Hello my Fellow...Fellow...You know what I mean!

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Hello my Fellow...Fellow...You know what I mean!

Postby Arisssa on October 15th, 2013, 2:35 am

Hello Fellows! :)
Nice to meet ya all.Now, word to the wise. my race on my tage is incorrect! i messed up when creating my account. I am KELVIC! remeber that in the future. Okie! so, i found this page my being my normal nedy self and looking up role playing sites. Yup, Yus, so long story short, i want to improve my 'diving into the character' and my writting. so...HERE GOES! :D :D :nod: 8) >:) :arrow: :idea:
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Hello my Fellow...Fellow...You know what I mean!

Postby Poppy on October 15th, 2013, 2:59 am

Welcome, welcome! :) In the user control panel you can change your race tag.

I'm sure you'll have tons of fun writing, and developing your kelvic along the way.
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Hello my Fellow...Fellow...You know what I mean!

Postby Flyaway on October 15th, 2013, 3:40 am

Welcome! I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here, I certainly have. Kelvics are a very interesting race to play. Tons of possibilities!

I look forward to writing with you some time!
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