Shikoba's Notes~♪

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Shikoba's Notes~♪

Postby Shikoba on September 26th, 2013, 3:31 am


Summer 514AV
Head over to Sunberth

45th of Spring - Leave Nyka
85th of Spring - Pass Sahova
5th of Summer - Arrive in Sunberth!
7th - Meet Fallon
18th - Breakin


  • Dance! Dance like a polar bear on cold ice, trying to stay upright!
  • Steal something that a thief normally wouldn't go for e.g. she makes off with a pig. She can be drunk if you like.


To do:

    § Duel Wield
    § Cooking
    § Food Preservation
    § Riding
    § Horsemanship
    § Hunting
    § Tracking
    § Trapping
    § Unarmed Combat and/or Blind
    § Upgrade Wilderness Survival
    § Upgrade Land Navigation
    § Upgrade Weapon

(Rough Outline - Subject to Change)



Eywaat And Japikoa The Unbending
Tale of Wayhali Namiche

Tales to Entertain
Why The Golden Wolf Howls



Credits to Avarice for the Sig!
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