27) Tobias: I know Laszlo had a child...
(14:57:34) Eida: Not Fair Caelum can freely make childs
(14:57:40) Eida: and Eida can't

And then we moved onto Pre-Valterrian Symenestra Eths. xD

If you did not feel like reading it, the gist is that we think that while male Eth can impregnate women while in their alternate form, Eth females cannot get pregnant at all because their bodies do not age and, thereby, do not cycle. But, beyond even that, since their bodies do not move forward in time, they would not be able to continue the process of being pregnant.

So, what is the truth on this? Either way, I feel that the lore needs a mild adjustment for clarification.
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Ethfael pregnancy

Postby Eida on September 14th, 2013, 8:13 pm

Whew! Ethaefal biology is complicated! XD
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